The Dungeons and Dragons Classes Of Grand Theft Auto V Characters

If you’re a fan of Dungeons & Dragons it is sometimes fun to assign the characters in movies, television shows, and games to what D&D class best suits them. Sometimes this is easy, such as assigning the characters in Game of Thrones or The Lord of the Rings to D&D classes.

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Other times this is more of a challenge, such as when assigning D&D classes to the characters in Stranger Things or Better Call Saul. The subject of this list is closer to the latter two, as we are going to examine the characters in Grand Theft Auto V and assign them to the D&D class that best suits them.

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12 Lester Crest (Wizard)

Lester is an intelligent man. He plans out the heists meticulously, leaving no room for error. His house is packed with books and electronic equipment, so whatever information he needs is at his fingertips. Sure Lester plans the heists, but that doesn’t necessarily make him a thief. Were Lester living in the D&D universe he would almost certainly take advantage of a skill-set that is denied to him in a more real-world setting: magic. Lester is the wizard of the party; only his spells aren’t cast with a spellbook and components. Lester’s magic is performed on a computer and a series of ones and zeros.

11 Devin Weston (Thief)

Devin Weston is a billionaire; one who made his fortune as a corporate raider and has a private army ready to do his bidding. Devin’s bidding usually involves theft and/or murder. He has built up a vast criminal network which also includes several legit businesses (like Merryweather Security Consulting).

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Rarely does he get his hands dirty by getting personally involved in a physical confrontation – that’s what his underlings are for. Devin Weston is a thief, and a very successful one. In a D&D setting Mr. Weston would be the guildmaster of a very large thieves guild.

10 Wade Hebert (Thief)

Wade is a hard character to assign a D&D class to. This is due more to him not being a prominent character in GTA V than anything else. What do we know about Wade? He is not a fighter, as evidenced by his cowering when Trevor is mad. He is somewhat clever, but not nearly intelligent or wise enough to be a wizard or cleric.

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Lastly, Wade may seem simple and innocent, but remember that he suggested eliminating Ashley Butler after Trevor killed Johnny Klebitz. He was able to find Michael in a large city despite knowing very little about him. This suggests he is good at gathering information, a trait most associated with thieves. That narrows down the choices to one - Wade is a thief.

9 Ronald Jakowski (Wizard)

Ron Jakowski (AKA Nervous Ron) is similar to Wade Hebert in that it is somewhat difficult to assign him to a class due to him not being in the game much. Like Wade, Ron is not that good in a fight, but Ron will also not hesitate to kill if he needs to. Ron is an intelligent man however; he worked as an accountant before Trevor ruined his life.

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He has also been shown hacking into the computer systems of Merryweather Security. Since magic doesn't exist in the GTA world, we have to substitute magic for technical knowledge.  In light of this it seems the most appropriate for Ronald to be a wizard.

8 Amanda De Santa (Enchantress)

Amanda has a way with the opposite sex. She was an exotic dancer when she was younger, and even though she left that profession behind long before the story begins she still seems to be able to seduce any man she wishes to. Even with her constant cheating on Michael, he can’t seem to bring himself to leave her. It’s as if she has a power over men that they are unable to resist. Amanda is also no dummy. She always seems to know what she is doing and how to achieve an end that is most favorable to her.

7 Lamar Davis (Thief/Fighter)

Lamar Davis is Franklin’s friend and a fellow member of the Families gang. He is always scheming and trying to get rich quick. His plans always seem to backfire though as he has no aptitude for planning heists. Lamar is also always trying to intimidate others, and as big as he is can probably back up his attitude with action if needed.

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One might at first be tempted to label him just a thief, but if he is just a thief he isn’t a very good one. Labeling Lamar as just a fighter also seems to not fully encompass all of his character traits. Taking the last two statements regarding him into consideration, a multiclass fighter/thief seems a better fit for Lamar. He just isn’t too successful at either.

6 David Norton (Cleric)

As an FIB agent, David serves a higher power. The only class that serves a higher power in D&D is a cleric. Only David’s higher power isn’t a god, the higher power he serves is the government. In modern times the government is nearly as omnipotent as a deity, and has just as many resources at its disposal. Just as with serving a deity, there is a matter of faith that you are helping to maintain a sense of balance in the world. The deity David serves doesn’t grant spells though. It just grants lots of perks and an expense account.

5 Lazlow (Bard)

This character has been a part of the GTA franchise almost since the beginning. He is an entertainer by trade. As an entertainer, Lazlow covets fame and attention, and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve those ends. Lazlow isn’t a fighter by any means. He ran from Michael at the premiere of Meltdown.

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He isn’t crafty enough to be a thief. He also isn’t smart enough to be a spellcaster, and he only serves himself – not some higher power or ideal. There is only one class that would fit Lazlow’s personality: a bard.

4 Steve Haines (Knight)

Steve Haines is the other FIB agent that the protagonists must deal with. Similar to David Norton, it is important to Steve that his image is never one of impropriety. Although he works for the side of law and order, his main concern seems to be more about the advancement of his career. His reality show is a good example of this character trait. He is righteous enough to be a paladin, but he lacks the moral fiber for such a profession. At the same time, however, he serves the same higher power that David Norton serves. Taking all this into account, the most appropriate D&D class for Steve would seem to be that of a knight or cavalier.

3 Trevor Philips (Barbarian)

At first, Trevor seems difficult to narrow down to a D&D class, but let’s examine his character traits and see if a particular class seems more appropriate than the others. Trevor is the epitome of the term “uncivilized”. He is loud, brash, and uncaring of conventional social morays. Social contracts do not exist in the world in which Trevor Philips lives. At the very least he believes they don't apply to him.

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Trevor prefers to live apart from crowded population centers. He operates on the principle of might makes right. In addition to all that, Trevor seems to have a superhuman constitution at times. What character class does this sound like to you? Trevor is a bright and shining example of a barbarian living in a modern time.

2 Franklin Clinton (Fighter)

Franklin is maybe the easiest in this list to pin down. He is good in a fight, large, and generally ready for action at any time. A few details about him could lead one to think he might be a ranger. He lives on the fringes of civilization (at least for most of the game); with a house up on a forested hill. He has a soft spot for animals.

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He took in Chop and cared for him when he needed a home. Also, Franklin was a criminal until he decided to get a legit job. This sounds a bit like a ranger, but this is not the class best suited to Franklin. Franklin is the “muscle” in the crew; he is a fighter through-and-through.

1 Michael De Santa (Assassin)

Michael is another complicated character to assign to a D&D class. At first, it would be logical to make him a fighter/thief. How much does he really like fighting though? Sure, Michael will stand and fight when he needs to, but that doesn’t make one a fighter. Throughout the game, Michael seems to prefer being sneaky to overtly aggressive. An example of this is breaking into the Lifeinvader headquarters to plant a bomb in a prototype to kill the company’s CEO rather than just attacking him directly.

His method of problem-solving usually involves someone getting killed. Michael recruits Franklin to handle the fighting – if it is needed. Michael is an assassin; someone comfortable with killing, but without all the unneeded direct confrontation.

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