Grand Theft Auto: 5 Characters We're Sad Died (And 5 We Were Happy To See Go)

In a game like Grand Theft Auto, murdering someone in cold blood looks about as natural and as unceremonious as breathing. Sometimes it can even be desensitizing but that's one of the trademarks of the game - the freedom to do whatever acceptable adult stuff you want without much consequences other than the dumb A.I. cops. Still, that doesn't mean life has no value in the GTA games.

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There are certain characters who stand out in a sea of simulated pedestrians. Sadly these characters have died as per the game's plot. Some of them deserved it well enough and their departure even improved the game, while others left a lonely void that would never be filled. Here are five GTA characters we're glad kicked the bucket and five others we're sad to see go.


Quentin "Lance" Vance, is more popularly known as Mr. Lance Vance Dance! of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. However, he's more than that. Lance also acts as your guardian angel. Well, initially at least. He is tasked with helping Tommy Vercetti (a player character) with investigating the botched drug deal setup that kickstarted the events of the game.

Lance's outer facade consists of a cool and sophisticated disco dude but inside, he's actually quite impulsive and emotional. This leads him becoming an unstable business partner for Tommy; in turn, Lance also betrays Tommy for some immature reason. It's too bad we had to kill him ourselves, especially after having bonded with him.


Once again in Vice City is a villain we love to hate: Ricardo Diaz. He's the self-established cartel head in Vice City and has built his empire on the foundations of his enemies' corpses. Diaz is an obnoxious loudmouth whose personality was given plenty of color thanks to Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzman's voice acting talent.

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Some might even like him for this due to how well Guzman brought Diaz to life. However, the rewards for murdering Diaz in-game are simply too good to pass up. After Tommy (you) successfully stages his coup against the biggest cartel boss in Vice City, he gets to inherit everything Diaz had. That includes the mansion, the gangs, and pretty much Vice City. It's a worthy trade-off.


Anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and the Damned knows Johnny Klebitz as the hardened biker gang leader and the protagonist of the game. Of course, that could be expected of anyone who wears a leather jacket and drives a Harley but Johnny is a cool badass, at least in The Lost and the Damned.

Come Grand Theft Auto V, Johnny gets reduced to nothing but brain paste on Trevor Williams' boot. Trevor kills Johnny with ease and impunity. That all happens in a cutscene as if Johnny was just some random pedestrian to be murdered in cold blood by a maniac. It was a sappy and undignified death for poor Johnny.


Dimitri Rascalov is the primary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto IV and also one of the reasons why Niko Bellic lost the people closest to him (depending on who you pick to save). Moreover, Dimitri has betrayed other people many times as well just to become a major figure in the Russian Mafia in Liberty City.

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Making Dimitri more infuriating is the fact that he appears to be a calm and helpful individual. He even helped both Niko and Roman at one point. He's pretty much the brains of one of the biggest crime organizations in Liberty City and has stepped on many people to get there.


Ah, cousin Roman. He's humorous, optimistic, and believes in the "American Dream," whatever that is. Roman's warm demeanor made his death all the more tragic, especially since it happened during his wedding day. Although that outcome does depend on your choices in-game, meaning you can save Roman.

Roman's death was one of the more infuriating results of Dimitri Rascalov's betrayals. To make matters worse, Roman never hurt anyone and was a genuinely good guy. It did help that he was one of the very first friendly faces we get to meet once Niko steps into Liberty City. If he dies, there won't be anyone in Liberty City to go bowling with.


Moving on to Grand Theft Auto V, we have the most important character you can assassinate in-game: Devin Weston. He's the main antagonist of that game and once the final mission draws near, he'll ask Franklin Clinton to kill either Trevor Williams or Michael Townley. Of course, these are also playable characters and you wouldn't want to kill them since they prolong the game's playability.

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Thankfully, the game presents you with an inconsequential decision to go after Devin instead. His death is also quite satisfying: Devin gets kidnapped by Trevor and is placed in the trunk of a car which is then pushed down a cliff. After he dies, you get to keep all the three GTA V protagonists and continue doing missions with them. Best. Choice. Ever.


Now, there are three endings for GTA V based on your decisions and killing Devin Weston was one of them. The other two are killing Trevor Williams or killing Michael Townley. The former is a lot more impactful for most players, surprisingly. Trevor tends to be more interesting than Michael's stressful family man routine. Moreover, his character-specific missions are simply more engaging.

If by any chance, you're heartless and you go after dear loyal uncle Trevor, you'll be presented with one of the most traumatic GTA deaths ever. Franklin and Michael will douse Trevor in gasoline and watch as he gets barbecued alive. Thankfully, again, it's optional and you can choose to keep Trevor.


It's not often we get to have Samuel L. Jackson in a video game but when that happens, we get one of the most deplorable video game antagonists ever in GTA: San Andreas. Officer Frank Tenpenny is the lowest of the scum and that's saying something in a place like Los Santos. He's corrupt, he's one of the people responsible for ruining CJ's family, and he was made to turn CJ's life into a living hell.

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Naturally, Tenpenny gives you the very first taste of what authority is like in Los Santos: he steals your money and kicks you out of a moving police car after illegally detaining you. This goes on until you finally have the footing to wage war against Tenpenny and erase him from society.


Tenpenny was only the tip of the iceberg for CJ's problems. The more serious threat was right in front of him all along in the form of Big Smoke. Turns out Smoke was responsible for CJ's mother's death and was also as corrupt as Tenpenny. So why are we sad to see him go? Because he's such a memorable character.

Then there's also the fact that the game sets you up to know and like Big Smoke. Even when we finally get to end Big Smoke as the main antagonist, we can't help but recall his awesome personality and all the two number 9's he's eating in hell right now. Depending on how good you are with following the damn train though, he won't be rolling in his grave.


Last but not least in the list of antagonists we love to hate and were made for our wrath is a classic from GTA 3, Catalina. Originally, Catalina was the lover of our mute protagonist, Claude in GTA 3. Prior to the events of that game, GTA: San Andreas players get to see Catalina running away with Claude, presumably to turn to a life of crime in Liberty City.

Catalina then betrays Claude at the start of the game. Eventually, she becomes big enough to be the main antagonist for GTA 3 and it wasn't until the final mission where you get to have revenge on her. When you do, however, you're given the most satisfying helicopter crash ever in GTA.

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