Google Play Points Explained

Google has launched a reward system for buying and playing games on the Play Store: here's a guide to everything you need to know about Play Points.

Google Play Points are an all-encompassing rewards system for the Google Play Store that pairs seamlessly with how players are already accustomed to utilizing the app. Play Points are awarded for a slew of various actions completed within Google Play- not only gameplay.

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The Ranking System

A ranking system serves as the premium feature for Google Play Points. Users start out on the Bronze rank and work their way up through Silver, Gold, and Platinum. This is accomplished by spending real currency, earning a set amount of points for each dollar spent depending on the user's ranking. The initial Bronze rank is a ratio of one point to every dollar and it doesn't change exponentially rank to rank. The Silver rank is only a ratio of 1.1 points to a dollar while Gold earns merely 1.2 points for every dollar spent.

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When the required points have been accrued, users will rank up. These rankings are held for a certain amount of time, for instance, to the end of 2020. Rankings earn the user corresponding ranked rewards at the end of each week-  the Gold rank earns gold prizes and so on.

How to Earn Play Points

Google Play lists several ways to earn Points aside from the ranking system. Rewards largely revolve around spending money, but odds are, expenditures were going to occur with or without the incentive.

Users can treat themselves to items they've been eyeing within their favorite game or app, or buy new games and apps entirely. Books, movie rentals, and subscriptions bought through the Play Store also earn Points. Users can even earn bonus points for trying out featured apps and games. Games have certain exchange rates like five points per dollar spent in-game. A similar rate is applied for trying out new apps and games (5 points per download, etc.)

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Special weekly and monthly events reward up to four times the amount of Google Play Points. This is a constant for all ranks, though higher ranks earn more rewards in regards to movie rentals and books; Platinum earns up to five times the rewards on books and movie rentals!

How To Use Play Points

Players may redeem Play Points on in-app purchases such as unlockable characters or premium currency. They may also exchange for Google Play Credit to spend on movie rentals, ebooks and more. Yes, users will spend Play Points in the same fashion they earned them.

Play Points do have an expiration date, however, users have the option to donate their unused points to a selection of charities. What a wonderful way to be sure none go to waste!

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Why Not Get Rewarded For Spending?

It is free to sign up for Google Play Points, just open the Google Play Store, select menu, then Play Points. With set-up being free and effortless, getting rewarded for daily actions is a no brainer. Every dollar spent is a point toward savings later on and the bonus of donating any surplus to charity is perfectly thematic for the season of giving.

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