25 GTA Online Items So Broken They Should Be Banned

One of the most enticing aspects of GTA Online is the freedom and diversity that it offers to its players. There are just so many options to choose from in this massively chaotic online playground! Players can basically be whoever they want to be, of course, if they have the funds for it, that is. Whether players want to be a thug or a CEO, a fashionista or trendsetter, or perhaps if they prefer to be competitive, insanely aggressive or just downright passive, they can choose to do so in the game.

Although preference in profession isn't the only instances where players can exercise the game's border-breaking type of freedom. After all, there are also a myriad of weapons and vehicles in the game that players can freely take advantage of. These range from overpowered tools of destruction to game-breaking automobiles and aircraft that can easily obliterate the game's NPCs. Of course, this also comes at the expense of other players' freedom since some items are so overpowering that they tend to frustrate others.

GTA Online is no stranger when it comes to adding numerous monstrous arsenal on a regular basis so it's quite upsetting to know that such items will only proliferate in the future. Any player can basically access these weapons of mass destruction as long as they have the funds for them. However, once these destructive items get in the hands of the wrong individuals, the fun and freedom of other players are practically ruined. Here are 25 game-breaking items that could easily take the joy away from players by wreaking havoc on the lives of their in-game characters as well as their bank accounts.

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25 World's Most Powerful Handgun (Heavy Revolver Mk II Hollow Point Rounds)

via Yotube.com(ILTM Gaming)

GTA Online comes with a plethora of handguns but not many can compare to the gun that can make anyone say “Go ahead, make my day.” The Heavy Revolver is an incredibly powerful handgun that could dust most unarmored NPCs with one shot. What can make an already powerful revolver even more powerful? With a better variant of course!

The only thing players should worry about is missing a shot.

The Heavy Revolver Mk II just makes the gun even more lethal especially when coupled with some Hollow Point rounds. This makes the revolver almost unstoppable when in good hands.

24 Buffed Up Muscle Car (Weaponized Tampa)

via Youtube.com(Pyrerealm gaming)

The weaponized Tampa isn't just a car that's packing a lot of muscle under the hood, it's also packing a whole lot of heat. This muscle car can be equipped with dual mounted Miniguns that can rip almost every unarmored vehicle to shreds in just seconds! The only flaw that this car has is that it's very vulnerable to damage and explosion earning it the nickname “The Glass Cannon.”

Aside from that caveat, this car is still a war-machine on wheels and can frustrate lower-leveled players that have little to no protection. Players can snipe the driver though, if the driver's careless, that is.

23 Rifle That Gives Perfect Marksmanship (Marksman Rifle Mk II)

via Youtube.com(LopMuSiC1)

Most sniper rifles take a long time before they could fire another shot, but not the Marksman Rifle. This semi-automatic rifle packs a punch and its Mk II version packs even more oomph. The Marksman Rifle Mk II can easily give players a long winning streak in PVP battles.

While the rifle is efficient enough in its own, it can be even more effective when given a short scope. Doing so makes the rifle devastating when coupled with auto-aim. Of course, this also leads to plenty of bitter rivalries and frustrated players in the process.

22 Fear The Valkyrie (Buckingham Valkyrie Helicopter)

via gta.wikia.com

The war-ready Valkyrie helicopter can easily translate into something that angers a lot of players. The helicopter itself won't be much of a threat when manned by just one pilot. However, when it's being properly utilized by a team that's perfectly coordinating with each other, then it becomes a bringer of doom.

The Valkyrie's explosive arsenal can be utilized independently by multiple individuals making it an aerial force that's hard to hide from. With the help of good teamwork, this helicopter can reign down destruction to anyone below it. Players wouldn't be too pleased when a Valkyrie crew is on a rampage.

21 Fire In The Sky (Nagasaki Buzzard Helicopter)

via gta.wikia.com

For solo players that don't have any team to work with, the Buzzard attack chopper is the perfect aircraft to dish out some chaos and devastation. Lone pilots can use the Buzzard helicopter's destructive miniguns and rockets to reign down heavy firepower on hapless pedestrians. Unfortunately for low-leveled players, this means that escaping this unstoppable force is an exercise in futility.

Skilled players with anti-aircraft weaponry can bring down the notorious Buzzard. However, this attack chopper just feels like a bit much to players who aren't so well equipped.

20 Game Ruiner On Wheels (Fully Loaded Ruiner 2000)

via Youtube.com(netrex)

When a car resembles the iconic KITT vehicle from the popular TV series Knight Rider, fans know there's going to be some trouble. The KITT-inspired Ruiner 2000 is already quite a threat on its own but its Fully Loaded version is another beast altogether. This vehicle comes with a reinforced frame that takes multiple rocket fires to penetrate.

The perfect combination of speed, functionality and devastating weaponry.

The Ruiner 2000 is not only fast, it can fire machine guns and launch rockets as well. The car's leaping capability makes it harder to hit which could easily frustrate other players.

19 Stone Cold Hatchet Wielder (Stone Hatchet)

via Youtube.com(Gtamen)

The new Stone Hatchet melee weapon can turn any normal civilian into a deranged hatchet hacking player. This hatchet can instantly eliminate NPCs with one swing but that's not all. Once the Stone Hatchet receives a sacrifice, it makes its wielder nearly invincible!

This can be easily abused when multiple targets are on sight as life-ending streaks can extend this state of invulnerability. Players can even withstand getting run over by trucks and planes while in this state. Clever wielders can utilize and abuse this game-breaking hatchet as long stay away from explosives and miniguns.

18 The Mythical JetPack Is Real (Mammoth Thruster)

via Youtube.com(Captain)

It seems like the fabled jetpack that players have been searching for actually exists. Unfortunately, the jetpack known as the Thruster is not only expensive, it can also be too powerful for some to handle. The Thruster isn't particularly invulnerable but it makes up for its vulnerability with its heavy weaponry and versatility.

It sounds more like a nightmare than a dream.

Thrusters are armed with miniguns and heat-seeking missiles. They can also be maneuvered in tight spaces making its owners harder to find. Its small size and easy handling also makes it harder for others to target as it can do evasive and tactical maneuvers that most aircraft can't.

17 Four-Wheeled War Machine (HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom)

via gta.wikia.com

Insurgents are great for heists and co-op missions making these hulking SUVs the perfect companion. While it's great to have one in a team, it's not so great to have it as an opposition. The HVY Insurgent Pick-Up Custom has the same reinforced fortress-like frame as its normal counterpart but with added heavy firepower.

Its top-mounted machine gun can rip apart most unarmored cars, civilians, and even aircraft in a few seconds. Players wielding regular automatic rifles won't stand a chance at penetrating this road behemoth. Those lacking the funds to own one of these basically get owned by one.

16 Boomstick On A Whole New Level (Pump Shotgun Explosive Rounds)

via Youtube.com(LopMuSiC1)

A shotgun's effectiveness is limited by its proximity to its target. This may be true for the regular pump shotgun, until it gets an explosive round upgrade, that is. Explosive rounds turn this boomstick into a portable rocket launcher which basically blows almost every unarmored vehicle away with a single shot!

If this explosive pump shotgun can scrap vehicles with no effort, just imagine what it can do to regular players or NPCs. What makes this weapon seem even more broken is that it also has superior range for a shotgun. Players can practically blow up anything from quite a long distance!

15 Eye Of The Sniper (Heavy Sniper Mk II Explosive Rounds)

via Youtube.com(LopMuSiC1)

While the explosive pump shotgun alone can already be a real problem for regular players, the explosive round Heavy Sniper Mk II just takes trouble to another level. In fact, ground players aren't the only ones who would feel threatened by this lethal sniper rifle. The explosive round upgrade of the Heavy Sniper Mk II can practically take almost anything out including aircraft and tanks too!

Perhaps it's best to stay indoors.

Thermal scope upgrades could even make sure that nobody can hide from this dangerous weapon. What an explosive way to make an already powerful weapon even more overwhelming.

14 Aerial Savagery (Savage Helicopter)

via gta.wikia.com

There are players who are savages when it comes to skillfully picking apart their enemies but this aircraft is already a savage before anyone even pilots it! When it comes to helicopters, the savage comes with undoubtedly one of the most destructive firepower of them all. This helicopter can rip anything in front of it to shreds with its explosive round canon.

That's not all, the savage can also spam a seemingly never-ending barrage of missiles onto unfortunate recipients on the street. When a savage pilot is using a Savage while on a rampage, rage-quitting players will soon follow.

13 It's Gone In A Flash (Grotti Vigilante)

via gta.wikia.com

The Vigilante looks like the perfect plaything for a billionaire with a penchant for dressing up in dark costumes while fighting crime. Of course, this beast on wheels is just as explosive as its pop-culture counterpart, especially in its rear area. This vehicle comes with a rocket booster which propels itself to a ridiculously high speed.

Players can't hit what they couldn't see coming.

It's considered the fastest thing on land in the game, so far. Aside from running over anything that stands in front of it, this thing can also fire missiles and eviscerate civilians with its machine guns!

12 Shark On Land (HVY Nightshark)

via gta.wikia.com

The Nightshark is a dream for any player who's behind the wheel of this heavily armored yet luxurious SUV. On the other hand, this vehicle is a terror to anyone or anything that's standing right in front of it! This SUV is fast, handles really well, extremely durable and is also capable of dealing some heavy damage with its machine guns.

In fact, the Nightshark is even capable of withstanding direct hits from rocket launchers. Players better hope that their vehicle can outrun a Nightshark because if they can't, they'll be meeting their personal ride in the scrap yard.

11 Underwater Tank (HVY APC)

via gta.wikia.com

It's always fun to drive around a destructive tank-like vehicle on land but it's even more fun underwater. The HVY APC is the ideal vehicle to conquer both land and sea since it can act as a submersible. This helps the APC hide underwater while still maintaining the destructive prowess of a miniature tank.

However, if the APC gets hit with explosives, it can still withstand the blast and can even be upgraded to be more durable than the Rhino Tank! NPC's and weaker players won't stand a chance at surviving its cannon, rocket launchers and land mines which can all be utilized by a lone driver.

10 You'll Never See It Coming (Buckingham Akula Helicopter)

via gta.wikia.com

Any aircraft seems overpowered to most players on ground level which makes the Akula even more threatening since others won't even see it coming. The Akula comes with a stealth mode that shields itself from radars making it practically invisible. For a big helicopter, it can basically sneak up on unsuspecting individuals before blowing them to pieces!

The Akula has three miniguns, missile launchers and can even drop bombs which can make anyone standing directly below it screams upon contact. This helicopter is fast too making it difficult to hit when other players want to exact revenge on it.

9 Perfect Hunter In The Sky (FH-1 Hunter)

via gta.wikia.com

Aside from being an iconic and recurring vehicle in the GTA universe, the FH-1 Hunter is also one of the most versatile and overpowered helicopters in GTA Online. The Hunter can easily dispatch missiles, bombs, and heavy machine gun fire on any unsuspecting victim within its proximity. Needless to say, its name isn't just for show.

The Hunter is also fast and has great handling making it easy for pilots to maneuver in tight situations. This means that anyone who's lacking the resources wouldn't be able to bring it down especially when it's in the hands of a good pilot.

8 The Rhino's Upgraded Cousin (TM-02 Khanjali)

via gta.wikia.com

When the already-dangerous Rhino Tank gets an even more lethal upgrade, it becomes the menacing TM-02 Khanjali tank. The TM-02 Khanjali comes with better speed, better handling and better firepower than the Rhino tank. It's a tank that can turn most personal vehicles into crumpled metal leading to countless of frustrated players whenever this thing is around.

The Khanjali can be fitted with grenade launchers for its passengers, can fire a high-caliber machine gun and can even be equipped with a devastatingly fast railgun! There's a reason why players retreat into their safehouses whenever this Goliath rolls into town.

7 The Personal Death Star (Orbital Cannon)

via Youtube.com(Maison George)

Having a personal Death Star-like weapon is like having the power to end lives on a whim in one's fingertips. This is what it feels like to utilize the ridiculously overpowered Orbital Cannon. This satellite weapon can obliterate practically anyone that it's targeting on the in-game map.

Although it does comes with a hefty fee each time it's being used to disintegrate hapless individuals. However, wealthy players who are basically swimming in in-game funds can easily abuse this overwhelming weapon to punish whoever they see fit. Of course, this doesn't sound good for those on the receiving end.

6 Modern-Age Pterodactyl (P-996 LAZER)

via gta.wikia.com

When it comes to notorious air foes, the P-996 Lazer is arguably the king of the skies in terms of sheer speed and agility. The Lazer jet is a force to be reckoned with and could stir quite some panic whenever players catch a glimpse of its looming shadow in public lobbies. At the hands of a skilled pilot, the Lazer is nearly unstoppable when properly maneuvered.

A few blasts from its missiles can even take down even a tank in just a few hits. If it can take down tanks with relative ease then defenseless players are practically doomed.

5 Storm-Bringing Jet (Mammoth Hydra)

via gta.wikia.com

Just when players thought the sky terrors couldn't get any worse, the Mammoth Hydra comes into the picture. This fighter jet is as frightening as its mythological beast counterpart given its versatility and firepower in combat. Like the many heads of the mythical beast, the Hydra also comes with many tools such heat-seeking missiles, cannons and its VTOL mode.

While it might not be as fast as the Lazer, its VTOL mode makes it a more effective and versatile aircraft. Of course, this also means that the Hydra can eliminate ground targets more easily making it a pain for players to deal with.

4 Car Of The Future (Imponte Deluxo)

via gta.wikia.com

Who would've thought that Back To The Future's Marty McFly would ever visit Los Santos? Well, his car at least. The Imponte Deluxo doesn't just resemble the futuristic DeLorean DMC-12 from the iconic film franchise, it also functions like it too! This sporty coupe is the best all-terrain vehicle capable of driving on land, sea, and air.

It's so flexible that it's almost unfair.

What makes it such a nightmare for other players is that it's also equipped with fast rocket launchers and machine guns. Its smaller frame and superior handling makes it hard to hit even for pilots and tanks.

3 The Most Notorious Two-Wheeler (Pegassi Oppressor)

via gta.wikia.com

The notorious hovering motorbike known as the Pegassi Oppressor is the culprit for many angered players incessantly screaming “it broke the game.” Despite looking like a simple motorcycle, the Oppressor is fast, agile and fierce. Its presence can shake up even the most veteran of pilots. The Oppressor makes up for its lack of protection by being extremely elusive.

With its swift maneuvers, machine gun, and rocket-spamming capabilities, this bike can easily become an unstoppable force. With that said, just imagine what its successor, the Oppressor Mk II, is capable of doing given this bike's already notorious reputation.

2 This Gun Is On Fire (Combat MG Mk II Incendiary Rounds)

via polygon.com

The combat MG alone is already a force to be reckoned with given its piercing bullets and large drum magazine. However, the Mk II version that's coupled with Incendiary ammo just puts this gun on fire! The Combat MG's large clip size means that players will be setting NPC's on fire for a long time.

There's going to be a barbecue!

Another perk is that enemies that are lit up by the MG are basically immobilized while they're on fire making them easy targets. Roasting other players might be a lot of fun until you're the one getting roasted.

1 Beating The System (Hacking, Glitches, Bugs and Exploits)

via Youtube.com(Pierreth)

While there are many things in the game that gives others an unfair advantage over the rest, the biggest threat of them all has to be the infamous menace known as hacks. There are glitches and bugs that some players take full advantage of giving them either an edge in combat or by boosting their bank accounts.

It turns any zero into a hero since the dawn of multiplayer.

Out of all the questionably overpowered items in the game, none of them deserves the ban hammer as much as hacks do. While most vehicles can still be nerfed or rebalanced in the future, hacking will always be a thorn in everyone's side.

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