Google Play Pass Is Getting Destroyed By Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is showing itself to be the better service by far, and Google isn't doing enough to rectify the situation.

Apple recently launched its subscription service, Apple Arcade, for iOS devices. Google appropriately responded with its own subscription offer, Google Play Pass, available to Android users through the Play Store. Both subscriptions cost a five-dollar monthly fee. However, Google Play Pass took a lot of short cuts therefore not delivering to the same abundance of quality as Apple Arcade.

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Comparing Google Play Pass and Apple Arcade

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At a glance, Google seems to have the better deal. It boasts a total of over 350 apps and games while Apple initially offered just over 100 games at launch. Apple Arcade also chose to focus solely on games, not including any other app genres in the subscription.

Things are not always as they first appear. Namely, Apple Arcade may appear to offer less while in actuality it is delivering more value in a smaller package. What's more that package is steadily growing. Apple Arcade grants access to dozens of exclusive games while all Google Play Pass offerings are readily available through the usual – and free to access – Google Play Store. This reads as a bit of a gimmick on Google's part sadly.

Apple is also actively updating its subscription service, releasing new games on a regular basis. In a vast juxtaposition, Google Play Pass has only added a few games since its launch and nothing as noteworthy as Apple. In-fact, Google Play Pass harbors a multitude of duplicate games, largely in regards to the card and puzzle game genres. Apple will soon catch up to the 350 title benchmark set by Google at this rate. In an attempt to maintain the lead, Google intends to expand the Play Pass subscription, with an aim of adding at least a few games a month to Play Pass. That's a nice sentiment, however, if those new additions are just more throwaways or interchangeable games, Play Pass will inevitably be eclipsed by Apple Arcade.

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A Hands-Down Victory

There is no denying that Apple has the upper hand in this competition of value. Despite some deceptive marketing on Google's end, Apple Arcade is clearly offering more bang for the user's buck. And users know it. As a loyal Google user, this is a perturbing realization of defeat but it is evident that Apple is absolutely destroying Google this round.

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