Grand Theft Auto 6: 10 Things We Want Rockstar To Include

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most anticipated video games of all time. Rockstar knows expectations are high, so we have a wish list to help.

There has never been a game with more hype or greater expectations than Grand Theft Auto VI. To be fair, Rockstar Games doesn't exactly have to get that installment out anytime soon. Grand Theft Auto V is still selling at incredible rates even six years after it was released. That could be the reason why the next game hasn't been announced or they're waiting for a next-gen console, or it could be a mixture of both with some other factors thrown in.

Although millions are still playing Grand Theft Auto V on a daily basis, there is a ton of excitement for what comes next. As great as Grand Theft Auto V is, there are some awesome things we feel would improve the next installment. We've selected the 10 we want most and listed them for you.

10 Great Soundtrack And Custom Playlists

One of the coolest aspects about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was that they featured incredible soundtracks. The music was great and perfectly fit the era the games took place in. The soundtracks for the last two games haven't been bad, but they also didn't feel iconic or all that memorable.

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Regardless of the time period that Grand Theft Auto VI is set in, we hope that it includes a dope soundtrack. We want diverse radio stations with catchy tunes. And the idea to finally just make your own playlist is a must. Take your favorite tracks from each station and put them all in one convenient place.

9 RPG Elements

Grand Theft Auto IV was desperately missing a lot of the fun things you could do in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Some of that was rectified for Grand Theft Auto V, with the return of haircuts and the random side missions that were a blast.

That being said, there are still a few things we want back. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas allowed players to do different things that would make their character gain or lose weight. Bringing that back would be rad, as would including the ability to learn new fighting skills. Things like that would add a lot this time around.

8 Improved Weather System

This may seem like a small thing to ask for, but think about it. The weather has always been something the games take into account. If it rains, the ground will look and feel sleeker. But with the most recent game being in such a sunny location, things like snow were never really brought into play.

We want a weather system that adds new elements and impacts gameplay. Give us blizzards, hurricanes, serious winds, and maybe even an earthquake or two. Most importantly, make sure that these things affect how the game is played. It will allow for more variety.

7 Property Customization

The main things that you're able to customize in these games are your cars and your clothes. Grand Theft Auto V added weapons to that list. These aspects are given plenty of options to make your gameplay experience unique.

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As gamers, we love this but we think customization needs to go further. For example, it would be great if we could customize the properties that we purchase. If you buy a bar, like you can in the last game, you should be able to deck it out however you want. The same goes for a house that you buy.

6 Improved Hand-To-Hand Combat

This goes part and parcel with the RPG elements we alluded to earlier. Learning new moves should impact your character and that means there needs to be a better fighting system. Shooting and aiming have long been fine in this series but that's not the case for hand-to-hand combat.

Whenever you try to engage someone in a fistfight, it feels clunky and is never as fun as the rest of the game's many elements. Almost anything that Rockstar can do to this system would feel like an improvement. That's how much work it needs.

5 A More Focused Story

It was a lot more enjoyable to play as the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V than it was to play as Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV. That being said, the plot behind Niko's tale was a more focused one. We want a return to something similar next time around.

GTA V had a plot featuring government conspiracies and some outlandish moments. As we said, it was fun but something more coherent and straightforward would be a welcome change of pace. You can still keep the zany elements in the side missions. That main campaign can tell a streamlined story.

4 A Playable Cop

Here's one that is way out of left field. Since the franchise began, we've played as a variety of criminals from all walks of life. To really throw a curveball and change things up for the next game, getting to take control of an officer of the law would be awesome.

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Maybe there could be a storyline where you get to make decisions as this cop that would take you down a path of doing what is right or being corrupt. It could open up a whole new world of missions, plot twists, and more that weren't possible in past iterations.

3 A Female Protagonist

This is along the lines of the cop protagonist, but something we want even more. The series hasn't been kind to women. They've mostly been portrayed as villains, prostitutes, and strippers. Having a female lead the story would make this a completely different game.

We're not just talking about putting a woman into the kind of story that we've already had. Have the fact that she's a woman be a major part. What got her into this life? How does her gender impact her criminal lifestyle? Does it make things easier or more difficult? These are the kinds of things this would allow for.

2 Multiple Cities

The world of Grand Theft Auto V was a vast one. The map was basically split into the commercial Los Santos and the sparse, more deserted Blaine County. As cool as that was, we're hoping to see things return to the way it was during Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which was split into multiple cities.

Each of those cities in that game had its own unique vibe that made it feel like we were playing three different games. A vibrant city brimming with life, a rural side filled with beautiful fields, an urban area, one with an up-and-coming economy, etc. There are plenty of options that could make this entry special.

1 More Open World Potential

Any situation where we can enter a building in the series is one met with excitement. We get to interact with the world around us. The game already does a good job in this area, but they could do more. It can be frustrating to see locations in the world that you don't have access to.

Let's open that up for GTA VI. We don't need each building to be accessible, as that would be a lot to ask. Instead, we just want them to expand on what we already had. The incredibly popular online mode in GTA V has shown us a bit of this and how it allows for an expanded amount of activities to partake in. A world filled with that is what we want most in GTA VI.

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