Grand Theft Auto: Ranking The Members Of The Grove Street Gang From Worst To First

One of the most popular and beloved video games in history is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It featured a ridiculously large map that included three full cities, desert lands, forests, a countryside, and a mountain. Players could take their character and customize them with haircuts, new clothes, and more.

That customizable protagonist was Carl "CJ" Johnson. He was a member of the Grove Street Families gang and they were the group that you followed as you progressed through the game. Though Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is over a decade old, fans still love it and the Grove Street Families. So here are the relevant members of the gang, ranked from worst to best.

8 B Dup

Honestly, there weren't a ton of members of this gang who played a major role in the story. There also were a fair few who betrayed their own. B Dup fits into both categories. Once a loyal Grove Street Families member, he moved away from the gang to focus more on dealing drugs.

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Those drugs were all B Dup cared about. He declined the offer to join CJ and Ryder on a mission against the rival Ballas because they were bringing the drugs into the city. B Dup is also shown to be a terrible person, as he forced Big Bear to become his personal slave. The combination of terrible things he did with his disloyalty makes him an easy candidate for the bottom of the list.

7 Dope

The Grove Street Families member who makes the shortest appearance in the game is Dope. His role is so small that the voice actor behind him isn't even credited for his efforts. Dope's name isn't even really said out loud and must be found deep in the game's files.

Dope has a sad backstory. He remained a Grove Street Families member but was turned into a crack fiend and dealer by the Ballas. When we first saw him in the game, Dope attempted to sell the Johnsons their own blender back to them. His next and final appearance saw him reveal the whereabouts of B Dup at a crucial point of the story.

6 Big Smoke

"I'll have two number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip..." Everyone remembers Big Smoke for his legendary order at the Cluckin' Bell during the mission "Drive-Thru." Early on in the game, Big Smoke came across as a loyal member of the Grove Street Families who also doubled as comedic relief.

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However, Big Smoke turns out to be the most disloyal of them all. He was conspiring behind everyone's back and working his way up to becoming the biggest criminal in all of Los Santos. In the end, he died from wounds inflicted by CJ. As his life faded away, Big Smoke told CJ that his name would be remembered forever, which is all he ever really wanted.

5 Ryder

Lance "Ryder" Wilson is one of the most important characters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. As soon as the game begins, he's clearly a high-ranking member of the Grove Street Families. He's one of the core members often seen with CJ, even if he does clash with the protagonist quite often. Ryder uses drugs throughout the game and it was revealed that he began using them when he was just 10 years old.

Ryder was also kicked out of school when he attacked a teacher for wearing Ballas colors. He seemed fiercely loyal to his friends. Unfortunately, that proved to not be the case. Big Smoke convinced Ryder to form an alliance with the Ballas. His turn is one of the biggest surprises in the entire Grand Theft Auto franchise. CJ ultimately has to kill his lifelong friend in the end.

4 Kendl Johnson

The Johnsons are the pivotal members of the Grove Street Families. While the men are more of the focal point, their sister Kendl is also worthy of a mention on this list. She's an interesting character because she's also affiliated with the Varrios Los Aztecas through her relationship with Cesaro Vialpando.

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Though Kendl isn't as prominent to the plot as her brothers, she's shown to be the brains of the family. Kendl is pragmatic and full of wits. Despite when her family and boyfriend get into it, she comes across as someone who could find success on the right side of the law. The scenes that we do get with her often see Kendl bringing up good ideas or questioning the tactics used by her family. Kendl is a smart cookie.

3 Big Bear

When you first meet Big Bear in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you probably wouldn't expect him to rank high on any kind of positive list. His drug addiction was so bad that B Dup used it to make him his personal slave. Big Bear spent his time doing household chores for him. Before this, he was one of the longest-serving members of the Grove Street Families.

Big Bear was extremely close to CJ's little brother Brian, calling him "Lil Brian." Losing that connection with the Johnsons was a major blow as his drug addiction grew worse. The reason Big Bear ranks higher than Kendl is because of his redemption. He finally stood up for himself and knocked out B Dup. Big Bear quit drugs and was eventually taken to rehab by Sweet.

2 Carl Johnson

Though Carl "CJ" Johnson is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, he can't quite nab the top spot. Still, CJ did so much for the Grove Street Families. When he first arrived at the start of the game, CJ was second-in-command due to his family name, but he needed to go on several missions to prove his loyalty and position.

CJ spent most of the story defending Grove Street Families. His loyalty to them shines as he showed remorse after killing Big Smoke and Ryder despite their betrayals. Killing other gang members didn't matter, but former Grove Street folks weighed heavily on him. CJ often yearned for a life away from the hood, only to stick around and help keep it from the grip of other gangs.

1 Sweet Johnson

At the beginning of the game, Sean "Sweet" Johnson is the leader of the Grove Street Families. You're automatically connected to him because he's CJ's older brother. Their relationship is a bit strained, but it is a driving force of the game. Since the Johnsons barely knew their father, Sweet took on the role of the "man of the house" for everyone.

That helped make Sweet the perfect choice to lead the gang. He's right by CJ's side through thick and thin. In a world where so many people turned their backs on the group, Sweet never wavered. He bleeds Grove Street green more than anybody.

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