Green Hell: 10 Tips Players Need To Know

Green Hell can be a rather intense survival game focused on resource gathering. For all the tips & tricks players need to know, check the list out.

Green Hell is an interesting new open-world survival game that throws the player into the middle of a dark jungle and tasks them with survival. As a beginner navigating the new hunger system, the parasites, worms, jungle creatures and hostiles natives it can be quite challenging.

Hopefully with some of these tips you’ll survive the first few nights and start to get a handle on how this great survival game works. With enough time you’ll find a way to brave the dark shadows of the jungle and learn the secrets lurking in the green foliage.

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10 Get A Spear

Right away you’re thrown into a hostile environment with jungle creatures roaming around and hostile natives intent on defending their lands. You need a weapon both to defend yourself from various horrors and as a tool to secure food.

Grab a long stick and use the crafting menu to create a Weak Spear. It’s not much, but it beats being barehanded when a Jaguar comes out of nowhere. It will also allow you to start spearfishing which will secure you with some early food. Be patient and one day you’ll have that Obsidian Spear.

9 Build A Shelter

Now that you’re armed with a spear you want to start securing your shelter for the night, this is important for keeping your sanity and energy levels up, but it also gives you the ability to save so you want this sooner rather than later.

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Ideally you want a Hut Shelter as it gives you a place to sleep and a save point. Worst case scenario if night is falling and you have nothing slap a leaf bed together. There is a high chance of worms, but a fire will help mitigate this.

8 Collect Things As You Need Them

After building your shelter you might be tempted to start hoarding materials and various items, but this is actually a bad idea. You don’t have a lot of inventory space in the first place and unlike many other games your food will spoil over time, there’s nothing more frustrating then gathering a bunch of fruit and watching it go bad.

Wait until you have a need or a build you’re working on then start gathering what you need to achieve that goal. It takes some getting used to, but you’ll want that inventory space open for when you come across high value items.

7 Don’t Drink The Water

About now you should start noticing that you’re thirst meter is getting low. This drops fast and you might be tempted to use the dirty water all around you that's in abundance, but this is a bad idea. Dirty water is guaranteed to give you parasites which will siphon off your nutrients forcing you to eat more to keep yourself and the parasites fed.

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Obviously if you’re dying of thirst then parasites are preferable to death, but always boil, filter, or obtain clean water to avoid this problem.

6 Coconuts Are Key

Speaking of thirst one of the best consumables you can gather are coconuts. Coconuts provide you with clean coconut water to sate your thirst, then the flesh can be consumed to satisfy your carbohydrate and fat needs.

Once you’ve eaten all the flesh you can use the two halves of the shell to leave out on the ground to gather rain water, use as bowls for cooking and boiling, and most importantly to craft Coconut Bidons to store all the clean water you’re now gathering. These will keep you alive and solve your thirst problems for the rest of the game.

5 Find Meat

The one thing coconuts don’t satisfy is your protein needs so you’re going to have to gather meat. The best early source of meat that’s low risk is spearfishing, with your freshly crafted spear you can find a river and get started.

If you’re feeling a little braver you can start hunting other animals, snakes in particular are a handy, albeit somewhat dangerous source of early meat. Occasionally you’ll come across dead animals which can be a great source of easy meat. You wont die if you don’t get protein right away you just wont have the same energy levels you used to.

4 Get A Fire Going

Now that you’ve obtained some meat you’ll want to cook it which means getting a fire going. To do this gather some Tinder from dry leafs, craft a Hand Drill from two sticks, and use a bunch of sticks to build a small fire. You’ll also want a shelter to prevent your fire from being extinguished by the rain.

In addition to cooking meat fire can be used to boil dirty water into clean water, provide light, and help keep worms away from your bed. Just don’t keep it running too long as it’ll attract unwanted attention.

3 Learn About Plants

Now that you have the essentials taken care of you need to start figuring out what plants do what. This is mostly trial and error meaning you’re going to eat random things and see what effect it has on your body. It sounds sketchy and it is, but this is the only way to find out which things are helpful and which are harmful.

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You’ll also want to identify and start gathering Moliernia, Water Lily Flowers, and Orange Mushrooms. The leaves of the Molierna can be used to make bandages, the Water Lily Flower helps with food poisoning, and orange mushrooms help with parasites.

2 Hoard Bandages

Earlier it was mentioned you shouldn’t hoard anything, but the one exception to that rule is bandages. There are a lot of ways to injure yourself in the jungle and you’ll need bandages to close up wounds, cover rashes, and heal abrasions.

There are different types of dressings that cure other ailments or heal certain wounds more effectively so learn how to make them all and keep a few on you. Obviously don’t go crazy and fill up your inventory, but don’t be afraid to have quite a few, you'll go through them.

1 You Don’t Have All The Blueprints

At this point you should be pretty set to survive on your own and start progressing through the crafting trees to get stronger and more effective at survival. It’s important to keep in mind that the blueprints you have in your notebook are only a small portion of what you can craft.

When your needs are tended to and you have some spare materials start experimenting with different setups to see if you can figure out what else you can craft. There’s a lot out there and it’ll make survival much easier then the basic items you have in the beginning so take some time to figure these out.

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