Grab Your Stimpacks: 11 Of The Best Perks You MUST Get In Fallout 76

Perks are passive improvements to a player that can assist in their gameplay. Depending on how they play depends on the perks they've chosen.

Everyone has played an RPG (role-playing game) where they needed to add points to attributes; certain play styles require points in different areas. For example, Melee fighters need to put points in strength whilst stealth players may place points in agility. Fallout:76 isn't any different, however, the game takes it a step further by allowing players to choose perks.

Perks are passive improvements or attributes to a player that can assist in their gameplay. This can range from taking less damage, quicker regeneration, or boosting your experience points. Depending on how you want to play the game will depend on which perks you select. However, there will habitually be a select few perks that are always handy to have.

So pack the stimpacks and grab your shotguns as you exit the vault — get ready to explore 10 of the best perks you must discover in Fallout:76!

11. Pack Rat

There are so many shiny objects in the wasteland that you cannot help but pick them all up. You can scan everything from junk items to weapons for components. After ransacking a location, you select 'fast travel' to warp back to camp. It's then that you see the word that every vault dweller hates: “over-encumbered.” This is where the pack rat perk comes into play.

A Strength perk unlocked at level seven with three tiers of upgrade, it will reduce the weight of your junk by 25-, 50-, then 75%. As you progress through the higher levels of gameplay, and the demand for parts grows, this perk is great for squeezing in that extra bit.

Please note that this is only for junk on your persons — NOT in your stash!

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10. Action Boy-Action Girl

Action points (or AP) in Fallout76 is an important bar to keep in mind when venturing through the desolation. Strategic moves cost AP: from entering VATS (even if there are no enemies around) to jumping, and most importantly, legging it from a charging Deathclaw.

Action Boy-Action Girl is a level two-tiered Agility perk and allows the recipient to generate AP faster. Each tier will increase the refresh rate of AP from 15% up to 45%.

A nice tactic to use when outrunning mobs is to leg it. Using the obstacles like cars and high ground, resting for a few seconds, and then continuing to run for your life if your best bet.

9. Shotgunner

If you’re not rocking a shotgun in the wasteland, you're setting yourself up for failure. A lot of enemies in Fallout 76 have a tendency to close the gap and engage in close intimate combat. Low in range but packing a lot of punch, shotguns coupled with VATS is a sure way to make your enemies explode into a fine pink mist of blood and sinew.

Shotgunner is a tiered Strength perk attained at level three, which increases the damage output of your shotguns by 10-, 15-, and 20%, respectively. Later in the game, you will also have the chance to obtain the expert shotgunner perk which increases the damage even further. When the enemy is close enough to engage with shotguns; you want every single bit of damage to count!

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8. Picklock

You see it: a metal cage with a workshop around it kitted out with all sorts of valuable junk components. You continue to survey it and see a full suit of shiny T-60 power armour racked up at the power armour station. All that’s stopping you is that door and a requirement of one lockpicking skill (which you don’t have). Picklock is a perception skill attained at level five, which gives the player one skill in lockpicking. When this happens, your levels fly by, and you will get the option to specialize in expert (or master) lockpicking, raising your abilities to gain even more shiny objects.

7. Lead Belly

Fallout 76 is a survival game where you have to pay attention to your food and water consumption.

Situation: you're parched with thirst and that dirty water looks mighty refreshing. You take a sip and instantly turn green due to radiation. That’s because 95% of things that give you sustenance has been touched by radiation.

Enter the Lead Belly perk: This Endurance perk is attained at level two with three tiers to acquire. It allows the player to take 30% less radiation when eating and drinking, rising to 60%, then no radiation with the final tier. This reduces the care you need to take when thinking about food. More importantly, this is a reminder not to drink the river water! You'll most likely catch a disease.

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6. Lone Wanderer

Although Fallout 76 gears itself to team play with your friends or other random wastelanders, sometimes you just want to explore the nuclear outdoors on your own.

Lone Wanderer is a Charisma perk that you can get at level four. A tiered perk, it allows the player to take 10% less damage and gain 10% faster AP regeneration. This eventually scales to 15- and 20%, to 20- and 30%. This will increase your survivability in the wilds when traveling on that dusty road alone (just remember to replace it with the Inspirational Perk when you party up!)

5. Fix It Good

Armour is there to take a battering; to protect you from ghouls feasting on your face or rounds finding their mark on your persons. Equipped items in the Fallout 76 have a durability scale, which plays a big part in equipment as once broken it stops functioning.

Fix it Good is a tiered Intelligence Perk attained at level 27 which over repairs your armour (including power armour!). At the start, it will allow you to repair your armour to 130% of the normal maximum condition, scaling up to 160% then 200%. This perk will allow you to focus more on exploring the wastelands rather than spending your sweet caps on expensive components to repair items.

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4. Covert Operative

If the sneak game is your gaming playstyle, then Covert Operative is your perk. There is nothing more satisfying than crouching behind cover, waiting for that opportunity to strike with a devastating headshot with that sweet critical sneak damage.

Covert Operative is a tiered Agility perk open to players at level 27, allowing your sneak attacks to deal 2.15% normal damage. Scaling to 2.3% and finally 2.5%, it is an easy way to dispatch stationary or sentry type enemies.

For those harder higher level enemies, the best way to employ this perk is by using a heavy hitting weapon, such as a decked out hunting rifle or revolver for that critical strike, then finishing them off with a high DPS (damage per sec) weapon.

3. First Aid

It is a given that you will get hurt out there in the harsh nuclear wilderness. Bites and bullets hurt a lot and you need to make sure you don’t succumb to death. Stimpacks aren’t common in the wasteland so players have to exercise some discretion when using multiple at once.

The First Aid perk is a tiered Intelligence perk available at level two, which gives stimpacks (normal and diluted) a bit more juice when used (15% to be exact). Scaling up to 30% to 45%, the First Aid perk is a must for those heavy firefights where hurt comes naturally.

2. Bodyguards

As mentioned previously; Fallout 76 heavily emphasizes company during your adventures in the nuclear landscape and rewards it quite well as teamwork makes the dream work.

Bodyguards is a four-tier Charisma perk available at level five, which allows the player to gain six damage and energy resist per player (excluding yourself). Scaling to eight, 10, then 12 resist, this perk takes the sting off big blows that your party may face, increasing survivability to take down the enemy. Just make sure you're prepared when engaging scorchbeasts.

1. Inspirational

Every enemy you kill, every quest you complete, and every item you craft grants you experience points (XP). XP runs the game, granting you higher levels and opening additional perks and abilities for you to use. However, the grind to level-up is a long and tough one. If you have partied up with a friend or a bunch of mates, the Inspiration perk is a must have.

Inspiration is a tiered Charisma perk available at level two where it will grant the player 5% more XP than normal (as long as they are partied). Scaling to 10% and finally 15%, this perk is sure to cut some time out of attaining those high levels.

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