Grand Theft Auto V: The 10 Hardest Achievements To Get

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the biggest titles Rockstar have ever created. An open-world, sandbox-style game. First released in 2013, GTA V gives players a living playground to explore, in a virtual space complete with tons of activities and goals to meet.

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A good majority of those goals are the game’s achievements. GTA V currently features a pretty lengthy list of achievements. At 77 overall, you’ll have your hands tied for a while trying to get them all. Not every achievement is equal though. While some are as easy as just jumping into its online mode, others require a good amount of work to complete. Here are some of the most challenging.

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10 Show Off

GTA V features a stunt jump challenge that requires the player to find 50 ramps in the city of Los Santos and launch off them. Seems simple enough with a guide, but what puts this achievement on the list is how incredibly finicky some of the jumps can be.

If you don’t manage to hit a jump at the right speed and land in the area the game wants you to without crashing, then the game won’t count the jump. A guide can help to give you a reference on how the jump should be executed, but it still comes down to the player to do so correctly, which could lead to some frustration.

9 Numero Uno

The first online achievement on this list, Numero Uno requires the player to place first in all online competitive game modes. Obtaining this achievement could be fast or slow depending on player skill and opportunity.

Of course, your best bet is to grab a group of friends and take turns giving each other wins which kills the achievement’s overall difficulty, but if you want to play it fair, be prepared to take your fair share of losses on your way to grabbing this one, especially in modes that offer more player slots.

8 Live a Little

Since heists were introduced, players were given an outlet to make a lot more money in less time without having to resort to those dirty microtransactions. Of course, Rockstar had to add an achievement in relation to your newfound wealth. This one requires you to spend $8,000,000 on vehicles specifically included with the heist update.

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One of the more time-intensive ones on this list, how much money you make in every activity in GTA V is heavily related to a number of other factors. Player performance, pay cuts, betting and how many players participate in an activity all have an effect on your overall payout. Even with heists being added, getting your hands on 8 mil is still no small feat even with an efficient guide. Plus, you’re better off spending that money on things you’d actually want, since not every vehicle added in the update is actually worth keeping.

7 Orbital Obliteration

Added in the doomsday update, this achievement is probably the coolest one on this list. Its requirement is to kill another player with an orbital cannon.

As sick as that sounds, the setup and money it takes to execute it aren't exactly worth it. Most of GTA V’s achievements take a lot of money and a lot of patience. This one is no different. At minimum, you’re talking upwards of 2 mil to get this achievement, and while the results are pretty spectacular, the amount of work it would take to get this one is just ridiculous.

6 Close Shave

Similar to Show Off, Close Shave requires you to fly under various bridges and between objects throughout Los Santos.

This one is just an absolute chore, even with a guide. It’s a good thing there’s no such thing as gas in the world of GTA, because this one will have you flying around all of Los Santos, getting yourself lined up just right for some of the tighter spaces to fly through, hoping that you don’t end up crashing your plane or helicopter and have to get into another one and start again.

5 Kifflom!

Oh boy… Isn't it exciting to sink your time, money and soul into an incredibly sketchy and very cult-like group? This Michael exclusive side mission tasks you with a number of different and very unreasonable chores to complete that will make you spend a fair amount of money.

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You've got to be pretty dedicated and have a lot of patience and time on your hands for this. Tasks include donating large sums of money, delivering vehicles and possibly the most infamous one; walking 5 miles through the desert. Truly one of the best ways you can spend your time in this game.

4 Career Criminal

Certainly, one of the most time-consuming achievements on this list. All you have to do is 100% the game. It’ll take you about 20 hours or so to just beat the game. At that point, you’ll probably still have at least 30% or more left to complete, depending on how thorough you are the first time around.

As time goes on and tasks get a lot more menial, at best you’ll probably relegate this achievement as just something to accomplish in your spare time when you’re absolutely bored out of your mind. This is the ultimate test of patience in the game.

3 Solid Gold, Baby!

GTA V features missions that have a number of goals to complete in each one. All of them give you medals based on your performance: Bronze, Silver or Gold. This achievement requires you to acquire 70 of those gold medals across all missions.

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The game has more than 70 opportunities in which to grab a gold medal and some objectives aren't incredibly strict. You will have to do a fair amount of optimizing though. Some objectives task you with avoiding all damage, finishing a mission under a certain amount of time or killing a certain number of enemies. It’ll take a bit of practice, which is the last thing most people want to hear when playing a video game.

2 Elitist

As part of the Doomsday Heist update, this achievement tasks you with beating all 3 elite challenges in the heist itself. The challenges are a set of 3 tasks that must be accomplished throughout the 3 acts of the heist.

Some of the tasks are pretty difficult to get, ranging from time constraints to player deaths to making sure your ride is virtually untouched. You’ll certainly have a better shot with a group full of people you know and trust. Even so, it’ll take a fair amount of practice, coordination and communication with your team to achieve this one.

1 Masterminds

Just like Elitist, this achievement is obtained by completing another set of challenges that are just as gruelling (maybe even more so).

Essentially, you and your team must complete all acts of the doomsday heist in order, on hard difficulty, without losing any lives. Again, it’ll pay to do this one with people you know, especially since you’ll all be seeing each other for quite some time. A lot of practice is needed between you and your teammates to get this one and even a minor mistake could make you all have to start from the beginning.

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