22 Awesome Side Quests Everyone Missed In Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V provides players with a sprawling metropolis for them to explore and exploit. The digital playground of Los Santos gives all sorts of opportunities for players to unwind after a long day of pulling heists, stealing cars, and causing destruction wherever you go.

Aside from the usual activities such as tennis, golf, or even catching a movie, Los Santos is also home to a venerable amount of secret missions and hidden objectives that even the most hardcore gamers might have missed.

Everyone and their moms have played through the stellar campaign of GTA V. Throughout the course of all those missions, the player takes on many roles. Sometimes you are a bank robber, other times you put on the hat of a pilot, and if you're really lucky at some point you will even be a property owner. But outside of the main campaign, there is so much more to this game!

There is such a large variety of things that these missions have you doing. Everything from driving a tow truck, to hunting bail bond jumpers. There is no end of fun and surprising things to do in Los Santos.

Join us as we take a look at 25 Awesome Side Quests Everyone Missed In Grand Theft Auto 5.

22 Don't Do It, Kids

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Grand Theft Auto’s best and most well-kept secret has to be the magical peyote plants that send you on a magical voyage. Finding and ingesting any of these plants will implant you into the body of a random animal that you can control.

Sometimes you’ll wake up in the body of a bird, or other times a dog.

And if that’s not enough there are 7 special peyote plants that let you take control of the Sasquatch himself! Definitely GTA’s most interesting secret.

21 Sasquatch Hunter

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Continuing the theme of sasquatch related secrets, GTA V doubles down on the long-held rumors that there was a Sasquatch lurking around the forests of San Andreas. Not only did Rockstar finally give us a game where the Sasquatch exists in it, but players are even given the option to hunt the Sasquatch. In an easter egg that is also a reference to a similar mission in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, the player is given the opportunity to find the last sasquatch of its kind and eliminate it. PETA would hate this game.

20 Trevor And His Mommy Issues

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In one of the more interesting revelations of character in GTA V, there are a series of missions that allow players to get acquainted with Trevor's mom. And as you would expect, the rotten, sociopathic apple does not fall far from the substance-addled tree.

In an effort to win back his mother's love, Trevor is tasked with stealing her substance of choice, a whole van of it actually.

The interactions between Trevor and his mom are actually really humanizing for Trevor. It is a reminder that the reason why anybody is the way they are could be a result of their environment and the people around them. Deep Rockstar, deep.

19 Fly Off In A Spaceship Car

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That's right I bet you weren't aware that there was a legit spaceship in this game. And no, I am not talking about the spaceship that Michael falls out of after sampling the devil's lettuce.

In fact, there are spaceship parts hidden all over Los Santos, and gamers determined enough to collect them all get a special prize.

A freaking spaceship car, that's the prize! A pretty swanky car that looks like the Delorean from back to the future fused with a dune buggy and a 747. I hope this baby is street legal

18 Stopping A Potential Crime

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Instead of continuing an attack spree why not go and become a hooded crime fighter? I was joking about the hood, but GTA V really does give you the chance to fight crime. Going along on your merry way, you might happen upon a local gang taking a woman right there on the street. It's then up to you to "pacify" the assailants in any way you see fit. I personally chose the grenade launcher, they can't take anyone if there is no one to take.

17 Go Straight And Drive A Taxi

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If chaos isn't the reason you play video games, then you can take a more legitimate way to build your bank account. Buying the Downtown Cab Company as Franklin will enable the player to occasionally moonlight as a cab driver when they aren't on rampages. As you would expect, these missions require the player to get their customer to their destination in a timely and safe manner. Easier said than done in Los Santos.

16 Reenact The Hangover Movies

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Among the multitude of random encounters available throughout the playground of Los Santos, there is ample opportunity for Michael, Trevor, or Franklin to do the right thing for once. One such case involves the player finding a soon to be groom tied up in his underwear to a lamp pole. Walking upon the aftermath of this bachelor party gone wrong, the player can then help this poor fellow scoop up his bridal party to make it to his wedding on time. Or since this is GTA, you can object to the wedding in the harshest way by just ending the guy. Must've been a shotgun wedding.

15 Recreate A Scene From No Country For Old Men

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In my personal favorite hidden moment from GTA V, the game pays homage to the Coen Brother's epic film No Country For Old Men. Similar to the protagonist of that story, Llewellyn, players come across the aftermath of a substance deal gone wrong. Players will most likely take the $25,000 in money and make off with their ill-gotten gains. Like Llewellyn, the player will then be accosted by pursuers looking to get their goods back. Thankfully the player's story has a happier ending than in No Country For Old Men.

14  Saving A Construction Worker From Certain Doom

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Another of GTA's excellent random encounters, sometimes when a player is happily walking along minding their own business they will have the chance to spring into action when disaster strikes. Oh no! A metal pipe has fallen on a truck with a poor construction worker stuck inside sure to face certain doom. This scenario is one of the few cases in GTA where the player almost feels like an actual superhero. You can commandeer a bulldozer to help clear the pipes, or you can try my approach and use an RPG to clear the wreckage. Didn't work so well.

13 Solve A Crime At Sea As Michael

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Usually, the player in GTA V is playing the crook, but sometimes the player gets to act like a P.I. trying to crack a case. My favorite example of this is a side mission involving Michael. Michael crosses path with a widow, asking Michael to collect 30 pieces of a submarine to help discern whether her late husband perished by accident or through other nefarious means.

The best part of this mission is the ambiguity of the woman's innocence in this whole scenario.

Afterward, you can decide whether or not to dispense your own form of frontier justice and send her to the same watery grave that she might have sent her husband to.

12 Who Ended Leonora Johnson?

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Speaking of mysteries, Franklin also gets his chance to crack a case wide open. Hidden throughout the urban jungle, and surrounding wilderness, of Los Santos, are 50 pieces of a mysterious letter.

These are all clues pointing to the life-taker of a woman name Leonora Johnson.

Collecting all these clues leads the player to the criminal. Confronting him gives you the option to let him run away and get away with it, or act as judge, jury, and executioner.

11 Join A Cult

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Yes, the Epsilon Program stand-in is not merely there for show, but you can actually join the acolytes of the Epsilon Program. Rockstar went all out when designed this creepy little cult, even making a real-life website for them. The cult forces you to donate money to them in order to progress through their storyline, oddly similar to a real-life group that the Epsilon Program is blatantly spoofing. If you play your cards right you can actually come out quite rich on the other end of this quest line. I think we can all say Kifflom to that!

10 A Creepy Cult Food Drive

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That's right, the Epsilon Program isn't the only suspicious cult to be inhabiting the streets of Los Santos. Deep in the mountains of backwater Blain County, there is an enclave of followers with a particular...taste. Throughout GTA V you have the opportunity to pick up lost hitchhikers who could use a ride back to civilization. Or if that's too boring for your tastes, you can take them to the Altruist Camp where they would love to have these hitchhikers over for dinner.

9 Face Off Against "Real" Aliens

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Probably my favorite mission in all of GTA V doesn't involve daring heists or hot pursuits from law enforcement. Rather, the best mission in all of Los Santos follows after Michael takes a few hits from a substance via an activist and starts seeing things.

Notably, he spots an army of aliens surrounding him, waiting to close in.

What results is an epic shootout between Michael and the alien forces. Michael eventually comes down from his visions and goes back to the boring reality we all know and love.

8 Paying Simeon Another Visit

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You might remember Simeon as Franklin's bodacious former employer, Franklin worked at his car lot before taking on a life of crime. What you might not know, is that you can actually go back to visit Simeon's car dealership to pay our little friend a visit. The encounter plays out as you expect any encounter to play out in this game; with violence. Simeon will send his goons after you and run away from the attack he knows is coming. Upon finding a cowering Simeon, you can either choose to end him or let him go. I think we all know which choice you made, and we're judging.

7 Stopping A Robbing

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Among GTA's many varied random encounters involving the occasional opportunity to actually do a good deed, some lucky players have gotten the chance to redeem their karma by stopping a robbing in process. Sometimes when you are walking down the street minding your own business, you may hear screams coming from a nearby alley. Investigating it will reveal a woman being accosted by a group of angry looking dudes. Time for a citizen's "arrest".

6 Cleaning Up The Ocean

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Stopping potential robberies isn't the only way you can offset the negative karma that comes from driving on the sidewalk. GTA V also gives you the chance to clean up the ocean! After unlocking the submarine, the player can find 30 barrels of toxic waste hidden beneath the ocean depths. It's a tough and tedious job but it is something that must be done! Think about the children! Or think about the $23,000 you get with every barrel you pick up.

5 Extracurricular Armored Truck Robberies

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Just because you are not in a heist, doesn't mean you can't practice your thieving skills. Rockstar has spared no expense to make Los Santos a living breathing city, complete with many extra opportunities to earn a buck, both in a legitimate way or in a fun way. Another fun way to earn cash is to rip off the armored cars seen around the city. You'll need explosives to open up the back door of the truck, but once you do that and dispense of the guards, the money is yours for the taking.

4 Become A Paparazzo

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Los Santos is very much like the real Los Angeles it is based on, complete with the lowest vermin of the low, paparazzi. Whereas in real life, the paparazzi are reviled as bottom feeders, in GTA you get to join those bottom feeders! As Franklin, you can be contracted by Beverly to get the scoop. No journalism here, just helping Beverly get the shots he needs. You know what the say, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

3 Help Out An Escaped Prisoner

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As career criminals Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, it is easy to sympathize with this particular encounter. Driving through the expansive game world of GTA, you might come across a peculiar hitchhiker. Peculiar because they happen to be wearing the orange jumpsuit reminiscent of a convict. Yikes! In any case, if you decide to pick up this jailbird, prepare for a chase as the Los Santos Police Department attempts to requisition their prisoner. Sometimes you just gotta help a fellow criminal out.

2 Chasing Down Bail Jumpers

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GTA V doesn't stop players from living out their Dog The Bounty Hunter fantasies. Take a break from breaking the law, and spend some time dishing out the law!

Playing as Trevor, you can link up with Maude, who will task players with tracking down bail jumpers and bring them back alive.

As you can imagine that last part is totally optional, as this is GTA of course. Sadly, you do get paid less for ending these tardy bail jumpers. Go figure.

1 Live Out Your Dreams Of Being A Tow Truck Driver

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One of the first side quests that players have access to as Franklin is to help out Tonya towing trucks. GTA V has a staggering diversity in its side quests and this is a perfect example of it. Sure you could just steal the car and drive it to the impound lot, but sometimes actually doing the banal, boring thing is just as unexpected and fresh as the dangerous, illegal way to obtain your goals.

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