Grizz Gets Banned For Amouranth 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Parody

Grizz Banned On Twitch For Amouranth Parody

Grizz has been banned from Twitch following a "ballsy" parody of Amouranth. During a livestream, the PUBG streamer tilted his camera downwards to reveal his floor as he began playing with his dog, setting the stage to mirror that of Amouranth's wardrobe "malfunction." Grizz adjusted his shorts and a pair of fake testicles slipped out, all the while pretending to be unaware of the display. When he finally got up from the floor, he faked his surprise at the prop's reveal, letting out an "oh s**t!" before covering it up.

WARNING: the video contains fake genitals.

Although this is yet another Twitch ban, nobody is truly surprised this time around. Grizz had clearly planned the entire "accident" in order to poke fun at Amouranth, and considering the lewd nature of the happening, there was no way around "violating" Twitch's guidelines to do so. Even though the stunt was undoubtedly lighthearted and entertaining for his viewers – whether or not it was worth the ban remains undetermined.

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As of now, Grizz hasn't made any mention about how long the ban will last on his Twitter account. It seems likely that it will be temporary – anywhere between 24 hours and one week – but it's hard to say for sure. Grizz probably knew this was coming, perhaps hoping that notoriety from the prank would bring him attention to counterbalance damage from the ban. However, considering how close this stunt is to Twitchcon 2019 (risky-risky), he might've just thought he would get away with the gag.

Grizz At Twitchcon 2018
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For those unfamiliar with Grizz's modest success, his channel has grown steadily since 2018, reaching over 15,000 followers by the time of the ban. He primarily focuses on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but has branched out into other games such as Hollow Knight, Darkest Dungeon, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Streamers who aren't prepared to take a hit on their channel should probably hunker down and play things safe for a while, at least until Twitch's suspensions become easier to predict. For those such as Grizz who willingly jump into the fray, bans are something that come as no surprise. Although it looked like he was having an absolute ball on stream, it didn't pay off for him this time.

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