30 Things Super Fans Never Knew They Could Do In GTA: Online

It's no surprise that Grand Theft Auto V's main campaign is nothing short of astounding. The series is known for having oodles of production value, after all. Despite having heaps of satire and cynical undertones, the game still shines with its explosive plot and colorful cast. However, the base single-player content isn't the only thing the game offers and most of the actual fun stuff can't even be experienced in the game's campaign alone. Fans might have grown fond of the game's protagonists but little do some know that another character tells an even more interesting story, if not better.

Who is this mystery character? Why it's none other than the players themselves! Enter the world of GTA V's extra content, most of which can only be experienced in GTA Online. Here, players build the career of their very own character in a story that's actually as deep and rich as the campaign. Fans who have played the game solely for its single-player experience are certainly missing out on a whole new level of fun!

Sure, the main campaign was epic but a lot of cool features were stripped off from it and were instead moved to GTA Online. This basically turned single-player into nothing more than a shell of untapped potential. The amount of extra content the developers added to GTA Online makes it seem like a completely new game. Of course, not everyone might be able to afford everything GTA Online has to offer so here we'll bring 30 epic things in the game's extra content that some fans could definitely be missing out on.

30 Take Your Work Everywhere

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Driving around from one mission to another can get tedious after a while. Players can only do so much trekking before monotony sets in. Fortunately, the extra content in GTA Online does offer a solution to this dilemma.

Perfect for a criminal mastermind who's always on the go.

Enter the Mobile Operations Center! This ginormous trailer can be fitted with most conveniences of home making this mobile fortress the ideal way to plot the next vital step of a mission. When one can work anywhere, who needs meeting places?

29 Purchase An Apocalypse-Proof Bunker

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While the Mobile Operations Center certainly helps keep work going while on the road, it doesn't exactly offer enough protection for an apocalypse. It's a good thing players can purchase a personal bunker for such a predicament! GTA Online gives players an opportunity to own an impenetrable bunker which can be upgraded with all sorts of goodies.

The bunker comes with an assortment of amenities including weapon stations, supply caches, and even a personal shooting range. Players can even get one for as low as $1.16 million in-game cash, now that's a steal, especially when one's life is at stake.

28 Go On Bodyguard Duty

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The game's protagonists can only take certain types of work but that doesn't mean players are just as limited in GTA Online. In fact, players can even take on the role of a bodyguard! Sure, bank heists are also fun but a little variety certainly doesn't hurt.

What better way to take a break from the occasional store robbery than to work as a hired bodyguard. Aspiring bodyguards are hired by other players who've taken on the role of a VIP. Protecting other players is undoubtedly messy work but it sure beats doing the same heists repeatedly in single-player.

27 Become A Business Mogul

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The main game inevitably ends in the main protagonists becoming made men. However, none of them actually gets to own a criminal enterprise, well, except for Trevor but he barely has any employees. The game's online component managed to fix this by giving players a chance to become a CEO of their own underworld conglomerate.

Building an illegitimate business has never been this professional.

Players can start building their empire by purchasing an executive property in Maze Bank. Of course, becoming a boss comes with its own perks such as having a personal assistant do the dirty work for you.

26 Make It Bounce

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The lack of custom low-riders in Los Santos is quite disturbing especially considering it was basically filled with them in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Where did all the low-riders go? Well, it seems like all of them went online, like, literally.

The Low-Riders update can only be played in GTA Online and it's everything that fans of GTA: SA ever dreamed of. Players can customize certain muscle cars, turning them into low-riders equipped with hydraulics that will likely be turning heads too. There's no better way to make other drivers green than to let a low-rider bounce rhythmically right beside them!

25 Turn Cars Into Tanks

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There's only a handful of high-powered land vehicles in the main game and it's quite an underwhelming selection. Fortunately, that's not the case in GTA Online. Lots of civilian vehicles also come with a weaponized counterpart!

The power of a tank coupled with more speed and mobility.

The Kuruma has a near-impenetrable bulletproof counterpart while the weaponized Duke comes with a monstrous arsenal. Online updates also introduced light APCs and hulking SUVs with serious firepower. With cars as lethal and durable as these, who needs tanks?

24 Design Vehicle Interiors

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The customization options in the main game are existent but it's still quite limited. As far as interior customization is concerned, cars can only be outfitted with a roll cage and racing seats upgrade. However, the online updates just turned the customization options up a notch.

Players can finally fully upgrade the interiors of certain cars including changing the steering wheel, adding some cool fuzzy dice decors and even placing some captivating bobble-head ornaments. Now that's what you call riding in style!

23 Drive All The Way Up

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Only the game's online component allows players to drive a car from the road all the way up to the sky. The Imponte Deluxo lets players fully realize their Back To The Future fantasies. Although this car isn't just for show, it's actually packing some heat!

This car is a dream only for anyone who's in it, not around it.

It comes equipped with lethal rocket launchers that decimate everything it comes across. Driving a car with no terrain restrictions is as exhilarating as it sounds, it's a shame that it's not in the main game though.

22 Ride A Legend

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Fans have been relentlessly searching for clues about the mythical jetpack in GTA V for years. Unfortunately, their efforts were futile, since the legendary jetpack wasn't in the main campaign all along. The Mammoth Thruster can only be acquired in GTA Online and boy it does not disappoint.

The legendary jetpack does exactly what the fans have been dreaming about. Players can perform insane maneuvers, fly through tight openings and relieve stress by blowing up everything! That'll teach them for poking fun at any jetpack conspiracy theories you might've brought up in the past.

21 Ride The Skies Using Bikes

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A flying car is bad enough for any pilot but things are about to get worse with the notorious hoverbike known as the Pegassi Oppressor. With this flying motorcycle, players can raid land, sea, sky, and anything that's within its proximity.

This bike is responsible for countless infuriated players and it's not hard to see why given its destructive prowess. The main game only gives players a handful of cool motorcycles. Not this two-wheeled monster, it actually redeems the single-player mode's lackluster line-up of bikes.

20 Lead A Biker Gang

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There are so many cool new bikes in GTA V's extra content that it'd be crazy not to include a club where motorcycle enthusiasts can gather and chill. GTA Online delivers just that after the release of its biker's DLC. Players can start by purchasing a clubhouse from Maze Bank then taking on the role of President.

For those who aren't into that type of responsibility, they can opt to become a member instead. MC club members also get their own set of perks as they rise through the ranks.

19 Wield An Ancient Weapon

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Some fans might not know that they could actually bring Red Dead Redemption into Los Santos. Well, a part of it, at least. The Stone Hatchet might appear as nothing more than an ancient and quite primitive-looking melee weapon.

However, it actually grants players supernatural powers turning them invulnerable to most attacks upon usage for a certain amount of time. Too bad players who've never touched GTA V's online component will never get the chance to use this weapon on an unsuspecting victim in single-player.

18 Create Stunt Races

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While there are a plethora of race challenges available in GTA Online, many may be unaware that they can actually create their very own race tracks themselves. Rockstar's Creator options let players transform their wildest imagination into a rideable race track. Players can build races for almost any type of vehicle too.

Not digging a particular course? Think you could do a better job at designing a track? Build one yourself! Why settle for anything less? Who knows, that custom track you've submitted just might earn you fame and recognition from the GTA community and perhaps Rockstar Games themselves!

17 Race Old-School Style

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For those who just enjoy testing out race tracks instead of creating them, GTA Online has got them covered as well. There's a variety of awesome race tracks to enjoy including a neat track that hearkens back to the series' old-school roots. The Tiny Racers Adversary Mode brings GTA II to the modern world of GTA V by bringing back its signature top-down perspective to the race track.

Players battle for the leading spot with the help of an assortment of comical power-ups. It's not just a fun mini-game, it's also a great homage to the series' humble beginnings.

16 Start Out As A Boss

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Some don't have the time to build their online career but have the cash to buy their way to the top. Such players can actually do so by availing GTA Online's ultra deluxe package dubbed the Grand Theft Auto V Premium Online Edition. This edition comes with most of the updates pre-installed including Doomsday Heists, Biker's DLC, Smuggler's Run, and more.

It definitely feels good to start at the top.

That's not all, it even includes the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack and an additional $1 million in-game cash. It's perfect for fans who haven't taken the online plunge yet.

15 Fly First Class

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Sure, players can pilot planes in single-player but can they sit back and relax as a first-class passenger? Luckily, the game's Ill-Gotten Gains update lets players do just that. Gaudy planes like the Luxor Deluxe lets players enjoy a variety of frivolous luxuries such as champagne and in-flight internet surfing.

Those with a weak stomach can enjoy a more steady flight in the Swift Deluxe helicopter. That would surely help keep that sparkling beverage in, and not splattered on those expensive seats. Even pilots need to relax too, right? Especially after flying so many planes and choppers in the main campaign.

14 Have Fun With Drones

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The After Hours update provides loads of fun extra content including the Terrorbyte truck. Now some might be thinking to themselves, how can a simple truck be more fun than a barrel of monkeys? It's simply because the Terrorbyte is no ordinary truck, it actually comes with functional drones.

A drone can be deployed to survey an area around the truck. If snooping on people isn't enough, it can also zap them with its tasers and act as a remote explosive with its self-destruct feature! Good thing these drones replenish when they go down, unlike in real life.

13 Uncover Other Players' Secrets

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Drones aren't the only things that other players should be wary about. The Terrorbyte truck also comes with another fun feature called the Player Scanner. This adds a whole new element of fun as players get to see the hidden statistics of others.

Great, now there are more reasons for players to feel paranoid.

Scanned players are forced to reveal the number of times they availed private dances, how much they spent on guilty pleasures and all sorts of embarrassing details. Perhaps it's best to stay indoors unless you feel like you've got nothing to hide.

12 Become The Party Starter

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Only one nightclub can be owned in the main campaign, and that's just for one character too. At least the game's extra content makes up for this by having more than just the Vanilla Unicorn up for grabs. The After Hours update comes with an assortment of purchasable nightclubs available for players.

These clubs don't just make legitimate money for its owner, they can also be used as a warehouse to manage their existing illegitimate businesses. The staff does most of the work so owners can just strut on the dance floor, enjoy drinks, and party all night long.

11 Hire Famous Disc Jockeys

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Being a successful nightclub owner isn't just about putting on a show. The success of this business depends heavily on its popularity. Think about it, who would want to party in a club with no star power?

It's a good thing the GTA Online updates give players a wealth of famous DJ personalities to pick from. Fans can finally hire popular DJs such as Dixon, Tale Of Us, and The Black Madonna to work up their dance floor. This way, no patron will ever criticize your club for having poor taste in music.

10 Play With Snow

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It's always sunny in Los Santos but that doesn't mean snow can't penetrate its sizzling exterior. In fact, snow can even be experienced in single-player via the director mode menu. What some might not know is that the snow that appears at certain events in GTA Online is a lot better than what the main game has to offer.

That's because the snow here feels a lot more interactive instead of being just an aesthetic weather effect. Players can actually engage in epic snowball fights with each other! Just make sure you don't mistake a grenade for a snowball.

9 Give Weapons More Pop

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The assortment of weapons that are available in the main game is nothing compared to what the Gunrunning update is offering. We're not just talking about simple flashlight or suppressor add-ons here either. Players can push the power of stock weapons even further by upgrading them into their Mk 2 versions.

Just when we thought the weapons couldn't get any more OP.

Shotguns can be upgraded to function like mini-bazookas while machine guns can set everything ablaze. These upgrades can make the stock weapons strong enough to take down most cars and even helicopters too!

8 Disintegrate Hiding Enemies

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Isn't it annoying how some players constantly get the upper hand in combat just because they have a good vantage point? Well, with the help of the devastating Orbital Cannon weapon from the Doomsday Heist update, that problem is no more! Once someone utilizes this weapon of mass destruction, no place is safe for any camping sniper.

Players just need to retreat to their bunker, pick their enemy's location then let the cannon do the rest. Although they should set aside some money for it, the price for their enemies' grief doesn't come cheap, after all.

7 Earn Respect By Singing

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Players who have yet to purchase a safehouse might not know that they can actually sing, in the shower, where no one else is watching. Yes, singing in the shower is actually a thing in GTA Online. However, the virtual avatar can't do the singing for the players, they'd have to do so themselves through their mic.

Go ahead, belt it all out, it's free.

While singing in itself relieves stress and perhaps even hones one's skills, those aren't the only perks. In fact, players actually earn RP by singing in the shower, regardless of how poorly they performed.

6 Be A Land-Grabber

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Who would've thought that players could actually become land-grabbers in the game's extra content? Well, sort of. In the Land Grab game mode, teams battle for supremacy by getting the most real estate. Every area each team player walks over is considered their property.

However, that doesn't mean other teams won't try to use force in hopes of achieving the same thing. It's wacky, it's silly, and it's certainly more fun than its more oppressive real-life counterpart. It also serves as a good break from the main game's more serious missions.

5 Experience Survival Horror

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The GTA series is all about survival and what better way to highlight that notion than to turn it into a thrilling game of cat-and-mouse? The Slashers mode turns the game into survival-horror and lets players experience what it's like to become both predator and prey. Each player starts out as either a masked psychopath or a hapless victim.

The stalkers wield machetes and shotguns to hunt the victims, who are equipped with nothing but night vision goggles and flashlights. Here's the kicker, the roles of each team gets reversed after each minute until every member of a team is dispatched.

4 Fight Fire With Fire

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Flare guns were updated to actually have more functional uses. They can now be utilized to redirect homing rockets. Land vehicles finally have a fighting chance against warmongering choppers and notorious jets spraying missiles onto the surface.

As a bonus, flares can also be used in other impractical yet fun activities. Players can tip over patio umbrellas, climb on its underside and shoot flares underneath them. This causes the prop to propel the player to great heights! Now humans can be launched just like rockets.

3 Recreate An Iconic Action Movie

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Action film aficionados will undoubtedly remember a certain film about cops chasing miniature sports coupes through tight alleyways. Fans can actually recreate this iconic scene in GTA Online by taking on the Vespucci Job Adversary Mode. Runners are in charge of evading the law by maneuvering through extremely tight corners while other players attempt to stop them by any means.

It's a good nod to an awesome movie and a fun little diversion that lets fans relive the film's intense moments. For a game that centers around cops and robbers, this mode feels right at home.

2 Redefine Battle Royale

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Given the booming popularity of battle royale titles such as PUBG, it's only natural for the game to do the same thing, GTA style, of course. Trap Door mode gives the old formula a neat twist by letting players fight on a diminishing platform. It doesn't sound that bad, right?

Well, not exactly. The platform is actually a floating one and falling from it pretty much means forfeiting one's life. To make matters worse, each player dispatched means spawning the rest in an area where the platform collapses much faster! Ah, the joys of battle royale.

1 Enter The Thunderdome

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GTA Online now features a combat arena that puts films like Death Race to shame. The Arena War game mode pits monstrous vehicles against each other in a Twisted Metal-style demolition derby. The update comes with loads of new menacing trucks to purchase.

When it comes to vehicular combat, it's better to give than to receive.

Although players can choose to turn their personal vehicles into war machines as well. According to RockstarGames, players can develop their career, rack up points to unlock even more destructive customization options and even take their automobile behemoths to the streets.

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