Grand Theft Auto V Premium Edition Is Out Now - Here's What In It

If you've been waiting for the absolute perfect time to purchase Grand Theft Auto V, your incredibly impressive patience looks to have paid off. It appears that now may in fact be the ideal time to finally purchase the critically-acclaimed game.

On Friday, Rockstar announced the official release of Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Online Edition, which will encapsulate everything from the original game, as well as all additional content that has been added to the ever-expanding world of Grand Theft Auto Online since the game’s release in 2013.

Early details of GTA V: Premium Online Edition were originally reported by Kotaku UK, thanks in part to an early listing for the game on Amazon Germany. The rumor was later confirmed by sources with knowledge of the situation, speaking on the condition of anonymity. The new edition of the game was originally planned for a March 23rd release, but ended up getting pushed back to April. Retail stores have reportedly already started replacing the former version of GTA V with the new edition, while digital versions of the game are expected to be available early next week for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

GTA V: Premium Online Edition will include the original story experience as well as Grand Theft Auto Online. The game will also contain all existing upgrades and DLC that have been released over the course of the past four years, such as “The Doomsday Heist”, “Gunrunning”, “Smuggler’s Run”, and “Bikers”, just to name a few. “The Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack” will be available for new players to the online experience, as well as one-million GTA dollars in bonus cash to spend in GTA Online. For those keeping track, all of this content combined values at over ten-million GTA dollars.

While it may seem like a missed opportunity that GTA V: Premium Online Edition doesn’t come with any brand-new content or updates, the release of this version capturing everything that the game has to offer makes sense as a means for attracting a new audience; especially considering that the game has maintained significant sales well past its original release date. New players will certainly be ahead of the curve with this edition, fully equipped to jump into the fray within the streets of Los Santos.

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