The 10 Greatest Fallout Companions Of All Time, Ranked

Being trapped in a nuclear wasteland is the pits. But it is not all bad. The companions that we meet along the way make the journey bearable.

One of the highlights of every Fallout game is the companions that you meet along the way, with this becoming a staple of the franchise and something that is now expected with every release.

With each different companion that has been included in the game comes a totally different personality, traits, and benefits, with every companion bringing different quests that add to your game experience.

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Of course, not every single companion that has been created in Fallout has been brilliant, with some of the characters being annoying and not very helpful, but for this article, we shall be ranking the 10 greatest companions of all time.

10 Charon (Fallout 3)

We will kickstart this list with a companion from Fallout 3, with Charon who is an incredibly badass companion that is incredibly useful in combat with his Shotgun causing plenty of carnage.

Once you purchase his contract it is unlikely you will look back, with Charon not having the ability to judge you as you have purchased him on a contract, which is very beneficial as you go along.

The only negative to Charon is that if you choose to fire him from his service then he will have evil karma and will then go to attack you, so be ready to have to put Charon away if you make that decision.

9 Nick Valentine (Fallout 4)

Some companions are incredible in a combat situation, which is one of the main reasons why people choose them in order to make fighting a little easier, but Nick Valentine is not one of those companies, with his Revolver not offering up much help.

In a combat situation, the Synth Detective can't offer you much help, although he will try. However, he does have the ability to hack terminals and pin locks which can save a lot of time and does make him useful.

Valentine will help you find your son, which makes him play a pivotal role within the storyline, and his unique personality and storyline make him one of the most interesting companions available.

8 Ian (Fallout 1)

Ian, as basic as that sounds, is actually a very solid companion within the original Fallout game, and without his popularity and success, it is unknown whether all of the other companions on this list would ever be created.

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The chances are that Ian is actually the very first companion you will ever recruit (if you have played the entire franchise), and he certainly gives off a brilliant first impression as someone you would want to stick around.

While he is fairly limited and his greatest weapon being a pistol isn't the best choice, he does have good accuracy and he is very loyal. Considering he is an original companion, he certainly deserves to be ranked amongst the best, setting the tone for what was to come.

7 Arcade Gannon (Fallout: New Vegas)

Arcade Gannon is a very hit and miss character, with some gamers loving him, while others simply cannot stand him finding him rather frustrating, and it is easy to see both sides of this argument.

However, Gannon is a fun companion who has a great character backstory that is worth exploring, even if you don't want to keep him around when all is said and done.

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His Plasma Defender is a solid default weapon that is useful in combat, however, as a fighter, he isn't the greatest, as that isn't his major strength, but he can handle himself and won't burden you.

6 Dogmeat (Fallout 4)

Is there a better visual than wandering around the Commonwealth win man's best friend by your side? There is a reason that the game pushes Dogmeat to you as the first companion you meet in Fallout 4 because he really is one of the best in the game.

Fallout 4 is actually jam-packed with brilliant companions that give you plenty to think about, but Dogmeat (who is originally called Dog until you meet Mama Murphy), is one of the highlights.

Dogmeat can track down different enemies but can also latch onto enemies arms and hold them in place for you to get a clean headshot, as well as being able to fetch supplies and weapons upon command.

5 Sergeant RL-3 (Fallout: New Vegas)

First of all, Sergeant RL-3 deserves to be ranked on this list purely for the dialogue that the robot comes out with as some of the one-liners he has are absolutely brilliant and will have you in stitches while you attempt to fight your enemies.

However, then you move on to the fact he can heal himself without stimpacks and you instantly have your first reason to keep him around, as you are saving more for yourself when needed.

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On top of that, he is fantastic in combat and with a weapon arsenal that includes a plasma rifle and a flame thrower, he really is someone that you want around in big battle moments.

4 Strong (Fallout 4)

Super Mutants are common within the Fallout world, and Strong isn't the first time that the game has used one as a companion, however, he is the best of the bunch as he is incredibly useful to have by your side.

Strong is a dominant character, given that he is a Super Mutant, that is to be expected. Because of his huge size, Strong is as his name suggests, and has plenty of power behind him, making him very useful in a fight situation.

He doesn't value human life at all, and he will destroy anything that gets in his way, with his only real drawback being that he isn't the fastest, or the stealthiest, which can be an issue in certain situations.

3 Rex (Fallout: New Vegas)

Earlier on in this list, we mentioned how man's best friend can be the perfect companion to partner you on your quests, and the best example of that actually comes from Fallout: New Vegas, with Rex.

Rex originally belonged to Freeside's The King and does have a similar ability to Dogmeat in being able to detect enemy hostiles who are nearby, which allows you to sneak attack in what is a very useful trait.

He also can be improved as you are able to get him a new, younger brain, which actually makes him even quicker, making him an even better companion if you're willing to go the extra mile for this good boy.

2 Boone (Fallout: New Vegas)

Easily the greatest companion in Fallout: New Vegas, Boone was a crazy person to have by your side as he had absolutely no fear, heading into battle with his sniper rifle (and incredible weapon), Boone will have your back consistently.

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The ex-New California Republic 1st Recond lost his wife to the slavers and hates the Ceaser's Legion, and that can help you go a long way, with Boone not needing to be called to fight, instead, he will just throw himself into action.

His Spotter perk is a fantastic one if you prefer sniping from distance, and as you learn his tragic storyline you will quickly want to have him by your side to see him gain revenge in all of its glory.

1 Paladin Danse (Fallout 4)

Paladin Danse might have a very tough looking exterior that could put off many players from using him as their main companion within Fallout 4, but once you break away that outer shell you unveil what is arguably the best companion storyline in Fallout history.

As the commander of the Brotherhood of Steel, Paladin is incredible in a combat situation, being strong in both close and long-distance combat, which makes him incredibly beneficial to strolling around the Commonwealth with.

However, it is his fantastic backstory and huge twist that makes him incredibly interesting and worth investing a lot of time into. If you haven't spent plenty of time with Paladin, he is certainly worth going back and helping.

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