Google Will Have Stadia Service & Game Trials On Offer After Launch

Google is planning to have its video game streaming service, Google Stadia, go out on trial sometime after it launches.

The skepticism has been rife since the company announced its Stadia venture a few months ago, and folks are understandably unconvinced. However, they will have the opportunity to get a first-hand look before deciding whether or not Stadia will be worth their time and money. John Justice, Head of Product for Stadia, has confirmed that there will be trials on offer for both the service and the games in the lineup.

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“There’s the launch stuff and then there’s OK, what do we want to do next, next and next after? And so trials are something that’s high up on the list,” Justice said, via VG247.

“We’re just working through what’s the right when and how exactly to set it up, and you can imagine how busy things are now just getting ready for launch.”

The trials won't be available immediately after Stadia launches and it will take a few months before potential subscribers get to test things out. But, given that it's not just the service that's going to be up for thorough examination, it's probably worth the wait.

“I think if you look at our plan to make as many people be able to try this as possible, you want people, whether they’re already on Stadia, to let them go discover new games, new things, stuff you haven’t tried," Justice added.

“And then also people who - if you haven’t given it a try - we want to let you jump in just as easily as you can. So I think both of those things are trials that we want to support.”

via polygon.com

To be honest, there isn't much of a choice here. Google's upcoming service is unlike anything we have out there at the moment and they probably aren't going to get most people to buy in immediately.

It's still great to get confirmation from the source, though.

Stadia Pro launches on November 19 this year for persons who pre-ordered the Founder's Edition. The basic version will become available next year.

Source: VG247

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