Everything We Know About The Grand Theft Auto 6 Rumor

Rockstar certainly knows how to make a successful game. Its biggest contribution to the video game world, Grand Theft Auto, is one of the biggest franchises in the industry's history. That franchise's popularity shows no sign of slowing either. GTA V has now sold more than 110 million copies, making it the third best-selling game of all time. Rockstar's other franchise, Red Dead is also making a mark on the industry. Although it might not have the name value of GTA, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still going strong as we approach the first anniversary of its release.

Considering the success GTA V and RDR2 continue to enjoy, we wonder whether Rockstar has decided to take its time when it comes to a new release. Whether it is or not, so far in 2019, the rumor mill has been vigorously turning. Gamers are adamant that GTA VI is in the works, and honestly, we're right there with them. The rumors began with talk that Rockstar would be announcing a new game at E3. However, the developer wasn't even at E3.

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What GTA VI Might Focus On

Since then, we have heard all sort of things regarding what GTA VI will and will not include, including the fact that GTA VI will be one of the first releases on the next generation of consoles, and also that it might be a PlayStation 5 exclusive. We have also heard that for the first time, the game's protagonist will be a woman. A drug-trafficking, bilingual woman if you believe every rumor that has been reported thus far. There has also been talk of the game taking place across multiple cities, perhaps even including fan-favorite fictional locations Vice City and Liberty City.

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Where The Rumor Came From

As with all rumors, however, you have to question how credible they are. Most of them have originated on Reddit, and come from people claiming that their friend's uncle's neighbor is an intern at Rockstar, so we can trust them. Take the aliens coming to RDR2 DLC rumor, for example. A Redditor has filled us with hope that later this year, we will be able to live out the plot of Cowboys vs. Aliens in-game. As with all of the GTA VI chatter we've heard, we'll believe it when we see it, or when Rockstar officially announces it.

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Harking back to what we were saying about GTA V's continued popularity, we'd question whether now is the time to announce anything about GTA VI. Not only do the game's lifetime sells continue to grow, but its online community is as busy now as it ever has been. In fact, the opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort led to the game's online traffic reaching a record high, six years after the game was first released. With that in mind, perhaps the rumors of Rockstar working on Bully 2 are actually more feasible than the ones surrounding GTA VI.

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When We'll Hear An Official Announcement

So, when can we expect to hear something a little more official? Well, the one rumor we definitely believe is that GTA VI will be a next-gen game. That means Rockstar is unable to announce anything officially until the existence of those consoles is confirmed. Since the PS5 and its release date hasn't been officially announced yet, it would be weird if a game was revealed that could only be played on a theoretical console. When Sony and Microsoft officially announce their next consoles, you can probably expect official word from Rockstar shortly after.

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As for what we can expect from GTA VI, even if half of the rumors we've heard so far are true, it will be a can't-miss game. It has got quite the act to follow, though. GTA V has enjoyed the kind of popularity that none of us could have possibly imagined, not even its own developers. Rockstar will want to make sure GTA VI is perfect, as it know its players will be comparing it to its predecessor in every way possible.

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