Gran Turismo Sport Gets Release Date

Gran Turismo Sport has received a release date and trailer, slating the eagerly awaited entry in the beloved Playstation exclusive racing series for release on October 17th.

The release date was part of a general announcement about the game from Kazunori Yamauchi, the president of Polyphony Digital. The announcement thanks all  Playstation and Gran Turismo fans for their continued support, and offers a few scant details along with the trailer.

“We’ve strived to create something that delivers an unprecedented experience in terms of the graphics, sound, and physics simulation; an experience that can only be enjoyed on PlayStation.”

Although the announcement doesn’t offer much in the way of details, the painfully short trailer shows gorgeous in game footage of the racing action that fans can expect from Gran Turismo Sport. The footage shows bumpy off road races, sports cars careening around corners, Formula cars flying, and shows off a variety of environments that players can expect to turn to a blur when they race through them this October.

Via: youtube.com (Playstation)

The game trailer looks to promise much of what the series has always offered Playstation gamers in the past; gorgeous photorealistic graphics, a plethora of cars to drive, and high speed, realistic racing action. The announcement seems to back that claim as well, mentioning various creative tools among other features race fans can look forward to.

It’s great to see the Gran Turismo series surface again after almost four years of being off the radar. The trailer looks to be the same eye-popping visuals and realistic car racing that fans have come to crave since the series creation in 1997. Although the news of the release has would be wheelmen foaming at the mouth, the announcement comes with the usual DLC skullduggery; the Limited Edition, pricing in at $69.99, includes a limited steel book, a car starter pack, and $1MM in in-game currency among other exclusive bonuses. The Digital Deluxe Edition, sporting a $79.99 price tag, comes with $2MM in in-game currency, a handful more cars, and themed avatars. The $80 edition doesn’t even come with the steel book.

For more info check out the Playstation Blog or the Gran Turismo webapge and get your driving gloves ready when the game drops on October 17th.

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