Google Opens Maps To Game Developers - Expect Pokémon Go Clones Everywhere

Google has released the Maps api to game developers, allowing people to make more games like Pokémon Go.

Google are allowing game developers to access and use their maps which means games akin to Pokemon Go will now become common place.

It has been almost two years now since the gaming world was turned on its head when Niantic released Pokemon Go. A free game that anyone with a smart phone can download which turns the real world around you into one filled with animated creatures that the majority of us grew up watching on TV and collecting cards dedicated to.

Pokemon Go took over the world for pretty much an entire summer and then the hype died down, much like it does with everything in the present day. There are still plenty of people out there playing the game though and Niantic recently announced what their next venture will be. A Harry Potter game that will work in a similar way to Pokemon Go so prepare yourself for that.


In fact the latest news surrounding games that create an augmented reality means that they will soon become the norm. As reported by Softonic Google has decided to let game developers have access to its Maps APIs. That means any developers creating games similar to Pokemon Go will now have Google Maps at their disposal which includes over 100 million roads, buildings, landmarks and parks.

via otakukart.com

Despite the announcement only coming last week there has already been news of other augmented reality games that we have to look forward to. Along with the Harry Potter game from Niantic there will also be a Jurassic Park AR game and even a Ghostbusters one. Clearly the perfect recipe is to combine this new and incredible technology with a nostalgic dose of a franchise from the past.

Jurassic Park and Ghostbusters will likely just be the beginning. Now that developers can utilize Google Maps every game developer will want to jump on board the band wagon and make their very own augmented reality mobile game. Plus because Google Maps works in real time gamers will be constantly updated of road closures and traffic jams. Mobile gaming is about to reach a whole new level. If there's a fictional land that you would love to visit then watch this space because soon you will likely be able to.

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