Gotta Catch ‘Em All: 25 Pokémon Comics That Are Too Hilarious For Words

Pokémon has been around for a little over twenty years now, though I don’t think that anyone could have really predicted the success that the series would have all the way back when the original two games were released on an outdated handheld. Strangely enough, Pokémon Red and Blue brought new life to the handheld market and made those pixelated monochrome video games a joy to play again. Rising to such success, it eventually released an animated television series, spinoffs, feature length movies, toys, and of course its own breakfast cereal. Even today, it seems like the Pokémon franchise is unstoppable as it is still appealing to each new generation of gamers.

As the game’s players evolved, so did the series, creating new elements that continue to make the series feel fresh and exciting years later. Of course with anything that achieves such success over the years, it is only a matter of time before the internet takes hold and unleashes unlimited memes and jokes relating to the series.

While the Pokémon series is by no means realistic in any way, these comics show just how absurd the world of Pokémon really is. From battling pint sized monsters against ferocious dragons to having a pet ice cream cone, the game’s fan base has had no problem poking a little bit of fun at the popular series. These comics show just how hilarious these games actually are in retrospect, but I guess that anything goes in the world of Pokémon.

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25 Abra-Kadabra!


It is kind of hard to imagine seeing the students of Hogwarts getting too invested in something as trivial as muggle video games considering that they have a world of magic to explore, yet even Harry and Ron seem to be having a blast with the original Pokémon titles. Those familiar with the original 150 pocket monsters are surely familiar with Abra and its evolutions as well. Of course, its name is a play on the cliché magic words “abracadabra!”

Unfortunately for Mr. Potter, this magic word is extremely close to another spell known as a forbidden curse.

Avada Kedavra is a dire spell that can end someone’s life in the wizarding world, meaning Harry really needs to watch his mouth while evolving his Abra. Sorry Ron, but it looks like Harry’s Kadabra was super effective.

Comic by GoodBearComics.

24 Shinies Are One In A Million


I never got into the whole trend of trying to capture shiny Pokémon as the results didn’t really seem to outweigh the work that went into it. Though some people will spend dozens of hours capturing and breeding Pokémon for the sake of getting a different color variation of their favorite monster. In this comic, a trainer stumbles across a field of Charmanders.

Anyone who has played the game knows that Charmader cannot be found in the wild.

So where did all these Charmaders come from? It looks like another trainer has been breeding a Charizard with a Ditto for days on end with the hopes of getting a shiny Charmander. So what happens to all the unwanted Pokémon? It looks like they are simply just cast aside.

Comic by The Gamer Cat.

23 Looking Back To Simpler Times


The Pokémon games have changed radically over the years to the point that where if someone who hasn’t picked up a title since the original release of Red and Blue would find the games almost unrecognizable. Arguabley, the earlier days of the series were far simpler times, love it or hate it, but adding an extra 700 critters to the mix along with a slew of new features, the games are actually quite complex for a “kid’s” game. Back in the days, it seemed like it was as simple as trading and battling. Now people do everything within their power to catch the perfect Pokémon, whether it is a shiny one or wanting a specific nature. It may be more complicated today, but it sure is a more balanced experience at least.

Comic by JHallComics.

22 So That's How They Work...


There are plenty of things that don’t make too much sense in the world of Pokémon and its science is at the top of that list. How is it exactly that a Pokéball can capture a creature the size of a building and have it transformed into a pint sized version of itself? This is technology we’ve yet to see in the real world, yet strangely in exists in a world where technology for the most part seems pretty unadvanced.

Of course, this level of technology is nothing that Aperture Laboratories couldn’t handle.

From the same company responsible for the Portal gun from the game Portal, it makes sense that Aperture could be the leading innovator in the world of Pokémon. It would be a strange mashup, but one we wouldn’t be against.

Comic by Caldwell Tanner.

21 We're Glad Ash Started With Pikachu...


Things might have gone a little bit differently if this is how the Pokémon anime actually started out. We are all familiar with how Ash was a little bit late getting to Professor Oak’s to pick out his first Pokémon. Of course, all the “good” Pokémon were taken, leaving Ash with a stubborn Pikachu who refuse to go in his Pokéball. But what if it wasn’t Pikachu who was left over at the laboratory? There are hundreds of other Pokémon it could have been, though we can’t imagine how different things would have been if a stubborn Wailord became Ash’s first pet. A Pikachu wanting to stay outside of his ball is one thing, but a Wailord would be a means of serious chaos. At the very least, let Ash start off with a Wailmer!

Comic by ReadySoupComic.

20 Litten Can't Stay Off The Protein


We’ve had our fair share of cat Pokémon over the years, but none of them really set the world on fire as much as Litten did. This adorable cat might seem cute and cuddly to begin with, though it eventually evolves into an Incineroar, a beefed up muscular fighting Pokémon. It looks like Litten got his start at the gym at an early age too. Litten can’t seem to let go of his boxing gloves, showing that he had an interest in getting buff from even the earliest age. He’s not drinking regular milk either as this Litten is looking to get swole with some serious protein intake. Its trainer on the other hand seems against it, wanting to keep Litten cute and adorable for as long as possible. All cats have to grow up eventually, though!

Comic by NerdRageComic.

19 Taco Bell's Breakfast Is Super Effective!


Poor Ivysaur. He just can’t seem to catch a break with some of its attacks. Anyone who has ever used Ivysaur in battle knows that many of his attacks come from releasing certain gasses and pores from the bulb on its back. Unfortunately, Ivysaur might be having a little trouble keeping a handle of the situation after making certain dietary decisions.

Burritos are enough to tempt almost anyone, but they usually don’t make the best breakfast food.

It looks like Ivysaur went all out for breakfast, however, and is suffering the consequences with some gas. Sure, the class might be laughing at first, but Ivysaur’s gas isn’t to be teased as it usually unleashes a host of various status attack. Hope someone brought a Pokéflute because this class is knocked out cold.

18 Because No One Likes Random Battles


This comic pretty much rings true for almost any roleplaying game. Random battles have always been somewhat of a hassle in roleplaying games and even though they are a staple, most people are completely sick of them by the end of the game. Luckily, Pokémon has an item that can keep the pocket monsters and random encounters away, for a price of course. Even though Repels aren’t something I usually keep on hand throughout my Pokémon journey, usually by the time I’m reaching the final trail, the last thing I want to do is fight random Pokémon after random Pokémon. So before facing off with the Elite Four, make sure to stock up on all the Repels you can. It might be pricey, but I assure you it will be worth it.

Comic by Dorkly.

17 Reaching For The Sky


A lot of the Hidden Machines that trainers use in the world of Pokémon require a suspension of disbelief when they are being used. Sure, we love the convenience of being able to fly on a Charizard or surfing on top of a Lapras, but most of the time, these moves just make no sense and this comic goes to prove just that. It make’s sense that a Charizard can sweep me far way, but a Starly?

This Pokémon certainly has its work cut out for it.

This trainer seems to have plenty of faith in its pet though and trusts it to get her all the way across the canyon. Too bad Starly is about a third of the size and can’t carry its trainer all the way.

Comic by Serebii.

16 Maybe These Critters Are Getting Too Farfetch'd


A lot of people will argue that Pokémon’s designs have gotten a lot worse over the years and that they are really reaching when it comes to making up new Pokémon. At least in recent years, this seems to be the case. After all, recent generations have given us a plethora of Pokémon that are inspired by inanimate objects, but what do you expect when there are so many Pokémon now? But let’s be honest.

Every generation has had its share of lame Pokémon.

I mean, Grimer never really was the most creative Pokémon and there are plenty of better designed Pokémon in later generations. Okay, I get that a keychain and an ice cream cone are pretty ridiculous, but I’d pick those two any day over a pile of purple sludge.

Comic by J Hall Comics.

15 He's Not The Brightest Professor


Earlier versions of the Pokémon games didn’t actually allow you to pick gender, at least not until Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. So maybe it is a little bit unfair to be placing Professor Oak under the spotlight of the joke, but he always has been kind of one of the more dimwitted professors of the series, largely in part to his comical relief role in the anime series. When starting a new Pokémon game, the professor will ask you what your gender is… despite the character usually having known the professor in the past. I mean, the lead character has known Gary since they were young kids, so how could Professor Oak not know the gender of the trainer you are playing as? These certainly aren’t the brightest professors in the region.

14 DJ Mew Is In The House!


This might be more of a Super Smash Brothers comic over a Pokémon one, but we couldn’t help but include it due to the novelty of the idea. While quite a few characters have joined the ranks of Smash fighters over the years, Mew has sadly never made the cut, resorting to only being an assist item when a player picks up a Pokéball. While Mew might not be the most useful of the bunch, he has a few benefits like releasing special items such as CDs the player can collect to unlock more of the game’s soundtrack. Why does Mew have all these CDs? Because he’s a DJ on the side, obviously. Hopefully, the new Smash Brothers game for the Switch drops us that single from Lady Gengar that we’ve been looking for.

Comic by FinalSmashComic.

13 The Struggles Of Catching Legendaries


Legendary Pokémon aren’t just known for being some of the most difficult and toughest pocket monsters of the litter, they are also notorious for being the most difficult to capture. Usually requiring a lot of skill (as well as luck), these Pokémon often times only give you one chance to catch them.

Thankfully, the games never really pulled a stunt as cruel as this.

This trainer looks like he has been on the hunt for an Arceus for a while now, wasting quite a bit of time as well as Pokéballs. Finally, upon thinking he was victorious, the Arceus turns out to be nothing more than a mere Ditto disguised as the demigod Pokémon. At least this trainer knows he’s got a Pokémon who can at least play the part.

Comic by AwkwardZombie.

12 Never Use This Attack In A Pinch...


Every Pokémon trainer has probably gotten themselves in a bind at one point or another where they are down to their final Pokémon in a lengthy battle, but unfortunately, their last Pokémon isn’t exactly up to the task. Why Clefairy is by no means a bad Pokémon (why didn’t they use a Moon Stone on it yet?) it may not be the best Pokémon to take down Lance’s Dragonite of the Elite Four. Known for its attack Metronome, this trainer is using one last play of faith.

Sadly, lady luck is not on this trainer’s side.

Metronome picks an attack at random from the wide array of moves available in the game. Yes, even some of the bad moves that will injure your own Pokémon. Too bad, because this is the last time this Clefairy will ever use Metronome.

11 Because No One Likes Cave Pokémon


Caves have been a pretty regular area covered in all Pokémon games since the original release of Pokémon Red and Blue. They also tend to bring forth a whole bunch of the same Pokémon over and over with the exception of the occasional rare one, usually resorting to trainers fighting the likes of rock Pokémon and Zubats over and over again.

Caves may be a staple of the series, but it doesn’t mean anyone actually likes them.

Easy to get lost in and filled with repetitive Pokémon, caves are the bane of every trainer’s existence. Too bad for this Zubat and Geodude as this trainer is absolutely sick of the offerings this cave has to offer. All they wanted was a good home, but it looks like they are going to be left behind with the rest of the unwanted cave Pokémon.

10 Next Time, Just Let Him Rest


Snorlax usually makes appearances in Pokémon games usually blocking a road or some pathway at one point or another, preventing our hero from progressing without waking it up to move it from his or her path. Luckily, at one point or another, our hero usually receives a Pokéflute allowing us to wake up the beast within our path. Waking it up usually leads to a battle where we try to catch it, yet in retrospect… what’s the point? Battling a Pokémon while it is sleeping usually enhances the player’s chances of catching it, so it really makes little sense to wake Snorlax up when we could just be pummeling it while it is already asleep. It’s all good though. The big lug will just go back to sleep moments away anyway.

Comic by Inyuo.

9 The Evolution Klefki Deserves


Looking back on the Pokémon games, you actually have to wonder why transportation is so nonexistent other than in terms of public transportation. We know that automobiles exist, but we rarely ever see them used. That’s probably for the best, however, as trainers are usually not old enough to drive. Despite that, we’re not totally against the idea of Klefki getting an evolution in a later game in the series. While a Toyota Corolla is extremely specific, a car does seem like the next logical step for a Pokémon which is basically a bunch of keys on a keychain. We really don’t need to see a bunch of kids driving cars though. Besides, that would just take all of the fun of flying around on an Articuno!

8 Digging Too Deep


We’ve already talked about how Hidden Machines in the Pokémon games tend to really not make a lot of sense. This is just another fine example of why exactly a suspension of disbelief is required when playing these games. Pokémon battles at sea really don’t make a lot of sense to begin with. Am I supposed to assume that my Pikachu is fighting an Onyx on top of the sea level all while I’m surfing on my Squirtle? Probably not, but that isn’t going to stop this Sandslash from becoming victorious in this battle. While Dig makes plenty of sense on land, it isn’t an attack that should make any sense whatsoever on water. How do you dig under water exactly? Isn’t that just… diving? It doesn’t seem to matter, however, because Dig is just as effective in water as it is on land.

7 Where Are All The Dads?


This is something that I can’t say I’ve actually given too much thought about over the years, but looking back on the series as a whole, this kid brings up a pretty good point. There are plenty of fan theories that have sprung up on the internet over the years, usually referring to there having been a big war in the past before the Pokémon games started. These usually revolve around the fact that Ask Ketchum’s father from the anime series is entirely absent and never actually mentioned, but it leaves people wondering.

Where are all the dads?

Every game starts off with a kid leaving home from his single mother, yet the father is always absent, so something has got to give. This kid isn’t having it anymore, however, and is demanding his money back until he gets a title without a broken family.

6 Because Why Not Give Him A Mega Evolution?


Mega Evolutions were a new feature that were introduced in Pokémon X and Y, which love it or hate it, don’t seem to be leaving the series anytime soon. Giving a Pokémon a special item to hold will allow that Pokémon to evolve temporarily into a more beastly version of its former self giving it special attacks and status boosts. Sadly, not all Pokémon get to have a Mega Evolution, but it certainly has us dreaming of a world where they do. After all, who wouldn’t want to see a superior version of Magikarp? And no, Gyrados does not count. While we’re all for a buffed up version of everyone’s favorite sea creature, we’re not sure how much it would help. After all, the Pokémon can only use splash, but hey, Bidoof doesn’t seem to mind at least.

Comic by J Hall Comics.

5 He's Definitely A More Chill Professor...


Being a professor usually presents itself with a certain demeanor that doesn’t necessarily fit everyone. Intelligent. Sophisticated. Classy. Yet somehow, the head professor of the Alola region in Pokémon Sun and Moon manages to leave all those traits behind. Professor Kukui is probably known for being the most relaxed of all of the Pokémon professors throughout the series and for a good reason. When you’re living on a tropical paradise, there’s really no reason to not be totally chill.

Yet Professor Kukui takes “relaxed” to the next level.

We’re not asking him to wear a suit and tie, but being completely shirtless might be a little too much. Sure, he’s got the lab coat, but he clearly just wants to leave the shirt behind so he can show off that six pack.

4 Too Close For Comfort


Harden has always been one of the more obnoxious moves in the world of Pokémon, dating back to the original titles in the series. Nothing was more annoying than getting lost in the Viridian Forest only to be bombarded by hundreds of Metapods who would keep raising their defense with this status booster attack. Sadly, Harden doesn’t really make for a decent attack either as its defense boost is minimal so it is an attack that is usually forgotten.

For this trainer, she might wish her Nuzleaf didn’t learn Harden in the first place.

After learning its new move, she goes in for a hug to congratulate it. Unfortunately, she may have gotten a bit too close for comfort and her Nuzleaf unleashes Harden right next to her. Sorry, but he just can’t control it!

Comic by Broken Teapot.

3 Because Augmented Reality Makes Everything More Fun


One of the cooler features of Pokémon Go was getting the chance to capture images of your favorite Pokémon through augmented reality and getting to see them living in the real world. Of course, the AR component of the game quickly lost its appeal and it was turned off by many, but it still gave plenty of gamers the opportunity to upload their favorite Pokémon Go moments to the web, putting these pocket monsters in a bunch of hilarious situations. Of course, adding Pokémon to the mix makes anything a little bit more fun. Whether it is the decaying of our own planet or how divided the world has become politically, add a Pikachu to the mix, and it can make anything seem a little bit more lighthearted.

2 The Evolution Of A Pokémon Gamer


This is a fairly old comic that has circulated the web for a while and I’m not so sure how much credibility it has for today’s young whipper snappers, but this was pretty much my experience in a nutshell. Pokémon first released when I was in middle school and the hype surrounding it was insane. Sure, you had the cool kids that were too stuck up to get involved, but then there were us that kept clinging to our youth.

Once high school began, everyone… including myself… refused to touch the darn games.

I guess we felt we were at an age when it wasn’t cool anymore. Once I got to college, however, the cool thing to do was to totally embrace your childhood and you couldn’t walk around campus without seeing someone on a Nintendo DS playing Pokémon. Those college kids sure are open minded.

Comic by Awkward Zombie.

1 So That Is How Candy Is Made


Candy has been a pretty regular item in the world of Pokémon ever since the titles launched back in the late 90s. Starting off with the Rare Candy that helps to level up your Pokémon, new candies have been introduced over the years, though candy has a slightly different use in the recent mobile app Pokémon Go. Collecting too many of the same Pokémon can leave you with an overstuffed storage device making you transfer some of your extra pocket monsters to Professor Willow and he will give you specific candy for that type of Pokémon in return which can help make it more powerful. But where does the candy come from exactly? As this comic will come to show, it looks like the answer to that question is a little more than we previously imagined.

Comic by Ctrl-Alt-Del.

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