The Best Thing About Google Stadia Is The Heat (Or Lack Thereof)

Google Stadia might have earned a reputation for overheating Chromecasts, but the best thing about the service is how cool it keeps your PC.

Google Stadia might have earned a reputation for overheating Chromecasts, but the best thing about the service is the lack of heat that is present when running games on a PC.

The purpose of Google Stadia is to run games at their highest settings on almost any device, as all of the hard work is done on the server end. It takes a fast Internet connection and an unlimited data cap to get the most of Google Stadia, but it does work, even if the quality of the visuals might not be as impressive as originally advertised.

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One issue that gaming PCs can suffer from is overheating, which is especially a problem on gaming laptops. I own a gaming laptop that is less than a year old but running demanding games (like Resident Evil 2 or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) can cause it to get really hot, especially on higher settings. The heat is such that it can be uncomfortable to play a game when the laptop is sitting on my lap and the noise from the fan can sometimes drown out the audio.

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I recently received a Buddy Pass for Google Stadia, which gave me free access to both Destiny 2: The Collection and Samurai Shodown. As someone with a fast home Internet speed, I was impressed by how well both games ran on my machine, even if Destiny 2 did suffer from the occasional input lag. The thing that impressed me the most about Google Stadia is the fact that I was running high-end games without my laptop overheating. Normally, running a game like Destiny 2 on my laptop would cause the computer to become really hot, but running it through Google Stadia kept my laptop cool the whole time, as all of the hard work is being done elsewhere while the laptop was just running Google Chrome.

Heat can be a major issue for laptops and it's one of the main factors in shortening the lifespan of internal hardware. The fact that Google Stadia bypasses the overheating issue is a major positive, especially for people who own older machines. Google Stadia has its limitations and it definitely won't be for everyone, but avoiding the demands of expensive gaming hardware is going to be a huge draw for people who want to play games on laptops and other portable devices.

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