Grand Theft Auto 5: The 10 Hardest Weapons And Cars To Get (And How To Get Them)

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most monumental and well-known video games of all time. The game might've been launched all the way back in September 2013 — which, unbelievably enough, is a whopping six years back — but its sheer impact can still be witnessed to this very day. People are still playing this amazing game, and this is in no small part due to the efforts and lengths that Rockstar has gone to ensure that this game stays relevant for the years to come. From the stellar single-player campaign that still holds up to this day, all the way to the online component that is still breaking ground with the sheer scope of its implementation — GTA V is undoubtedly one of the best video games of all time.

So, it's obvious that people would like to seek out the best way possible to optimize their experience with the game. There are several ways through which they strive to accomplish the same, but all these points can be summed up in two major verticals — cars and guns. GTA V has both these elements in droves, and this list will take a look at ten of the hardest guns and cars that one can obtain in the game.

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Melee weapons have always been a staple in the GTA series, and the fifth iteration is no exception to this golden rule. This time, with the release of the updated version, there was a new addition to the repertoire of weapons already featured on the list.

If you played the re-release, then you'll be able to enjoy the gratuitousness of the newly-included ax. Trust us when we tell you that it's the best melee weapon to add to your arsenal.

9 CARS: Z-Type

Grand Theft Auto V has many callbacks that harken back to the golden ages of the series. One such callback is in the form of the Z-Type — a car that was originally featured in Grand Theft Auto II.

After racking up the required funds — $10,000,000, to be precise — one can purchase the car from LegendaryMotorSports.net. It might sound like a cheap way to get this awesome classic, but it's definitely worth it!

8 WEAPONS: AP Pistol

The Armor-Piercing Pistol is — without a shadow of a doubt — the best pistol you can keep with you in Grand Theft Auto V. While its fire rate is good enough, the sheer level of damage it can do with one shot is what makes this pistol all the more amazing.

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If you want to make your drive-by outings as easy as possible, then we highly urge you to use this pistol as much as possible. Reaching the requirements to unlock this gun in Ammu-Nation will definitely be worth it.

7 CARS: Space Docker

As is the case with most open-world games, Grand Theft Auto V is no stranger to the idea of collectathons — a tagline that most games suffer from. However, in the case of this monumental title, collecting random stuff all across the map is actually more entertaining than it sounds.

One such collectible is the spaceship parts present all over the map. After collecting all 50 of these parts, you'll be rewarded with a special Dune Buggy called the Space Docker.

To be honest, the only thing that's special about this car is the different sound that the horn makes... but it's still a symbol of your efforts nevertheless.

6 WEAPONS: Assault SMG

To be honest, SMGs aren't really all that important in the grand scheme of things in Grand Theft Auto V. However, the Assault SMG is an exception in this regard mainly because of the manner in which you obtain it.

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Once you join the Rockstar Social Club, you'll unlock this gun! It's a pretty serviceable model, although if you have the AP Pistol then it doesn't really matter anyway.

5 CARS: Enus Super Diamond

A luxurious vehicle in every sense of the word, the Super Enus Diamond Car is an absolute steal that you should try your hardest to obtain at one point or the other. Trust us when we tell you that it'll definitely be worth it.

This car generally spawns around Rockford Hills. However, if you don't want to suffer the headache of having to wait in the area and get lucky, you can always get this car for free after completing the "Stag Do Running Man" mission from Strangers and Events.

4 WEAPONS: Advanced Rifle

The Advanced Rifle is the best rifle model available in GTA V, but the annoying part is that this gun comes a fair way into the game. However, if you don't want to make do with an inferior model until then, there's something else that you can do to attain this weapon instead.

All you need to do is break into the Altruist Camp and steal this amazing weapon. Of course, keep in mind that the people in this cult aren't really all that friendly, so you might have to mow down a few unfriendly people.

3 CARS: Submersible

Now, technically speaking, the Submersible isn't a car per se. However, it's still a handy vehicle to have nevertheless — after all, no other vehicle can travel the depths of the ocean.

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This vehicle is available for free once you purchase the Sonar Collection Docks for $250,000. So, travel the ends of the ocean as much as you want with this vehicle after doing so.

2 WEAPONS: Railgun

The addition of the ax isn't the only benefit from the re-release. The enhanced version of GTA V also benefited from the inclusion of an electromagnetic cannon — more commonly known as a railgun — that is quite fun to use.

You'll have to shell out quite a bit of money to enjoy this weapon though. It's unlocked after the mission "Minor Turbulence," so make sure you have the funds to purchase this beast.

1 CARS: P-996 Lazer

Again, as is the case with the Submersible, the P-996 Lazer isn't a car. However, this fighter jet has become the stuff of legends amongst the GTA fanbase since attaining it is quite a doozy indeed.

This vehicle is available in Fort Zancudo, and getting to it is quite challenging since you get the maximum wanted level after stepping foot in this facility. However, if you use Franklin's special ability to get as close to the jet as possible, you can actually nick this vehicle without attaining a single star.

Good luck!

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