Grand Theft Auto 5: The 15 Best And 15 Most Useless Items In The Game

Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a long time at this point, and many other people have moved onto RDR2, but we don't think that this means we should forget about how good this game really was! It was filled with things to do, as well as proving what Rockstar was able to do on such a large scale. One of the best things about it is that they offered various items in the game, but some of them were not as useful as others.

It's no surprise that, in a game filled with so many items, some of them are going to be a lot less useful than others are! What we've done is pull together some of the best items in the game, as well as some others that are nowhere near as good. We want to give everyone a chance to see which items are worth using to this day, and which were just never worth it. Just because something seems like it would be a good item does not mean that it actually would be in the long run. That's something that we've learned while playing this game.

So, we think it's about time to take a look back at GTA V and what it offered us. It's time to start sorting the good from the bad, so let's get on with it! If there are any items that you think we've gotten wrong, or forgotten, let us know in the comments.

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30 Best: Jerry Can

via: nocookie.net

Grand Theft Auto is all about fun and destruction, a chance to act like a maniac and run around a virtual world not unlike our own, causing chaos wherever we go.

So, it's always good to have the means to start a fire, which is where the Jerry Can comes into play.

Equip this item and players can pour gasoline over anything and everything within the game world. Pull a trail away from the main collection of gas and set it alight to watch things burn.

29 Worst: Gas Mask

via: zoom.me

Rockstar is always adding little details into their video games that not many other companies would bother doing, so it's annoying when they throw something like this in, something that only ends up working as a vanity item and nothing else. Yes, the gas mask essentially does nothing other than change the way your character looks, and if we're honest, that just leaves us feeling a little hollow inside...

28 Best: Night Vision

via: gtamodding.fr

People are going to spend a lot of their time in GTA aiming and looking around for other people, which can get hard if things get darker, which is where the night vision goggles come in.

It's not the most perfect solution, but it offers a solution where no other appears.

We suggest that everyone gives these a look if they're struggling to pick people out when things get a little bit darker in the game world!

27 Worst: Snowballs

via: theverge.com

We understand that these were only placed into the game as a seasonal joke, a little bit of fun for people to throw around in the online version so that people could get into the festive spirit. That being said, they are totally useless.

Sure, it was fun for about a minute to collect a snowball and throw it at a friend, but after that, it was just boring.

All this makes us think about is the fact that we're not outside making real snowballs and lobbing them about!

26 Best: Parachute

via: gta5-mods.com

This is such a worthwhile item that it's not long in the story that the game starts to automatically apply them to characters once they step foot in a vehicle that can take to the sky. This way, the player can chuck themselves from the cockpit, safe in the knowledge that they have something strapped to their back that will stop them from plummeting towards the ground at a frankly unhealthy speed...

25 Worst: Digiscanner

via: coolaruba.com

If it can't be used to hurt anyone or help us find things that can then be used to hurt someone, then is there really any point in having it in a GTA game?

Sure, it's used in one single mission, a side mission that can be easily missed, but that's about it.

Why would anyone then choose to try to bring this thing back into the game, knowing that there's pretty much no good reason to bother having it in your arsenal?

24 Best: Proximity Mine

via: gta5-mods.com

We all love sticky mines, but more advanced players would find that they could see where they were being placed, a little red dot giving away their position.

These are pretty much invisible once placed, offering no visual cues as to their placement!

Unlike the sticky mines as well, these mines will set themselves off once anyone or anything steps within their radius, but this includes the player that dropped them as well!

23 Worst: Flare

via: gtabase.com

We understand that this can sometimes be used to call in strikes, but it is also a random item that offers nothing but a red light, a plume of smoke that lifts up into the air before doing nothing else. We understand that it's a mission specific item, but that didn't stop us from being upset that we couldn't set fire to things with them. This is GTA after all, a game where everything and everyone should be very flammable.

22 Best: Stunner

via: gtabase.com

Okay, we can understand why some people probably wouldn't enjoy having this one in their arsenal, as it doesn't really offer much of a chance to force anyone to pass on.

That being said, there is something very funny about the way that it drops people to the floor.

What we're saying is, this thing ends up knocking people out in a very funny way, both in the single-player mode and within the online world as well!

21 Worst: Baseball Bat

via: gta5-mods.com

There is something interesting about this item, as it does let people take on enemies with what is a brutal bashing, which may seem interesting to some players out there. That being said, it's a lot slower and does a lot less damage than a knife, so if people are looking for a melee item to add to their arsenal, then we don't think there's any point in bothering with the baseball bat. It takes far too long to wind up, not offering enough damage to justify it either.

20 Best: AP Pistol

via: gtabase.com

We understand that people don't want to give up the rapid-fire ability found in much more expensive items out there, which is where this one comes in! Yes, it allows players to fire bullets at seriously fast speeds, rapid-fire into enemies with pistol ammunition, rather than having to rely on the stuff that works in SMGs and other Assault items. Honestly, it's about time that people started working these sorts items into every game out there!

19 Worst: Assault Shotgun

via: gtabase.com

Okay, so we're going to a lot of unhappy people here, but we really don't like this thing, as it's a lot less powerful than the other types of shotgun out there.

We always want to go for damage when we're looking for an item of this type, which is why we're saying that this is worse than the other items of its type.

Sure, it offers a chance to fire off a lot of rounds at speed, but that reduction in damage just doesn't warrant the number of rounds that can be fired off.

18 Best: Assault SMG

via: gtabase.com

Now, this is an item that allows people to send bullets at high speed against their enemies, which is exactly what we want from an item of this type. That being said, this thing has a lot more power than the other items, which is why we've put it in as one of the better items that can be found in the world of GTA. Who doesn't want something that has both power and speed to take down the people that stand between them and victory?!

17 Worst: Orbital Cannon

via: imgur.com

We know that it can do a lot of damage in a short amount of time, but that doesn't change the fact that this thing is also pretty much useless outside of some very specific circumstances, which is why we're putting it in as one of the worst items that can be found in the world of GTA. In another game, it may have ended up being used for so much more, but it just wasn't meant to be in GTA V!

16 Best: Vehicle Warehouse

via: gta5-mods.com

When throwing yourself into the world of GTA Online, one of the things that people are going to want to do first is sort themselves out with a proper pad, somewhere that they can keep all of their things and have people around to take a look at their huge levels of wealth. That's why we would suggest that people get themselves a vehicle warehouse fairly early on. Not only is it a good place to keep a lot of vehicles, but it also looks very cool as well.

15 Worst: Cargobob

via: gta5-mods.com

We know that it does its very specific job well, but outside of that, it's an incredibly slow vehicle, one that is only worth having around if you're looking to mess with people, both strangers and friends. Otherwise, this is essentially a pointless piece of kit, one that we wouldn't bother with in the long run. Use it while it's needed, then never look back. That's our suggestion!

14 Best: Bunker

via: steam.com

This one is important for any player in GTA Online that wants to take part in running some illicit items. This is the place that players are able to put together a lot of research.

This is the research that people will then be able to use to create new items and attachments.

It may cost a lot of money, but it's well worth it when you see what it adds to the gameplay experience.

13 Worst: Counterfeit Cash Factory

via: tinypic.com

While there is certainly a chance to get quite a bit of money with this system, it has to be said that there are better ways, which is why we're saying this isn't one of the best things to spend money on. Rockstar has invented so many different ways for people to make money in GTA Online that a lot of the things that people can buy end up being pretty pointless when placed next to an item within the same category.

12 Best: CEO Office

via: gta5-mods.com

We all know that one of the main reasons to make money, especially within a virtual world, is to show it off. We spend the money on things that highlight to others just how important we are! One of the best ways to do this in the world of GTA Online is to spend your money on a place like this. There's nothing out there that can't be achieved when handed an office like this and a whole lot of money as well!

11 Worst: Chernobog

via: nocookie.net

Unlike many of the other vehicles in GTA, this thing is not about speed or stability, as it essentially offers nothing in the way of movement.

That being said, it does have a lot of power waiting in the back of it!

The only problem is, there are so many other items out there that can do a lot of damage without forcing a player to sit in one spot while doing it like a sitting duck!

10 Best: The Buzzard

via: reddit.com

This vehicle is so well-liked among the GTA community that it has become synonymous with items that are a perfect mixture of size, speed, and power.

We're not saying that it's the best for any of these categories, but there's nobody out there arguing that it isn't the best combination of these three things. Anybody who doesn't spend their first injection of cash on one of these isn't doing it right.

9 Worst: Micro Uzi

via: gtabase.com

If we're being honest, we can't believe that anybody would want to take this and put it into the items they can carry around with them, no matter where they are.

Sure, it's fast, but there are faster items out there that also take a lot more out of the enemy.

Honestly, anybody who chooses this over a similar item is not smart at all. Anyone that wasted money on this thing must have immediately felt that they had been swindled.

8 Best: An Armored Car

via: wordpress.com

One of the main things that people like to do in GTA Online is drive around and take out other people while they're going about their business, which is why this vehicle is a perfect first purchase for anyone that is looking for the best items in GTA. It stops other players from being able to just drive up to you and shoot you down. Honestly, it's a smart idea to get one of these as fast as possible to keep trolls away.

7 Worst: The Weaponized Tampa

via: reddit.com

There are so many other vehicles than this one, mainly because it has a serious amount of weight keeping it close to the ground.

The main pull of this sort of vehicle is that it allows players to take out others while driving, but there are so many other options out there!

Honestly, save the money and spend it on a vehicle that will keep you safe and put the power into your hands while also keeping mobility.

6 Best: Special Carbine

via: gtabase.com

Even though it doesn't offer the ability to move out of the automatic firing mode that it is in by standard, we have to place this in the category of best items out there.

The power and the speed of the fire rate put this item at the top of many lists, and quite rightly!

Of all the items that we would suggest that online players go for, we would throw this one right to the top.

5 Worst: The Annihilator

via: gta5-mods.com

Despite the fact that it has some serious firepower, we can't believe that anyone would take this thing over the Buzzard. It is so cumbersome!

Not only does it look ugly, but it moves pretty ugly too.

Sure, there's something pretty impressive about any vehicle that has missiles strapped to it, but there are much better vehicles with much better missiles strapped to them!

4 Best: Homing Launcher

via: gtabase.com

There's something great about having such a powerful item in your hands as a player, and every item of this type is undoubtedly powerful. That being said, they can usually be rather unwieldy.

This item takes away any question of accuracy, allowing people to press fire and walk away.

Yes, this item gives you power and accuracy, meaning that this item is arguably the best on this list for taking out something big as fast as possible.

3 Worst: A Yacht

via: pinterest.com

The thing about Rockstar and the way that they create wide-open worlds is that they can often struggle to fill it up with interesting things to see and do anyway.

For example, the water doesn't have much inside it to see or do.

Sure, it can be fun to surf the waves on a jet ski from time to time, but why would anybody want to buy and use a yacht? They go so slow and bring no new gameplay to the table to make them a worthwhile purchase.

2 Best: Akuma Bike

via: nocookie.net

Look, in GTA Online, it's all about getting around in style, and while we would usually always go for a car, as they're easier to handle, you will always look cooler on a bike.

The best bike for players to get themselves to cruise around the world of GTA Online is the Akuma.

We suggest that people looking for style and substance should start saving their money and get one of these in their huge garage, to impress their friends and make their way around the city!

1 Worst: The Valkyrie Helicopter

via: nocookie.net

We know that there will be some people out there that will argue there's nothing wrong with this vehicle, that it works perfectly fine for what it needs to do, and we suppose that's true to an extent. However, the reason we're marking it out as being one of the worst things in GTA V to spend your money on is that there are so many other helicopters in the game, ones that offer so much more than this, that it doesn't deserve to be in the best list.

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