Grandpa Got Em All! 65-Year-Old Streamer Wipes Out Enemy Squad In Apex Legends

It's not often you get to see an elderly streamer in his element. But Apex Legends is bringing everyone out.

GrandpaGaming is a former Navy diver, who served for 20 years and four months, and now enjoys retirement with his wife and spends most of his time gaming. The vet made a name for himself by playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds but he has now found his way to Respawn's new craze.

In the video below, he wipes out an entire squad without using his scope, dropping in to save his team with some expert marksmanship and enthusiasm that feels like it shouldn't be coming from a grandad.

Viewer discretion is advised.

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The senior citizen credits his time in the military for his gaming ability, boasting that he can still hit a target from 25 years with a pistol in real life and can do pretty much the same in a game.

"The military life is ⅓ of my life, and I can’t deny how much influence it has had," he told Inven Global in a 2017 interview. "I also met my wife in the Navy. I had my left ankle injured really bad during service, and it was my wife who took care of me when she was a civilian Navy. Our relationship has carried on all the way here.

"My taste in games has also been influenced by my military experience. I feel like the experience helps me play shooting games better. I can still hit a target at 25 yards with a GLOCK 35, and I can do the same in the game.

"Just like many others, I began my life as a soldier at NAVSTA Great Lakes in Illinois. I got on board the USS Oklahoma City, a 7th fleet flagship after training was done. I went to Vietnam during my service on that ship and also worked as a lifesaver. I was lucky to live with really good crewmates. I will never forget the time I had on that first ship."

As it turns out, games got this grandpa through a lot. He happens to be a cancer survivor who still suffers from a hand issue, having cut off a nerve after a bullet went through his wrist during service.

He doesn't have any feeling in three of the fingers on his right hand and can't even feel when it slips off the keyboard during gameplay. But he's since set his keyboard and mouse up in a way that prevents his hand from sliding off.

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