This Week's GTA Online Bonuses Are About Cars For Once

GTA Online's bonuses change on a regular basis, and this week, a trip to the game's casino could land you an incredibly sweet ride.

Video game developers currently find themselves in an industry in which coming up with sequels as soon as a title is released isn't necessarily the order of the day. Thanks to online gaming and the ability to continually update games that have already been released, developers can delay having to release a brand new follow-up game for as long as they like.

Some developers are better at it than others, of course. Right now, the uncrowned king of keeping a game relevant is Rockstar. Grand Theft Auto V is six years old, yet is still as relevant and popular today as it was on day one of its video game lifetime. The grand opening of GTA V's Diamond Resort & Casino led to the game experiencing more online traffic than ever before earlier this summer.

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If you pay a visit to the casino between now and September 4, 2019, you might land yourself a pretty special prize, as was revealed to us via a press release from Rockstar: the Cheval Taipan supercar, which you can check out in all its glory below. Simply stop by the casino and give the Lucky Wheel a spin. If you don't win the car, you could win a little in-game currency or even some new threads.

via Rockstar

Whether you land yourself the Taipan or not, chances are if you have the GTA$, you're going to want to invest some of it in Ocelot Locust Sports car. The same press release revealed that the rare and frankly quite beautiful vehicle is currently on sale at Legendary Motorsport. You'll likely be the talk of Los Santos if you ride around in wheels like that. Just remember to lock your doors when you wander off.

Like we said above, constant updates and new prizes are part of the reason why GTA V is still so popular after six years on the market. Plus, since the series is named after another phrase for stealing a car, it makes sense that vehicles should remain at the center of everything it does. To keep up to date on all of the game's online bonuses, be sure to check the Rockstar Social Club page regularly.

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