29 Hidden Grand Theft Auto Locations That Casual Fans Will Never Find (And Where To Find Them)

Grand Theft Auto is arguably one of, if not the most popular game franchise in the industry - capturing the hearts of players for over a decade. The original GTA came out in 1997, a gobsmacking 21 years ago, and now fans are anxiously waiting for the next installment after GTA: V. Did you know that GTA: V was the second most expensive game to have ever been developed, costing a whopping $278 million?

Throughout the games, Rockstar have hidden many secret locations and Easter eggs for players to find (like they do in most of their games). But, because there are literally SO many, there is no doubt that many GTA fans haven't discovered all of them yet. There might even be some that not a single player in the world knows about yet. It wouldn't be surprising, especially considering the massive scope of Grand Theft Auto V. 

This article will encourage players to dig out their old GTA games, and start reminiscing. There is still so much to explore in these games, and we've put together a list on how to find 30 hidden locations, across all of the Grand Theft Auto games. This no where near covers all the hidden locations, however. Still, it is likely that many players haven't stumbled across these yet. Get ready to revisit your childhood, uncovering new places and items never seen or heard of before.

29 The Haunted Lighthouse - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

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Liberty City Stories was released a long time ago (2005), this is why the lighthouse looks nowhere near as scary as it sounds. Located in Portland Rock on the edge of the waters, the lighthouse supposedly once inhabited a worker who fell from the very top while cleaning.

Unfortunately, he didn't land in the water. 

Hitting the ground upon impact, he was pronounced gone instantly...and now, his spirit lurks the halls. Don't enter alone at night!

28 Where's Bigfoot? - Grand Theft Auto V

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Bigfoot is a pretty common Easter egg in games, setting players out on adventures to find the large, hairy, bipedal humanoid! Rumors of the creature lurking the lands of Back O' Beyond in GTA: San Andreas, surfaced within a week of the game's release. However, Rockstar confirmed that this was a myth, but it clearly gave them the idea to include the Sasquatch in GTA: V. It can be located in south-eastern Flint County, San Andreas, the Los Santos Intel, Leafy Hollow, and Flint Range.

27 A Rare Hidden Vehicle Most Players Can't Find - Grand Theft Auto IV

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The Sultan RS is a hidden rally sports car every GTA fan wants to get their hands on. Once you find and drive it, the car will spawn across many areas on the map, but most players have just missed it (even though its right near where they go for a number of missions). At the top of Alderney, there is a long dirt road that leads to an abandoned house. Nearby is a garage, and behind it lies the perfect car to race back down the dirt track.

26 The Rockstar Pool - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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The best kind of Easter Eggs are the ones that are hidden in plain site, and this is exactly how Rockstar have camouflaged their logo in this Vice City pool. Players who travel to Starfish Island can find the pool — of course, Vice City doesn't take too kindly to swimmers, so it's up to you if you want to risk using the pool itself.

25 Take Over The World - Grand Theft Auto V

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GTA fans went mad when they discovered they could enter the air traffic control tower in the Military Base. It's a little bit of a challenge, so not everyone has been able to get to it yet. We recommend using a fast car (duh). Arriving at the tower, players must park their car beside the double green doors, before reversing and crashing into the red tanks to activate the glitch.

Is it cheating if we glitch the game to get inside?

If players jump out of the car just before hitting the red tanks, if done correctly, the game will glitch and players will end up inside the tower.

24 The First Actual Easter Egg - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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An actual brown Easter egg can be found in GTA Vice City, and we're guessing its supposed to be a chocolate one (unfortunately the game doesn't allow you to eat it). In Downtown Vice City, near the Vice City News building, there is a window that players can jump through.

The dramatic scene makes you feel like your in an action movie. 

In here, sitting on a pedestal is the Easter egg which is quite literally, an Easter egg.

23 Make Friends With The Master Chief - Grand Theft Auto V

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What better person to bump into than the Master Chief himself? Located in Downtown Vinewood, the man dressed like the Master Chief is seen wandering up and down the hall of fame. There's no doubt about it that this is a Halo Easter egg, and we couldn't of asked for a better one, cause (almost) any gamer is going to recognize this classic characters immediately. Fans have also added a GTA: V master chief skin mod, so that players have a chance to become to take the role themselves.

22 Control The Moon - Grand Theft Auto

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It's unknown as to whether Rockstar did this intentionally, or if its a glitch/some kind of bug. Appearing in all the 3D universes of Grand Theft Auto, players are able to use their sniper rifle to shoot at the moon, causing it to change shape from bigger to smaller. It was a fun little Easter egg at first, and is widely known now across fans because Rockstar keep including it. However, some players would never have thought to shoot at the moon. So give it a try for the reward of... some exciting shape changing?

21 The Remains Of A Whale Lurk The Dark Waters - Grand Theft Auto V

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Located west of the shore of Banham Canynon, deep at the bottom of the ocean lies the remains of a whale. The large skeletal remains are partially embedded in the sand, taking up a vast amount of space. In fact, its so big, players seem to think the bones belonged to a sea monster, or some other kind of fictitious creature.

We'd much rather it was a whale, but only 5% of the ocean has been discovered, so who knows...

The only way players can see it is by scuba diving, and was clearly put into the game by the creators because they know how much we love to hunt for things!

20 Players Will Recognise The Names On These Head Stones - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

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The cemetery is located in the cathedral garden in Bedford Point. While the majority of the headstones in the yard remain blank, a number of them read the following:

Roger C. Hole - Running for office in heaven

Giovanni Casa - Gone...

Vincenzo Cilli - Not so lucky after all

Joseph Daniel O'Toole - Sleeping with angels

Cedric 'Wayne' Fotheringay - (nothing)

Paulie Sindacco - Viva Las Venturas Baby

We thought we recognized these names from somewhere! They are the names of the people ended in the storyline of the game. Not so lucky for them.

19 Unravel The Mystery - Grand Theft Auto V

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Never did we expect to unravel the vicious story of a man who ended eight people. He supposedly buried the bodies across the map, leaving notes in random locations for players to unravel the mystery of where he hid them. The man was known as 'Infinity', but luckily he is never seen in the game (else players would be a lot more on edge).

His hidden messages are located across the game (which would be a shame to ruin the locations of). However, there are a bunch of creepy clues located at the Infinity's house, in Sandy Shores, Blaine County. Reckon you have the guts to find his innocent victims?

18 Get Lucky And Find A Car On Happiness Island - Grand Theft Auto IV

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Ever traveled to this location on the water and thought how cool it would be to be able to drive around? Well, you can. On the west side of Happiness Island, there is a random spawn that could be a car if players are lucky. This is unusual as its pretty much impossible to get a car to this location (unless it was somehow flown in), so keep hold of it!

17 This Area Of The Map Does Something Very Similar To The Bermuda Triangle  - Grand Theft Auto V

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In GTA: V (and online), players can travel to a location far beyond the map using a helicopter, and at a certain point won't be able to travel any further. The helicopter randomly explodes, before crashing into the ocean...(This proves the existence of the Bermuda Triangle in the game).

It's unlikely that players will survive this.

However, if the player does survive the crash, the bad luck continues as they will probably be eaten by a shark.

16 Don't Get Too Close When You Find This Guy - Grand Theft Auto V

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The Vinewood Zombie, also known as Graham, is a character who appears in GTA V. At first, it may come into players minds that there might be a virus outbreak, and the GTA storyline was completely not what they thought, but it's just a normal guy wearing makeup. He can be found in the corner of Vinewood Boulevard, and will communicate if approached.

15 Jessie Pinkman's Face On A Mountain? - Grand Theft Auto V

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This Easter egg created a lot of hype for Breaking Bad fans. The illustration of a mans face is located on Mount Chiliad, on the northern slope near the cable car station. It is best seen using a helicopter, where a closer inspection will reveal Jesse Pinkman's face thats been created with spray paint. It's not connected to the Mount Chiliad Mystery, nor does it have any purpose whatsoever. So why is it there?

14 Ghostly Car In The Woods - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Ghost Cars are one of the first myths to have actually been proven to be true. Appearing in San Andreas, there is a variant of the Glendale car, although it appears different with all the dents and scratches. Several of these bashed up looking Glendale vehicles appear in the woods of Back O' Beyond.

We're wondering whose driving this ghostly vehicle... 

It is said that because they spawn on the side of a steep hill, it automatically rolling down does not indicate a 'ghost' is driving, but what would be the point of this?

13 Hidden Packages Across The Map - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

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One of the optional side quests in the main game is to find all the hidden packages and we bet there are very few players out there who actually bothered to try and find all 100. For every ten packages a player finds, they will be rewarded with weapons, armor, and if the final one is found, 50,000 big bucks.

So it's definitely worth doing don't you agree? If you are up for the challenge, the packages are located in Portland Beach, Saint Marks, Portland View, Hardwood, Red Light District, Hepburn Heights, Atlantic Quays, Portland Harbour, Callahan Bridge and Trenton.

12 UFO Sighting - Grand Theft Auto V

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The existence of extraterrestrial life is fairly likely considering how big the universe is. In GTA: V, many sightings can be discovered in San Andreas, there is also an unlock-able alien story mission. If players manage to 100% complete the game, UFO's can be seen hovering across Los Santos and Blaine County at certain times of the day or under specific weather conditions. There are many hidden Easter eggs and alien-related things hidden across the games, sending the online community mad in trying to link all the clues together. There must be a reason for it all...

11 Hidden Signs Challenge Players - Grand Theft Auto III

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An Easter egg known as 'The Hidden Sign', can be located in the very southwestern block of Bedford Point. It's in the parking lot, and is also notably featured in the mission Kingdom Come, but not many players actually spotted it.

The stairs in the parking lot leads up to a platform overlooking the north of the lot. However, to get up these stairs players must use a car, and once at the top jump from it to the next building on the west. Players must then jump down the wall, planting them in an alleyway. Follow the path and the rest will follow...

10 Secret Mine In The Mountains - Grand Theft Auto V

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A mysteriously abandoned mine shaft lies up int the mountains of Great Chapparal. There is no evidence as to why its there, but it was likely built by miners to dig deeper into the mountains to hunt for gold.

The shaft can be opened by throwing an explosive at the door - inside there are railroads, closed exits, and all sorts of things that indicate it was used to mine for coal, not gold. It will remain a mystery...

9 Leatherface Is Not The Face We Want To See - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Taken from the name of Leatherface in the grizzly movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The man whose mask is made out of skin is supposedly lurking in the dark corners of GTA: San Andreas. Players haven't actually come one-on-one with the maniac yet, but chainsaw noises have been heard echoing in distance. Its no surprise he hasn't been found yet - if we heard it, we most definitely wouldn't be running towards it!

8 They Weren't Hiding This Airport Bunker For Nothing - Grand Theft Auto V

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A hidden airport terminal (or possibly a bunker), is secretly hidden at the Los Santos International Building. Using a helicopter, players must land on the illuminated 'H' shape building, and here they will find a hidden door.

On top the building players will see a hatch, down the ladder they will arrive in the bunker. There isn't a whole lot down there, so we're wondering if its something to do with future airport missions? But if you fancy a soda, there are three vending machines down there. It's also a great place to hide if you're hiding from the Po Po.

7 Discover A Discomforting Pile Of Suspicious Bags - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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Located near the foot of El Castillo del Diablo, in Bone County, there is a pit north-west of the restricted area, across the street from the snake farm.

Who put them there? Do we really want to know? 

There are six bags altogether in the grave, which takes the form of a large round hole with a Bobcat vehicle next to the pit. We wouldn't go near them if we were you...

6 Find The EB Games Store - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

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EB Games is a popular video game and entertainment software retailer in a lot of the world. Needless to say, it is a store that has sold many copies of Grand Theft Auto. So! Rockstar thought, why not include a reference to honor the retailer?

Located in Portland Island, players must go to the roof of Fidl store, where there is a poster on the floor that reads "EB Games Massive Sale!"

5 This Isn't Just A Reflection  - Grand Theft Auto V

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There are many hidden references and the chance to even see UFOs throughout GTA: V (there are even rumors of an undercover lab hidden away), but never did we think we'd come face-to-face (quite literally) with one ourselves. This Easter egg is only accessible during the first mission of the game, in North Yankton when Michael and Trevor rob the bank. The frozen alien is submerged in the river down the road from where the getaway vehicle is acquired - wonder if he's still alive?

4 This Town Is A Ghost Town - Grand Theft Auto III

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This town is given the name 'ghost' for its three-dimensional environment, complete isolation, and also the fact that players can walk and drive through almost every building as if they were a ghost themselves. It looks unfinished and quite strange - supposedly it was an area that was going to be included in the main game, but was then placed off the side of the map. The town consists of stores, apartments, a bank, and... that pretty much it.

3 Climb Into the Sky - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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The suspension bridge (Gant bridge) in GTA: San Andreas is an iconic landmark in the game. It's clearly modeled after Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, and has a lot more to it than players realize - way up high in the sky there is an Easter egg.

This hunt isn't for those who are afraid of heights. 

At the top of the bridge, players will see a sign that reads 'There are no Easter eggs up here. Go away." And... well that's, but its fun to go on an adventure every once in a while.

2 Unleash The Spirit Of Jolene Evans - Grand Theft Auto V

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The spirit of Jolene Evans haunts players when they approach an area at the top of Mount Gordo. After the conflict with her husband John, the two fought on the mountaintop, and Jolene was unexpectedly pushed off by her husband. The police arrested John, however, they believed his story that it was an 'accident', and was therefore released.

Jolene clearly has some unfinished business, as she will appear at night between the hours of 23:00 and 00:00. Gather your friends and go on a ghost hunt!

1 Find The Heart of Liberty City - Grand Theft Auto IV

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One of the most famous Easter eggs in the GTA games lies in the heart of Liberty City, and we're not kidding, the city literally has a beating heart. It is located inside the Statue of Happiness, chained up with its various arteries on display. Trying to interact with it will trigger no response, and if there was a way, maybe something would happen to Liberty City?

To get to the heart on Happiness Island, players must walk through to access the upper platform. The platform can't be reached via stairs, and must be jumped onto from a parachute or helicopter. Once entered, there are four doors around the statue. Choose carefully...

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