Ranking The 10 Greatest Call Of Duty Characters Of All Time

There have been 16 different Call of Duty games so far in the franchise, and, throughout those games, there have been a wide variety of characters that people have been able to play as, with, or against.

All have had varying personalities and traits, but some have certainly been more memorable than others, with many gamers making strong attachments to several of the best characters in COD history.

While some of the characters failed to make any real impact, there have been many that have now gone down in video game history, and, within this list, we will take a look at the 10 greatest characters in Call of Duty history.

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10 Frank Woods

We kickstart this list with Frank Woods, who was a very fun character within Call of Duty's Black Ops series, with the Master Sergeant being a supporting character in the original, with playable 1980 missions.

However, he became a main character in the sequel, which was largely due to his popularity, with gamers wanting to see more of him, with Woods working as a narrator for several campaign missions throughout.

He is a character who knows how to handle himself and get the job done, which gamers always appreciate in COD, and he is one that people really became fond of.

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9 Ethan

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare had plenty of fun characters in the game, with some being voiced by incredible celebrity names like Kit Harrington. However, the standout character really was Ethan, the robot.

While he isn't your traditional Call of Duty character, Ethan had so much heart that it was impossible not to feel connected to him as he went above and beyond to help in every single situation, right until the very end.

Ethan proved incredibly useful within missions, and, due to his monotone nature, some of his one-liners would have people laughing for ages, making him a ton of fun in the game.

8 Vladimir Makarov

This is one villain that everybody absolutely hated, and that is why he was one of the best characters in the history of Call of Duty, as he managed to make everyone hate him, which was the main purpose of his role.

Unlike some of the other villains in the franchise, Makarov truly has no redeeming qualities, being all about anarchy and causing as much chaos as possible without any remorse for his actions.

The scene he would best be remembered for was the infamous airport massacre mission in Modern Warfare 2 in what remains the most controversial level in the history of the franchise.

7 Alex Mason

Alex Mason provides one of the most interesting storylines in the history of Call of Duty, which is why he is one of the greatest characters in the history of the game as well, being part of the Black Ops game.

Everyone will remember the classic opening of the game with the interrogation, "The numbers, Mason. What do they mean?" Creating one of the most intriguing starts to any video game, gripping you from the very beginning. Mason continued to be quite a puzzling character throughout the game, and that is why people loved him so much as they attempted to work things out for themselves.

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6 General Sheperd

Not every great character necessarily has to be a hero, even in the world of Call of Duty, and General Sheperd is the perfect example of that, with Sheperd being a fantastic character, providing a really memorable twist.

Shepherd turns from being a good guy to the dark side in what is one of the most shocking moments in the history of the franchise, which is one of the reasons he becomes so memorable, with gamers passionately hating him.

With his signature mustache, Sheperd is arguably the most memorable villain in the history of the series, with his decision to sacrifice his soldiers being one nobody will ever forget.

5 Victor Reznov

Victor Reznov was a really fun character that remained true and noble throughout. As a Russian war hero, he was one of the best true good guys that the franchise has ever created, with everything he did being for the good of others.

Reznov is a true leader and explores plenty of warzones alongside Mason within the game, creating some of the most fun missions to play. Not to mention, he was voiced by the legendary Gary Oldman, which helped create an incredible and distinct voice that very few will forget in a hurry.

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4 Gaz

Lieutenant Gaz is another very popular character from the Call of Duty franchise, with the British Special Air Serviceman being someone that nobody wants to mess around with within the video game.

He was a character who says it as it was, which is something most gamers appreciated, and he could certainly handle himself when getting down the business, making him a character that was loved in this franchise.

Being featured in both Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, there was plenty of screen time for Gaz, who became a fan favorite.

3 Captain John Price

John Price was a perfect character for a Call of Duty game. Unnerved, fearing nothing at all, he was a true leader amongst men and it was very easy for gamers to attach themselves to him.

Price became the poster boy for the franchise for a short while, with fans associating the game with him because of how popular he became, pursuing Makarov in the Modern Warfare trilogy. Captain Price's classic cigar and witty comments are just some of the reasons why people loved him so much, with Price truly being one of the best characters of all time.

2 Ghost

Ghost is another character that gamers became incredibly connected with, especially when his past life was revealed and how much the character had to go through, with the torture he suffered and the fact his family was killed.

While it is Sheperd who eventually saves him and takes him under his wing, it is also Sheperd who betrays him again in what is the most heartbreaking death in the history of the franchise.

Even though the emotions that he brings to the game are one of the most thought-provoking of all, his deadly shooting also makes him a badass that people loved in the process.

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1 Captain MacTavish

Captain MacTavish, who is better known as 'Soap' to most gamers, was not only the greatest character in the history of Call of Duty (to this point), but he has also become one of the most beloved character in gaming, full stop.

Being part of all three of the Modern Warfare games, people got to spend a lot of time with the character, which is why his death was so impactful, with gamers struggling to believe that they would kill off such a big character.

One of the reasons gamers loved Soap so much was because of his no-nonsense approach, wasting little time in taking down enemies and being confident while he does it, Soap became a character nobody who played the games will forget.

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