10 Signs That Grand Theft Auto 6 May Be Coming Soon

It doesn't take a serious gamer to recognize the name Rockstar Games. Since 2001, the company has been known for churning out critical and commercial successes with series such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. They've also had other titles like Bully, Manhunt, and Max Payne 3 to shake things up. Another thing commonly associated with them is controversy. Given the extreme violence within some of their games, the company often has a target on their back from anti-gaming advocates. Don't be mistaken, however; they are in the business of making great interactive entertainment and not generating controversy for controversy's sake.

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Two names synonymous with Rockstar Games are Sam and Dan Houser. The two brothers founded the company, and are the minds behind its most successful games. Through their work, they have taken the medium to a whole new level in terms of both story and gameplay.

The following list will concern their flagship franchise, Grand Theft Auto. Namely, when in the world is the next one going to come out? The studio is notoriously tight-lipped on their upcoming projects, but one can't help but ponder the possibilities. Besides, a new one cannot be far in the distance. To prove this point, here are ten reasons to believe Grand Theft Auto VI could be happening in the near future. This is all speculation, so don't take any of this to heart.

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10 Grand Theft Auto V Came Out In 2013

GTA V PS3 version guy on motorcycle with logo

A popular series can't stay out of the spotlight forever. Grand Theft Auto V came out in 2013, shattering sales records to become one of the most profitable pieces of entertainment ever made. The game landed on current generation consoles in 2014, but even that is approaching on five years ago.

Fans, especially those who don't play online, are hungry for another contemporary open-world setting, and the company is doing them a disservice by not whipping up another delicious serving for them.

9 Next Gen Will Be Here Soon

Project Scarlett logo from e3 2019

At E3 2019, Microsoft pulled half the curtain on their upcoming console. There is still a lot of mystery surrounding Project Scarlett but at least people have an approximate release date. Before that, Sony shed some light on their upcoming console but gave no indication on when people should expect it.

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The next generation is coming, and developers are eager to take advantage of the increased power. The teams at Rockstar are probably dreaming up ways to use the new hardware as people are reading this. Heck, they're probably working on something already.

8 Red Dead Redemption 2 Came Out Last Year

Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Shooting with a bandana on

The studio's latest project was Red Dead Redemption 2. The wild west open world was unlike anything ever presented in a video game, feeling truly alive and dynamic.

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While the iron is still hot from the October release, many who were working on Arthur Morgan's adventure are most likely hard at work on what could be GTA VI.

7 An Artist Has Maybe Done Work On It

GTA V loading screen art

One of the most important aspects of a game is its art. Graphical prowess is nothing if the aesthetic is bland and uninspired. The people who dream up the designs in video games deserve thanks and praise for this, and for potentially leaking information on GTA VI. 

An artist named Bibin Michael listed the unannounced game on his resume, claiming to have designed vehicles for the project. Bibin also worked on Red Dead Redemption 2, lending more credence to this information.

6 A Lot Has Changed In The World Since 2013

Grand Theft Auto V first person

The GTA series tends to satirize contemporary pop culture. Since GTA V, a lot has changed in the world. Rockstar owes it to gamers to present their take on modern times, assuming the next game won't take place in the past.

Not everyone loves the series' humor, but those that do will surely be in for a treat when the next entry arrives. While Rockstar's titles rarely aim for subtlety, few gaming franchises are as socially conscious as Grand Theft Auto.

5 Rise Of 4K Gaming & Ray Tracing

GTA V in a helicopter

The first two GTA games were in 2D. The PS2 games ushered in the world of 3D. GTA IV and V revisited Liberty City and Los Santos, respectively, to bring these familiar places into the HD generation.

With the rise of 4K gaming and ray tracing on consoles, graphical capabilities are reaching new heights that call for another jaunt through these locations. When it comes to pushing the medium's technical limitations, Rockstar is always at the forefront.

4 GTA III Has Its 20th Anniversary Soon

Grand Theft Auto III

In a little over two years, GTA III will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. Readers old enough to remember can fondly recall the gaming revolution ushered in by that title. What better way to commemorate and honor the game's memory than by pushing the series another step forward on its twentieth birthday. Rockstar is not the type of studio to waste too much time on remakes or remasters, so GTA VI sounds more likely than a GTA III revisit.

3 We Need A New GTA Online

GTA Online posing in front of a helicopter

GTA Online still updates regularly, giving fans reasons to stay in Los Santos. While the map has yet to reach the end of its rope, it will eventually. Soon, players will be clamoring for another open-world playground in which to fool around.

With all they've learned from this multiplayer experience, they could really hit the ground running with something special on a future GTA Online. Hopefully, Rockstar will learn from the mistakes made in GTA and Red Dead Online.

2 Open World Games Have Changed So Much

GTA V Trevor in his truck

Open world games were once rare, but have become more common as the technology advances. One could argue that the genre is becoming too crowded. With the overabundance of these on the market, it's up to Rockstar to show people how it's really done.

They've already paved new roads in the genre with Red Dead Redemption 2; maybe they are ready to take another stab while the knife is still sharp.

1 Take-Two May Eventually Demand It

Take-two interactive logo

Rockstar's parent company is Take-Two Interactive. They seem to have a good relationship with each other, considering the former seems to be free to pursue projects that suit the studio's fancy. Given that almost six years have passed since GTA V, however, there may come a time when Take-Two pressures Rockstar into a sixth entry.

As long as their current games are making enough money, though, that probably won't happen.

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