24 Grand Theft Auto Weapons Casual Fans Never Find (And How To Find Them In-Game)

Grand Theft Auto V has presumably sold enough to be considered a reasonable success. Rockstar's massive franchise loves to satirize consumerism and pop-culture, but any poignant social commentary plays second fiddle to all the insane stunts players can pull off on the streets of San Andreas or Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto is about freedom and anarchy. Released earlier this year, Red Dead Redemption 2 garnered a standing ovation from critics and scored the most lucrative opening weekend of all time. Due to the Western's recency, one could easily forget Rockstar is still supporting Grand Theft Auto Online. After dropping hundreds of hours into the Wild West, a short break might be welcome!

While the story missions tend to be relatively scripted, Grant Theft Auto shines the brightest when randomly exploring Rockstar's detailed sandboxes. Seeking to condense the brand's trademark entertainment factor down to its essence, GTA Online removes the plot-driven component and allows players to really go wild! Feel like hiring a mugger to annoy your friends? It can be done! Yearning to recreate Caddyshack? Play a round of golf! Seeking a bit of need for speed? GTA Online has you covered!

Without the right tools, most jobs would be impossible. Coincidentally, Grand Theft Auto is packed with weapons designed to ruin someone else's day. Loot is hardly a defining component of Rockstar's series, but there are a couple of well-hidden items. Here are somee rare Grand Theft Auto weapons that are impossible to find (and where to find them)!

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24 Double-Action Revolver

Via in.ign.com

Grand Theft Auto V is nothing short of a technological marvel, but Rockstar has primarily focused on the multiplayer in lieu of any traditional story-driven DLC. Considering the franchise boasts quite an impressive history of producing fantastic downloadable content, this business decision disappointed those who prefer playing solo.

Personal preference aside, Rockstar frequently stages events in Grand Theft Auto Online, and one of the standout additions was the Double-Action Revolver. Requiring players to go on a treasure hunt, completing the assigned tasks unlocks the weapon in GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption 2. Who does not want a golden gun?

23 Golf Club

Via GTAall.com

If staring down the barrel of a shotgun, a melee weapon provides little in the way of comfort. Unless capable of matching Superman's reflexes, a swing of a golf club is going to lag behind the pull of a trigger.

Grand Theft Auto V increased the number of available melee hardware, although they tend to be difficult to notice. 

Dead Rising may allow every item to be turned into a weapon, but Rockstar prefers to take a more restrictive approach. In order to receive a golf club in GTA V, a player needs to complete a round of golf at the Los Santos Golf Club in Richman.

22 Gusenberg Sweeper

Via gamingcypher.com

At the end of the day, gaming is a type of wish fulfillment, and Grand Theft Auto distills this concept down to its purest form. With the exception of the Mafia series, no other game allows players to strut down the street while genuinely feeling like a  mobster from the 1920s. When equipped with a Gusenberg Sweeper and riding a Roosevelt, GTA V transcends time and place!

While the gun is purchasable in the Enhanced port, the Sweeper was only temporarily available in Rockstar's original version, and could only be re-purchased after 2016's GTA Online: Be My Valentine update. Nowadays, transforming into Tony Montana only requires a quick trip to Ammu-Nation.

21 Desert Eagle

Via gamewise.co

Grand Theft Auto IV launched with 16 weapons, but Rockstar blew this figure out of the water with the sequel. Disregarding any additions made for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, GTA V boasts over 50 unique weapons, although some of these were added via post-launch patches.

Regardless of their inauguration date, the sandbox game greatly surpassed its predecessor; however, the Desert Eagle was far easier to own in GTA IV. The pistol used to be a normal purchasable weapon, but Rockstar opted to lock this item behind a paywall. Basically, the Desert Eagle could only be used by those who purchased GTA V's Special or Collector's editions.

20 Crowbar

Via gtagaming.com

Now, in all fairness, Rockstar seldom goes out of its way to hide any cool weapons or items. Grand Theft Auto is not Borderlands: loot is not the point. The purpose of a sandbox title is to cut the cord and let players craft their own fun, consequently, Ammu-Nation tends to stock the vast majority of tools necessary to facilitate such an experience.

Coincidentally, any weapon not part of the store's catalog can be easily overlooked.

Introduced in GTA V, the crowbar needs to be picked up in the wild. Luckily, one can be found at the Los Santos Customs building close to Michael's mansion.

19 Musket

Via gtabase.com

Released as part of Rockstar's Independence Day Special, the Musket is among the most powerful weapons in Grand Theft Auto V or Online. Anyone remember that Deadpool scene when the antihero eliminated multiple goons using just one bullet?

The Musket should be able to produce similar results, although NPCs tend to be somewhat smarter than no-name characters in Hollywood blockbusters. While the gun can be purchased normally in GTA Online or after completing the "Mr. Richards" mission in the Enhanced version, initially, the Musket could only be enjoyed by downloading the timed DLC. Luckily, we live in simpler times.

18 ElectroGun

Via gamehackstudios.com

Grand Theft Auto 2 featured ten firearms. Presuming our mathematics skills have not completely atrophied, one missed item was equivalent to 10% of the whole catalog. Crucially, the ElectroGun has yet to make a comeback. A cross between a pistol and a taser, this electrifying weapon had to be earned!

A short-lived feature, Crusher allowed vehicles to be sacrificed for extra cash or a new weapon. In the case of the ElectroGun, players had to obtain a T-Rex or a Jagular XK and drive the car to the Residential or Industrial Crushers, respectively. Was the item worth the effort? Kind of. The ElectroGun packed quite a punch, but the piece needed a couple of seconds to build up momentum.

17 Proximity Mine

Via gta4.net

If there is one thing gangster flicks have made abundantly clear, it is that mobsters love to plant explosives beneath cars. Goodfellas literally commences with such an attack. While the trajectory varies from character to character, Grand Theft Auto typically follows a rise to power narrative, and the protagonists never fail to make a couple of enemies along the way.

Available after installing the Festive Surprise update, proximity mines can be placed underneath inactive or active cars. In the case of the former, the explosion happens once the NPC hits the ignition button, leading to an incredibly satisfying cinematic moment!

16 Hockey Stick

Via gta5-mods.com

Modders are capable of injecting nearly anything into certain games, and Rockstar's crime juggernaut is far from an exception. However, weapons available via mods are better left for another list. Concentrating on equipment designed by the developer, the hockey stick served as the equivalent of the golf club in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Like the previously mentioned melee weapon, Ammu-Nation's stock does not cover the hockey stick, and unlocking the item requires some exploration. Liberty City Stories contains two hockey sticks: one next to Liberty City Memorial Stadium and the other in Hepburn Heights.

15 Railgun

Via reddit.com

Separated by little more than a year, Grand Theft Auto V was re-released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Bolstered by the improved hardware, Rockstar's sandbox never looked better; however, the studio injected a couple of extra trinkets to further justify the port. Among the newly introduced weaponry, the Railgun can be purchased from Ammu-Nation for a pricey $250,000, but this stock is limited to the single-player campaign.

GTA Online limits the weapon to certain modes, although the item can be added to free roam by applying this trick. Unfortunately, ammo cannot be purchased, therefore, the Railgun should be left for special occasions.

14 Snowballs

Via theverge.com

Technically, snowballs qualify as a weapon. Admittedly, they are somewhat more playful than nearly every other item featured on this list; nevertheless, rolling a cold one takes up a spot on the Weapon Wheel's thrown-items section. Limited to Grand Theft Auto Online, obviously, snowballs are dependent on the weather, and require a player to be unarmed at the time.

Once the stars align and Los Santos turns a shade of white, press the left button on the D-pad to create a snowball.

As a neat extra detail, snowballs last until the end of a session or the start of a new job. Throw them while they are cold!

13 Firework Launcher

Via Twitter.com (@RockstarGames)

The Musket was not the only weapon produced in celebration of Independence Day. Closer to a toy than a threatening armament, the Firework Launcher barely damages a car and a direct hit is needed to take out human targets.

Taking into account that the ammo is among the most expensive in Grand Theft Auto Online, this festive RPG should be used solely to create pretty lights. Once purchased, the Firework Launcher remains part of the player's inventory, but ammo tends to be limited to special occasions. As a result, the RPG is rendered obsolete for most of the year.

12 Chainsaw

Via GTAall.com

Leatherface's trademark weapon has yet to feature in any of Rockstar's numbered Grand Theft Auto entries, but the melee weapon's roar can be heard in many of the spin-offs. Purchasable from Little Havana's hardware shop in GTA: Vice City, the chainsaw packs an unforgettable punch and looks intense in the process!

On the off-chance someone felt the need to cut a tree, GTA: San Andreas opted to keep the useful tool, although chainsaws are not stocked by any shop. Located in multiple spots, wanna-be psychopaths should consider searching Avispa Country Club's tennis courts or near Ocean Docks' bridge.

11 Compact Grenade Launcher

Via gtabase.com

Grand Theft Auto V's base game is nothing short of brilliant, but Rockstar has steadily transformed GTA Online into arguably the most comprehensive multiplayer package on the market. Over the five odd years since debuting in 2013, the studio regularly publishes free updates designed to complement and expand upon the initial unit. For example, the Bikers DLC established motorcycle clubs and added thirteen vehicles to the already extensive roster.

On a smaller note, this updated coincided with the release of the Compact Grenade Launcher, which can be purchased from Ammu-Nation. Ready to hit the open road as GTA's equivalent of Easy Rider?

10 Stone Hatchet

Via gtaguide.net

Why bother with a measly golf club or a hockey stick when this monster of an ax is on the table? Does the Stone Hatchet seem out of place for a title set during the modern era?

Yes, but that is the point!

Following in the Double-Action Revolver's footsteps, this beastly weapon is available in Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Redemption 2. Inaugurated a couple of months prior to the latter's debut, the Stone Hatchet serves as a reward for completing a few of Maude Eccles' bounties. As the old saying goes, do not bring a knife to a gunfight; however, the Stone Hatchet may be an exception!

9 Flare Gun

Via gta5-mods.com

Announced in 2013 and released more than a year later, the Heists Update elevated Grand Theft Auto Online from greatness to a masterpiece. Allowing players to stage their own complex robberies, Rockstar's patch transformed the base game into something truly special. Serving as a reward for sticking out the long waiting period, the flare gun is instantly given to players who install the DLC.

As such, we would be hard-pressed to describe this item as rare. Nevertheless, the flare gun is a powerful weapon and marked a huge turning point in GTA Online's history.

8 Marksman Rifle MK II

Via gtabase.com

The Gunrunning Update principally focused on enhancing Grand Theft Auto Online's destructive items. Besides adding six military-grade armored vehicles, this patch's highlight was the Weapon Workshop, which added an element of customization to the game's weaponry system. Now, in all fairness, the viable options are relatively limited, but certain guns can be substantially improved.

While this upgrade would not become available until The Doomsday Heist, the Marksman Rifle can be evolved into the far superior MK II edition. Fantastic for those who prefer to maintain their safe distance from their targets, the Marksman Rifle Mk II is worth the price!

7 Baseball Bat

Via dvdbash.com

When it comes to expediting acts of mayhem, the baseball bat falls short of many other popular weapons featured throughout Rockstar's beloved franchise. Regardless of the item's usefulness, the bat tends to be viewed as Grand Theft Auto's trademark melee weapon.

A staple part of the license since the jump to 3D, at one point or another, every gamer shall swing a bat! GTA IV's Underground Gun Shops sold the article for a reasonable $5, but Rockstar's sequel fails to provide this possibility. In order to replicate Franklin's awesome art piece, one must explore Los Santos to discover a baseball bat. Among other places, a bat can be picked up at Broker Park's football pitch.

6 Homing Launcher

Via YouTube.com (Smithicus Media)

As the third entry introduced as part of Grand Theft Auto Online's Festive Surprise Update, the holiday season clearly brings out Rockstar's generous side. Once the patch is installed in GTA V's original version, the Homing Launcher should automatically appear in the protagonists' inventories.

For the multiplayer, the RPG can be purchased from Ammu-Nation, but one can save a bit of cash by visiting the Galaxy Super Yacht. Boarding the ship requires calling the captain and arranging an anchor point. Alternatively, a yacht can be purchased for $6,000,000, but this money is better spent on pretty much anything else.

5 Assault SMG

Via gtainside.com

Given as a reward for linking an account to Rockstar's Social Club website, a mandatory process for online play, all Grand Theft Auto Online players own an Assault SMG. It is the price of doing business. The same process needs to be followed to unlock the weapon in GTA V; however, as there is little reason to join the Social Club for the single-player campaign, many may have missed out on this decent SMG.

If nothing else, linking is worth completing simply to receive this item. The whole thing takes a couple of minutes and adds a shiny new toy to your collection!

4 Screwdriver

Via GTAall.com

Generally, weapons tend to have a fixed spawn point, permitting players to avoid having to waste cash on continuously restocking on an item. While there are a number of guns that cannot be purchased, the reverse also holds true. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City boasts three weapons available exclusively at shops.

Alongside the MP5 and hammer, the screwdriver requires a cash payment before it can be added to the player's inventory.

Available to buy at a Bunch of Tools or Tooled Up, the screwdriver costs a whopping $10! Tommy Vercetti is nobody's fool and refuses to be taken for a ride by such a ridiculous mark-up on a standard tool.

3 Machete

Via GTA5-Mods.com

Rockstar has prioritized Grand Theft Auto Online, but most of the updates do not completely neglect the single-payer alternative. For example, installing the GTA Online: Lowriders DLC adds the machete to GTA V. Even if the multiplayer holds no interest to someone, the updates should still be installed when they are made available.

Reminiscent of the hatchet, the machete is lethal and one swing is often enough to get the job done. If nothing else, this blade possesses far more menace than most other weapons of a similar ilk.

2 Antique Cavalry Dagger

via youtube.com

Among the earliest DLC, GTA's I'm Not a Hipster update dropped seven vehicles, more than ten jobs, and two old-school weapons. The Vintage Pistol was a rather neat addition, but the Antique Cavalry Dagger easily stole the show! Based on a civil war blade and a Bowie Knife, the dagger is automatically added to the weapon cache once the update is installed.

With regards to the current generation port of GTA Online, Ammu-Nation stocks the knife for $2000. For those strapped for cash, an Antique Cavalry Dagger can be located in Great Chaparral's Abandoned Mine. The dagger is fashionable, but the trek is not worth taking.

1 Bullpup Shotgun

Via gtabase.com

Once again, we have an item that was handed out as a bonus to those willing to drop the extra cash for Grand Theft Auto V's Special or Collector's editions. The Bullpup Shotgun flaunts an awesome design, but its stats hardly merit mentioning.

While lacking much in the way of firepower, the shotgun's clip holds 14 rounds rather than the traditional 8, which can be useful in tight situations. Grand Theft Auto Online opted against limiting the weapon to certain players, as the Bullpup Shotgun was free in Rockstar's original release.

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