Green Hell Is The Latest Survival Crafting Game To Blow Up On Twitch

There are a ton of survival games out there, and they range in their realism and popularity. But right now, there’s one game Twitch streamers can’t seem to stop playing: Green Hell.

Green Hell, which feels reminiscent of 2018's horror survival game The Forest, takes place in the Amazon. It’s frustrating and difficult for players who aren’t ready for its challenges. But, it’s also too fun to ignore, drawing in popular streamers such as LIRIK and Forsen.

There's plenty to love about Green Hell, which is fresh out of Early Access and now available for purchase on Steam. Its release includes a much-anticipated story mode, offering context for the game's setting and survival theme. Beautiful imagery masks the undertones of a deep psychological thriller.

The potential to die from anything in the rainforest creates a thrill of success. In Green Hell, it's tough to do even simple things like collect drinkable rainwater or build a shelter, which players must do in to save their games. A true survival sim, players must constantly check for leeches and care for infected wounds.

Not only does Green Hell showcase unique obstacles, but even small interactions cause chaos. For instance, running into the wrong plant can hinder even a minor objective.

Sometimes, this type of frustration fuels gamers to push harder against obstacles. Frequently, the game stacks the odds against the player to the point that it can drive them mad.

But it’s this drama that keeps so many viewers tuned in to these live streams. Viewers want to see whether streamers will keep pushing or will let the game destroy them. This interchange keeps players wanting more.

Perhaps that’s the magic of survival games. It’s almost as though players have to struggle to enjoy them. Most modern games won’t force players to fight this hard, especially when efforts can prove futile. But the struggle to keep breathing until tomorrow is part of these games’ allure.

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Streamers continue to play these games because their viewers want to watch them play. On channels like Twitch and Mixer, gamers must work hard to maintain audiences’ attention. But Green Hell keeps streamers and viewers hooked.

Subscriber counts aside, Green Hell is a fun, stressful, and difficult game. A person’s choice to endure it is ultimately a matter of pride.

A game that’s this difficult to survive is bound to attract players ready to face the challenge. Streamers' efforts to survive in-game rashes, jaguar attacks, snake bites and certain death prove their dedication to the genre.

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