15Josh Bernstein

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As we'll see throughout this list, there are different ways to be savage. Some "savage" characters practice wanton violence, others betray anyone they can to get things done, others just have no respect for human life, and the last group are just people who are barely human in general. Josh

Bernstein isn't particularly violent, but he is still savage in the sense of treating people like absolute garbage and not caring for anyone but himself.

He's a Strangers and Freaks character. Bernstein is a down-on-his-luck real estate agent who first asks Trevor to sabotage "For Sale" signs of his competitors. In exchange, Bernstein hooks Trevor up with a hooker. Later, we learn that Bernstein is forcing his wife to sleep with various strangers and criminals who her husband hires to do his dirty work.

Later on, Bernstein gets Trevor to torch his house to collect the insurance money. He betrays him, and brings along the police, trying to get Trevor tossed in prison. At this point, the player has the option of killing Bernstein. While it does bring police attention, it is worth it to rid the GTA world of this scumbag. I mean, forcing your wife to sleep with strangers? Savage AF, indeed.

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