Leaked Patent Reveals Google's Incredibly Generic Console Controller

Google seemingly has plans to enter the gaming realm with a new console quite soon.

As much can be deduced from the fact that the company filed a patent for a video game controller with the United States Patent and Trademark Office back in October.

The leaked document bears the designs of two controller concepts, but says that "no attempt is made to show structural details in more detail than may be necessary for a fundamental understanding of the disclosed subject matter and various ways in which it may be practiced."

via uspto.gov
via uspto.gov

This essentially means that the above image is not necessarily what the finished product will resemble, but the drawing is included as a means to provide a foundational understanding of what the device will look and how it will work.

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Yanko Design's Sarath Sheth has since taken further steps to give us a view of what the physical controller will look like. You can have a peek below.

It's worth keeping in mind that Google's controller doesn't have to look anything like this. However, it might if the company follows through with the design presented on the patent, which means that the above is probably the best bet at the moment.

via Yanko Designs

Meanwhile, Google is said to be preparing for something big for GDC 2019, which is coming this month. The internet magnate is poised to host a keynote presentation on March 19 and it has been rumored that it could unveil its console in the hopes of it competing with the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

This expectation is mostly based off of an invitation that was sent with the tagline "Gather Around" with a mystery image of a dark corridor leading up to a lighted exit.

According to Kotaku, Google's mystery product is being referred to as the "Yeti" for now. Many assume that the company is putting together a plan to gain popularity in the gaming world and rival the above platforms.

We only have to wait a few more days to find out exactly what Google has planned, but it seems that there is enough evidence to suggest that a new console is on the horizon.

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