Google Maps Will let You Play Snake For A Week Thanks To April Fools' Day

Google Maps is letting users play classic game Snake within the app for a week as a new way of celebrating April Fools' Day.

Tech companies have been rolling out gags and various online pranks to commemorate April 1st for some years now and, as such, both the Android and iOS Maps applications have been updated with the option of playing the age-old game.

Opening the app and heading to the main menu will show you a "Play Snake" option. If you want to play on your computer's browser, simply head over to snake.googlemaps.com.

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You'll have the luxury of playing in several locations including Cairo, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Tokyo, or World. Instead of a snake, though, you'll be commandeering a vehicle picking up passengers all around the map.

A train will begin its route on a pixelated grid of your chosen city, and you'll have to swipe or use keyboard arrows to move around. The train will be extended with every passenger who hops aboard, and if you pick the World map, you'll be hit with bonuses for touching landmarks that pop up between passengers. As you may have already figured out, running off the map or into your own train will end the game.

Snake has been around since 1997 and those of you old enough to have owned a Nokia cell phone will probably remember how addictive, yet frustrating this game was. It was always great for providing a much-needed distraction every now and then, so Google has done all of us a solid by bringing it back for a week.

This isn't the first time Maps has been tweaked to show off a video game. A collaboration with Nintendo in 2016, for the release of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, saw the main character, Link, replace the generic peg man. The year before brought Pac-Man to screens for April Fools' Day, and in 2014, a video for an ARG Pokémon was released on the same day, years ahead of Niantic dropping Pokémon Go.

Incidentally, Google recently jumped into the gaming arena with its Stadia project, so maybe Snake will be here to stay. Who knows?

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