Grand Theft Auto Online Has An Open Bar This Weekend

GTA Online's weekly events include an open bar so you can watch your avatar get totally smashed.

It's the weekend before Labor Day weekend, which means absolutely nothing. Next weekend many Americans will be taking one last holiday before school starts again, signaling the end of summer. That weekend will be full of beach trips, cookouts, and three day long gaming sessions. This weekend, however, will be just another weekend. Thankfully, we have GTA Online to get the party started.

Starting now and going until the 28th, drinks are free in GTAO. You read that right, there's a digital open bar going on at The Diamond Casino's bar. The party will follow you home, too, as your personal Penthouse Bar and Party Area are also honoring the open bar policy. If you don't have that addition to your Penthouse yet, you can get it at 30% off.

via: Rockstar

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Other rewards will require to actually play the game. The Street Crimes Box Art Tee and Invade and Persuade Invader Tee do come free from just logging in. You will have to spend money to get the fancy casino items on sale this week, the Blue Flying Bravo Fitted Suit Jacket and artwork "The Temptation of Aglaia."

As for the cars, one is available from the Diamond Casino's daily Lucky Wheel Spin. It's the sleek black Benefactor Schlagen GT.

If you'd prefer something more retro and modest than that premium luxury vehicle (and who wouldn't?), there's the Vulcar Nebula Turbo, which is now on sale at Southern San Andreas Super Autos. Just in case you're nostalgic for the annoyance of family road trips.

All of these nice things require digital money, of course, and you can earn that by racing. Race Series is offering double rewards, so take that sensible green sedan out for a spin and smoke some fools.

Finally, Rockstar reminds everybody that there are still Twitch Prime benefits going on for both GTAO and Red Dead Online. Snatch those up while you can. It might still be a week before we can go out and enjoy beers with buds to bring in the long weekend, but at least GTAO will let us get digitally drunk.

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