Grand Theft Auto 5: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game

To say Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V was a success would be an understatement. It remains one of the most successful entertainment products in history. This is thanks in part to how much replayability the game has. From its hilarious and satirical story to the massive online multiplayer, GTA V is still going strong after six years. Rockstar always delivers when it comes to content, especially in their open-world games.

The world of Los Santos is one of the most beautifully realized game settings in recent memory. There’s so much to do and discover that it’s almost overwhelming. After you've beaten the game, you'll immediately want to keep playing. Here is a list of 10 things you can do once you finish the misadventures of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

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10 GTA Online

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Once you beat the main story, the first thing you will want to do is jump into GTA Online. This online community is still healthy after six years with constant updates and modes being added every month. You can go in alone, or hop in with a group of friends to wreak havoc in Los Santos.

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The most notable modes that you can do are the Heist co-op missions. Many may forget that these took a long time to get added, releasing almost two years after GTA V launched. These exhilarating missions are a blast to play and they require a lot of coordination between players. There’s so much fun to be had in GTA Online and it doesn’t look like Rockstar is stopping anytime soon.

9 Pull Off Some Stick Stunts

In any video game, especially open-world games, it’s always a blast to just mindlessly screw around in the game world. It's even more to fun to test out the physics of a video game. With all those dirt bikes and sports cars you’ve acquired, why not go and test out their true potential. There are even multiple Stunt Jumps to find throughout the map, which will contribute to your 100% progression. Still, you can find so many other amazing spots to pull off some sick moves. You haven’t fully experienced GTA V until you’ve taken a motorcycle down Mount Chiliad.

8 Play The Stock Market

Rockstar’s open-world games are great because sometimes they’ll add in an amazing feature that literally nobody knew they wanted until they try it. Many were surprised to see that Rockstar added a full economy to GTA V, with its own stock market (hilariously named BAWSAQ. By the end of the story, you should have a huge chunk of change to spend. You can invest that hard-earned blood money to make it grow even more. The Assassination missions with Franklin are the most lucrative and are best if you wait until you beat the game. If you did them though, don’t worry, there’s still plenty to invest in. You can find lists of companies within Los Santos, many of which have their own competitors. For example, you can buy stocks for Clucking Bell, then go out and destroy any TacoBomb trucks you find. Wait for Clucking Bell’s stocks to go up, cash out, then reward yourself with a nice jet!

7 Find All Strangers And Freaks

While GTA V does have a great story, many of the game’s most memorable moments come from the various Strangers and Freaks missions. Want to join a religious cult that has way too many membership fees? Want to smoke a joint that causes you to hallucinate an alien invasion? You get to experience all these hilarious incidents by finding the Strangers and Freaks throughout the map. Each of the three main characters has their own specific side missions to complete. You’ll also want to do many of them as some are required to 100% the game.

6 Replay Missions To Get Gold Medals

If you’re a completionist, this one is for you. One of GTA V’s hardest and most tedious trophies/achievements is called “Solid Gold, Baby.” In order to get it, you need to get 70 gold medals from any of the missions within the game. There are a total of 69 main story missions, and 58 Strangers and Freaks missions. This is fortunate since it means you don’t have to get a gold medal for all missions, specifically The Paleto Score. Seriously, that is an absolute nightmare to get gold on.

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In order to replay the missions, just head over to your Game tab on the pause menu. You should be able to see all that missions you've completed, as well as what medal you originally got. Luckily, most of GTA V's missions are over the top and fun, so it won't feel like a chore. Except for Scouting The Port with Trevor. That mission is Rockstar straight up trolling their players.

5 Replay Heists

Now you’ll most likely be replaying the heists if you’re trying to get gold medals on them. However, another reason to replay these memorable missions is just to see how different scenarios turn out. The heists let you choose different team members and overall strategies. Did you want to go in guns blazing? Or did you want to take a more tactical approach?

You can play these over again to see if your original plans were, in fact, the most efficient way to victory. Sadly, replaying these won’t actually give you money back in your main game, nor will they affect the story. Still, it’s always fun to test out other options, instead of having to start the game from the beginning.

4 Discover All The Secrets And Easter Eggs

The city of Los Santos is a massive open-world sandbox to sink your teeth into. Rockstar has always been praised for its obsessive level of detail, sometimes even criticized. GTA V is no different. There are tons of secrets and easter eggs to uncover. Some of these include aliens (obviously), Bigfoot, and ghosts! Now many of these aren’t going to be surface level, so you’ll need to do some extra digging to discover all these secrets. There are guides everywhere on how to access these goodies.

3 Use Cheat Codes And Go Nuts

The Grand Theft Auto series has always embraced the idea of cheat codes. Everyone remembers how amazing it was to summon a tank in San Andreas. GTA V brought back the button codes from the previous entries. There are some ridiculous and hilarious cheat codes to input. Sometimes it’s just fun to have some good old fashioned chaos in the open-world. These cheat codes can essentially make you a god in the game. They include making you invincible, turning off gravity, and even allowing you to change the weather on a whim. Just turn on these codes and go wild! Just know that these disable all trophies/achievements, so you should create a separate save file.

2 Treat Yourself

After the main story is over, you should have a hefty amount of money. What are you going to spend it all on? Well, go ahead and treat yourself. There are a huge amount of vehicles to buy in the game’s internet feature. The irony in all of it is that you’re buying cars in a game titled Grand Theft Auto. Even if you don’t want to buy a nice sports car because you come across all the time within the game, maybe you can go above and beyond. Go out and buy yourself a military jet because of reasons! Buying one online is way more convenient than having to break into the military base.

1 Just Live In Los Santos

The great thing about the world of Los Santos is just how lived in it all feels. You truly feel like you could turn off the game and the open-world will still be alive until you turn it back on. Therefore, you can just go around town and be a citizen yourself. There is a huge assortment of minigames to try, which are all surprisingly dense and fleshed out. Golf, tennis, darts, yoga...okay maybe not that last one. To make things better, you can call up one of your NPC friends to join you. This time, you’re the one who's bothering your friends to go bowling!

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