Korean Twitch Streamer Enters GTA Strip Club, Freaks Out When She Finds Naked People

A Korean streamer was somehow shocked to find an unclothed female possibly awaiting instructions after entering an in-game strip club in Grand Theft Auto V.

The game has been around for some time, coming on as a 2013 release, but it seems to be regaining its popularity on Twitch, with streamers now engaging in "GTA V role play." Some Twitch heavy hitters have started streaming the Rockstar title again, and Korean streamer jammi95 is just another who is getting in on the act and riding the game's new wave.

The female gamer has 27,000 followers, so she has a pretty healthy audience to entertain with her forays. However, upon entering a strip joint in the game on the weekend, she seemed shocked to find an employee standing around in her birthday suit.

We really can't think of anything else that she could expect to find after entering a strip club, but she seemed taken aback following the nude discovery and basically panicked, trying to exit the game but only succeeding in minimizing the screen.

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After a bit of trying, she finally managed to close the game. However, this left her viewers tickled, as she was quite visibly embarrassed.

It's likely that Jammi was worried about a possible contravention of Twitch's terms of service, which prohibits nudity and anything that constitutes inappropriate content. Breaches of these terms can lead to both temporary and permanent bans for streamers - and no one wants that.

Twitch is normally understanding when nudity appears in-game due to the surprise it could come with - you never know when someone might decide to go Ricky Bobby on you - but venturing into a strip club is certainly asking for it. What else does one expect to see in there? Cool Easter eggs?

Whatever it was, Jammi simply was not prepared for an unclad NPC and gave her viewers quite the laugh (if nothing else).

Oh, we know you're dying to see this, but we aren't going to show it to you. We are, however, going to point you to this link.

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