25 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes Grand Theft Auto V Left Hanging

Rockstar loves to fill their games with Easter eggs and mysteries, and it often results in their devoted fanbase spending hours, days, or even months exploring as much of the map as they can. This is a Grand Theft Auto tradition. Remember that creepy hotel in Vice City? Or the creepy ghost cars of San Andreas? Grand Theft Auto V holds no exceptions. While the game was released back in September 2013, players are still hunting for secrets, debating the existence of various myths, and discussing numerous mysteries that still haven't been cracked. It's a massive open world – there are bound to be a few unanswered questions.

Grand Theft Auto V is also filled with another type of unanswered mystery – that of the plot hole. As exciting and epic as the game's story is, it also contains some baffling plot holes that fans have been trying to fill in and answer throughout the past five years. Now, it's entirely possible that these plot holes have weak answers that you can kind of see if you really squint your eyes. However, many players believe that they should have been answered or addressed in a more straightforward manner. As good as the writers at Rockstar are, they are not superhuman.

We're here to pore over these mysteries and discuss the most intriguing unanswered questions and plot holes that are found throughout this massive game. So buckle in, because things are about to get creepy, mysterious, and infuriating.

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25 What The Heck Are Black Cellphones?

via: rexdixon.com

If the player dials the number 1-999-367-3767 into their cell phone, a random and mysterious explosion will trigger over their head. Their phone will also grow in size, and the background will go an ominous black.

What is the explosion? Why does it alter the size of your cell phone? Some people have linked the phenomenon to UFOs, while others believe that it's some form of an electromagnetic pulse triggered by the player.

However, seeing as how players input cheats via the cell phone, this is likely just a remnant of some cheat, or perhaps even a glitch. Still interesting to ponder over, though...

24 Where Did The Body Armor And Minigun Come From?

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During the mission, The Paleto Score, Michael, Trevor, and a random gunman walk into the Blaine County Savings Bank with nothing but their guns and duffel bags. After robbing the joint of over $8 million, the three emerge from the bank wearing heavy duty body armor and wielding a massive minigun.

It makes for a cool reveal, but we have to ask – where did that stuff come from? They certainly weren't in the bank, and no one seemed to have lugged in all that equipment.

We suppose it comes from the same place everything in our inventory comes from – thin air.

23 What Does The Mount Chiliad Mural Represent?

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The Mount Chiliad mural is perhaps the most intriguing and debated mystery in the game. The mural depicts what looks like the mountain, some random boxes and symbols, and what looks like a UFO.

While there is indeed a UFO atop Mount Chiliad, the rest of the mural has yet to be fully deciphered. It has caused players to go absolutely bananas, which has included overlaying and up-scaling various maps and theorizing about the existence of an in-game jetpack.

Cue the X-Files theme, because this is a conspiracy for the ages.

22 Why Was Michael In Jimmy's Truck?

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In the mission, Complications, Franklin is tasked by Simeon to repossess Jimmy's SUV. And, like the morally sound repo man that he is, Franklin proceeds to sneak into Michael's house and steal the SUV directly out of his garage. And he almost gets away with it. Too bad Michael was in the back seat. But why!? He likely didn't see Franklin coming, and even if he did, how would he know that he was after the car?

It's possible that it was one of the few quiet places Michael could relax by himself, but we later see him ignoring his loud family by listening to music by the pool. Why wasn't he doing that? Why lay down in the backseat of your son's car? It was nothing but a contrived way to get Michael and Franklin to meet.

21 What Is The Green Glow Behind Humane Labs And Research?

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If you travel behind the Humane Labs and Research building at night, you can see a mysterious green light glowing in the water just off the beach. Naturally, theories abound regarding its source. Some say it's a link to the game's UFOs. Others believe that it's connected to the Mount Chiliad mural.

Another popular theory is that it's some kind of nuclear or chemical waste that the company is discreetly dumping into the ocean. It could also be a reference to a popular piece of pop culture, like The Great Gatsby's metaphorical green light or the mysterious "green goo" that was collected by CJ in San Andreas. The possibilities are endless!

20 Why Is It So Easy To Find Michael?

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It's established throughout the game that Michael is living under government protection. In exchange for cutting ties with Trevor and Brad, Michael gets a cozy salary, a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, and the comfort of witness protection (however informal it may have been). So why on Earth is it so easy for Wade to find Michael?

Wade, who is portrayed as a bumbling moron throughout the game, is able to track down Michael USING THE PHONE DIRECTORY with no problem whatsoever. To make matters worse, he only narrows down a "Michael De Santa" because he's the right age and has two kids. Do you know how many middle-aged Michaels there are in LA with two kids? That is one major stretch.

19 What Does The Alien Mural In Sandy Shores Represent?

via: theimgpic.pw

One of the most interesting locations in Grand Theft Auto V is the alien mural in Sandy Shores. It contains colorful art pieces, declarations like "beam me up," and a weird, indecipherable mural depicting what looks like aliens. They are drawn in a variety of positions, some of them crude, some funny, and some straight bizarre. All of them are totally confounding.

What makes this mural even more interesting is the fact that a UFO can be found directly above this location. Are these the aliens inside that UFO? Was the mural made by the aliens, or by alien enthusiasts? And what do the various positions represent? Perhaps we'll never know.

18 Why Is Trevor Forced To Hurt Mr. K?

via: Youtube.com

One of the most controversial missions in the game sees Trevor harming a man known as Mr. K at the behest of the corrupt Steve Haines. However, the whole angle seems a little moot, as Mr. K is more than willing to cooperate and identify the criminal, Tahir Javan. In fact, harming him only seems to make things worse and drastically slows down the proceedings.

Yes, it was meant as social commentary and helped characterize the FIB and IAA as unreasonable, but that seems like just a flimsy excuse to squeeze a controversial mission in there. It wouldn't be GTA without controversy now, would it?

17 What Is Inside The Blaine County Motel?

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In a derelict area of Sandy Shores there exists the abandoned Blaine County Motel. But maybe it's not so abandoned after all. While you can enter the building, most of the doors are boarded up, which prevents access to a vast majority of the motel. However, many players have reported hearing creepy things throughout the building such as scraping, knocking, and even a crying baby.

It's possible that vagrants are responsible, an idea seemingly reinforced by the fact that suspicious characters tend to hang around the motel during the day. Or it could be haunted.

16 Why Would Franklin Get Rid Of Michael?

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Franklin is left with three choices at the end of the story – end Michael, end Trevor, or team up and end their mutual enemies. We get wanting to eliminate Trevor, seeing as how he's an unpredictable character. But why would Franklin ever decide to go after Michael?

Michael served as a father figure throughout the game, made him rich, and took him out of the ghetto. Yet he attacks Michael... Why? As a personal favor for Devin, whose motivations are flimsy enough as is? Why would Franklin ever side with Devin over Michael?

It doesn't make much sense, and it seems to be a poorly thought-out conclusion simply for the sake of player agency.

15 What Is In The Underwater Hatch?

via: gta-myths.wikia.com

There is a mysterious underwater hatch in the Eastern waters of Los Santos. Upon inspection, the hatch window lights up and a tapping noise can be heard on the door. Some intelligent players have discovered that the tapping is Morse code for "Hey, you never call, how do you fancy going bowling?," which is an obvious nod to GTA IV.

Yes, this hatch is an Easter egg for fans of Lost, but that is the explanation in our universe. What is the explanation in the game's universe? Where does the hatch go? Why does it light up? Why the tapping? If only we could blow it up, John Locke style, and find out.

14 Why Did Norton Reveal To Trevor That He Was Playing Brad?

via: totalwar-ar.wikia.com

At the end of the game, Dave Norton reveals to Trevor that he was pretending to be Brad all along. Why on Earth would he reveal this information? Trevor is highly unpredictable and ready to blow at any moment, and it's established that Trevor has Norton on his hit list, so wouldn't this reveal just make Trevor even angrier and give him yet another excuse?

It's possible that Dave thought coming forward and just admitting it would alleviate the pain, but that is one heck of a risk to take when it comes to the highly volatile Trevor.

13 Does The Jetpack Exist Or Not?!

via: kotaku.com

If there's one thing GTA players can't agree on, it's the existence of the fabled jetpack. Much of the belief stems from the Mount Chiliad mural, which depicts what looks to be a man riding a jetpack. Hackers have also found the jetpack's source code in the game's files, which lends some credence to the possibility of its existence.

Some players also believe that the jetpack can be found in various hard-to-access locations, such as Fort Zancudo and the IAA Headquarters. Luckily, those inquisitive enough can satiate their hunger via the game's online mode, which does indeed contain a functioning jetpack.

12 Why Does Michael Let People Off With A Warning?

via: youtube.com

Throughout the game, Michael is characterized as being an extremely violent, temperamental, and selfish man. Yes, he's smart, but he is also willing to do anything – including injuring others – to get what he wants. So why does he just let some people off with a simple warning?

This doesn't seem like the actions of a violent and intelligent career criminal. Even if he doesn't want to harm them, why wouldn't he at least knock them out or take them hostage to prevent them from immediately blabbing? This seems to be yet another contrived way to get characters to meet – in this case, Michael and Trevor.

11 What Do The Aliens Want?

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It's no secret that aliens do indeed exist in this fictional world. Aside from the weird murals, you can physically spot various UFOs (and even an alien body) throughout the game.

What do you think they want? It's unclear if the aliens have infiltrated society in some kind of They Live way or if they're just hovering above the clouds, observing...

Either way, it's interesting to speculate, and it's still unclear whether they come in peace or come in... not peace. Maybe GTA VI will follow the upcoming war between humanity and our alien masters.

10 Why Didn't Trevor Just Get Rid Of Madrazo?

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After Trevor eliminates Javier Madrazo and steals the sensitive files incriminating Martin, he returns to Martin's home only to be denied payment. This enrages Trevor, and he attacks Martin and captures his wife.

Michael then fears retribution and steals an ancient artifact to give to Martin as a peace offering. But why didn't Trevor just end Martin in the first place? Or end him afterward once he knew Madrazo had it in for them?

He even threatens to eliminate him if he mistreats his wife, and if we know Trevor, he's a man of his violent word. Trevor and Michael are far too intimidating and battle-hardened to let a mere crime lord bully them around.

9 Is The Ratman In The Maintenance Tunnels?

via: youtube.com

Perhaps the Blaine County Motel isn't the only haunted location in the game. You drive through the maintenance tunnels after the jewelry store heist, but if you go on your free time, you may notice that they are a little... unsettling. And not just in the normal "creepy underground tunnel" way.

Some players have reported hearing a shrill laugh from deep within the tunnels, while others have documented the sound of breathing near the water reservoir. Explanations range from ghosts to the mythical Ratman, but either way, you may not want to be down there when the sun goes down.

8 Why Did Merryweather Seemingly Shrug Off A Stolen WMD?

via: ca.ign.com

In The Merryweather Heist, the trio steals a literal weapon of mass destruction from Merryweather Security. They initially put up a fight, but once the defensive forces are defeated, they seemingly shrug their collective shoulders and say "oh well."

No, not "oh well" – this is a weapon of mass destruction!

It's explained that the weapon is "returned" or disposed of somehow, but this isn't something you just get rid of and wait until the heat cools down. The gang and their associates would be hunted for the rest of their lives, and it's baffling to see Merryweather just shrug off this massive crime.

7 Is There Anything In The Abyss?

via: reddit.com

Like the real oceans, GTA V's Abyss is a dark place full of mystery and intrigue. If the player takes a submarine out into the ocean, they can descend to the deepest depths of the map. There's not a whole lot to see down there, seeing as how it's so incredibly dark that the sub's lights barely make a difference.

Naturally, players have scoured The Abyss for Easter eggs and potential secrets. Some have reported hearing strange noises, while others claim that The Abyss is home to the mythical Kraken. However, these rumors are unsubstantiated, and the mystery regarding the Abyss's potential inhabitants remains unsolved.

6 How Did Lester Not Know That Trevor Was Alive?

via: youtube.com

Lester Crest is an extremely intelligent and seemingly omnipotent man due to his technological prowess. So how is it that he didn't know about Trevor's whereabouts? He tells Michael that Trevor has likely passed away, which seems surprising considering Trevor lives just a few hours north and runs a very loud and violent criminal empire.

You'd think word would get back to Lester, or that he would have read a news report of Trevor's violent actions. It's possible that he did know and just wanted to keep it a secret from Michael, but that doesn't make a lot of sense and is never confirmed to be the case.

5 Can You Find Bigfoot?

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Bigfoot has remained a GTA staple for years. He allegedly occupied the woods of San Andreas, and players scoured every last square inch of that map in the hopes of finding the elusive creature. That myth has carried over to GTA V, only this time it seems to be more of a reality. Maybe.

In the mission Predator, it's possible to spot the thermal outline of Bigfoot before he quickly disappears into the forest. While this is likely just a cute Easter egg for the fans of San Andreas, players remain adamant that you can find him in the surrounding mountains and forests.

4 How Did No One Notice That It Was Brad In The Casket And Not Michael?

via: gta-myths.wikia.com

Following the Ludendorff bank robbery, Michael is seemingly eliminated and put into hiding while Brad is buried in his place. If the authorities needed to make it look convincing, why not just load the casket with some sort of heavy material and perform a closed casket service? He was apparently left in a bad state, after all...

Placing Brad in the casket could have been for appearances, but if that was the case, how did no one notice that it clearly wasn't Michael in the casket? It could have been a method of getting rid of Brad's body while faking Michael's passing (two birds with one stone and all that), but that's just asking for trouble – and it leads to lots of it.

3  Who Inhabits The Tongva Hills Cave?

via: gta-myths.wikia.com

There is a mysterious cave located in the Tongva Valley appropriately known as the Tongva Hills Cave. Unluckily, the cave is barren except for a random spaceship part, but that hasn't stopped players from telling stories. Some players think that the mythical Tongva Hills Creature resides near the cave, while others believe that the cave is home to a nearby tribe of Indigenous peoples.

Others have linked the cave to aliens (naturally) due to the presence of the spaceship part inside the cave. While there is nothing concrete linking this cave to the various myths, it's still fun to speculate, and it won't stop players from doing so.

2 Why Are Michael And Lester So Nonchalant About The Getaway Drivers?

via: gtaboom.com

During any heist mission, the player chooses the getaway driver. Some drivers require a larger cut and come equipped with suitable cars, while the cheaper drivers come with more unreliable vehicles. Why on Earth would this ever be an option?

The getaway is probably the most important part of a heist!

Michael and Lester are meticulous career criminals with an incredible eye for detail, yet they're happy with hiring a bad getaway driver just because they're cheap? This doesn't seem like a risk they would ever be willing to take, especially considering that the savings are minimal.

1 Whose Face Is On The Mountain?

via: youtube.com

The Mount Chiliad face is a famous Easter egg that has yet to be cracked (get it?). The mystery man's face is located on the northern slope of Mount Chiliad, and it appears to have been spray painted onto the rock. However, no one knows who this is.

Many fans think that it's actor Aaron Paul and that Rockstar put the face in the game as an Easter egg for Breaking Bad fans. Others think that it was just a cheeky game developer inserting himself into the game in a harmless way. Bizarrely, this face was replaced with a rooster in the next-gen versions of the game. Why do you not want us to see it, Rockstar!?

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