GTA VI Is In Development, According To Former Rockstar Employee Resume (And Might Be A PS5 Exclusive)

Some recent reveals suggests that Grand Theft Auto VI is in development and could possibly even be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Grand Theft Auto V has somehow managed to stay one of the most popular games in the world for nearly six years now, mostly thanks to GTA Online, which has been an incredible cash cow for Rockstar. Seeing as how GTA V is a massive success, and the fact that the GTA series, in general, has generated billions of dollars, obviously a sixth entry in the franchise has to be coming.

Rockstar has been radio silent when it comes to news about GTA VI, but we may now have confirmation that the game is in development as we speak.

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Bibin Michael is a 3d game artist who used to work at Rockstar from 2017 to 2018. For some reason, people on the GTA forums were apparently just digging through former Rockstar employee resumes online. That random amateur sleuthing seems to have paid off, as Michael's resume shows that he worked on concept vehicles for the not-yet-announced Grand Theft Auto VI. 

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Of course, this isn't a huge bombshell. GTA VI is something that will definitely happen sooner or later. Still, this is the first sign that the game is actually being worked on, even if it is in the very early stages.

However, that's not the only bit of GTA VI rumors and hearsay going around this week. People on the internet (who just love digging around for Grant Theft Auto news it seems) came across a 2018 Pastebin post regarding the upcoming PlayStation 5. The post detailed all the exclusive games Sony had coming to its system, and wouldn't you know it, Grand Theft Auto VI is on that list. It states that the game would be a 1 month timed exclusive for the PS5.

This actually wouldn't be that big of a shock. It has been rumored that Sony is attempting to buy Rockstar in order to secure exclusivity for all its future games. While this rumor was apparently not true, having the newest GTA be exclusively available on its console would be a massive blow to Microsoft. It's the kind of move that could once again win it the console war for the next generation.

The post also states that GTA VI is due to release for "holiday 2020," although that seems questionable - especially considering that Bibin Michael was only creating concepts for cars in 2017 and 2018. GTA games are often huge open world endeavors that take years to design. If concepts were only being done last year, it seems unlikely to expect a new GTA next year.

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In fact, going by Rockstar's history, GTA V didn't come out for nearly three years after the first Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2 didn't come out until nearly five years after Grand Theft Auto V. Considering that Rockstar (and the gaming industry in general) isn't so hot on crunch time these days, it seems almost impossible that it will put out a new GTA only two years after a new Red Dead. 

The last of interesting potential news of GTA VI comes from the same Pastebin post. In the post, next to GTA VI's entry on the exclusive PS5 games list, it says "been hearing rumors about Miami and New York, so 2 big cities, but I'm not sure if that's 100% true." In the world of Grand Theft Auto, the New York and Miami analogs would be Liberty City and Vice City.

This could be a pretty big deal if true. Liberty City was revisited back in 2007 with Grand Theft Auto IV. The world has changed pretty significantly in the 12 years since then, so seeing yet another modern GTA take on New York wouldn't be a bad idea. However, going back to Vice City is the truly interesting bit of news, as Rockstar hasn't gone back to Florida for a GTA game since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City all the way back in 2002.

That game also took place in the past, specifically the 1980s. It's been a while since Rockstar decided to set one of its game in a non-modern era. If this game is supposed to take place in both Liberty City and Vice City, maybe it could also take place in a different time period. Could we finally get a GTA set in the 1970s, going from the grimy, crime-ridden streets of '70s era New York to the colorful disco clubs of '70s era Miami?

Again, these are all just rumors, so take this news with all the grains of salt that you have. Still, it seems like GTA VI does exist in some capacity, and if these leaks are even somewhat true, it's possible that we could see it a lot sooner than you'd think.

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