Grab Rainbow Six Siege For Under Ten Bucks

2015's Rainbow Six Siege Is On Sale For $7.19 On Fanatical

Rainbow Six Siege has had the spotlight on it since 2015. While the developers aren't interested in a sequel, 2015's Rainbow Six entry, nonetheless, remains a popular title, and it is now on sale at Fanatical for as little as $7.19.

Normally $19.99, it has been discounted at 60% off for $7.99. However, if one enters the code "FANATICAL10," they will receive a little more than 10% off the sale price at $7.19.

The Deluxe Edition of Rainbow Six Siege has also received a discount of 60% off at $11.99 from $29.99. The same coupon code reducing the standard edition's sale price will bring the Deluxe Edition's price to $10.79. The Deluxe Edition comes with the eight Year 1 Operators, including Frost, Echo, and others.

The Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition are both on sale as well for $29.99 and $49.99, respectively, making them both 50% off. The Gold Edition's coupon-applied price is $26.99, while the Ultimate Edition becomes $44.99 when the "FANATICAL10" coupon code is applied. The Gold Edition comes with the base game as well as the Year 1 Operators and the Year 4 Pass. The Ultimate Edition comes with the Year 4 Pass as well, along with every Operator from Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3.

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For those who have the base game as well as all of the content from Year 1, Year 2, and Year 3, the Year 4 Pass is being discounted at 22% off at $23.39. The aforementioned coupon code will enable buyers to purchase the Year 4 Pass at $21.05.

As can be seen above, there is a pleasant diversity of deals available. The coupon code given adds a nice bonus discount and the sale on the Year 4 Pass is great for diehard players wanting to purchase all of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 4 content.

Of note, the version of Siege sold on Fanatical is exclusive to Uplay, If you have friends who purchased the game through Steam, this won't prevent you from playing together. The biggest difference is simply that you will need to use the Uplay launcher, and you won't be able to earn Steam achievements.

Rainbow Six Siege appears to be continually going strong if this discount is any indication. In many instances, games are discounted to attract new consumers to otherwise ill-received titles. In Rainbow Six Siege's case, the game has been improved upon immensely and this discount will surely give otherwise hesitant players an opportunity to purchase the game at a more attractive price. If you haven't played Rainbow Six Siege but have been waiting for the opportunity to do so, this discount should definitely provide inspiration.

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