Dragon Ball FighterZ: GT Kid Goku Leak Confirmed, Will Wield Power Pole

A recent leak about Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC has proven true, as Bandai Namco officially announced that Kid Goku from Dragon Ball GT is joining the roster. The announcement calls particular attention to Kid Goku's Power Pole weapon, something Bandai Namco seems to think sets this Goku apart from the many other Gokus already in the game.

The leak came last week, allegedly from the Japanese magazine V-Jump. Early translations claimed that Kid Goku's abilities were named. He can transform into Super Saiyan 3 for a "Super Kamehameha" and use the Spirit Bomb. A Reverse Kamehameha was also teased, as well as his Power Pole.

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The leak, therefore, is spot-on. Kid Goku is officially announced and has his Power Pole. Bandai Namco's Facebook page also shows him using the Spirit Bomb and Super Saiyan 3 Kamehameha.

There is one odd omission, the very popular Super Saiyan 4. The form gives Goku a more wild appearance, changing more than just his hair. Many fans prefer it to the Super Saiyan God and Blue seen in Dragon Ball Super. It seems a waste to include GT Goku and not have SS4.

Via: Dragon Ball Wiki

That brings to mind the other problems fans have with FighterZ - there's just too many darned Gokus. There's regular Goku, Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Blue Goku, and Goku Black. There's also Vegito and Gogeta if you count fusions. Finally, there's the inevitability of Ultra Instinct Goku making an appearance. Adding another Goku seems just plain silly at this point, especially one from GT, the saga fans generally pretend never happened.

The one ray of hope is that the rest of the season 2 DLC looks solid. While Kid Goku and Gogeta do Goku up the roster, there's also Super's mysterious Jiren, DBZ's spunky Videl, and fan-favorite berserker Broly. There's also one more unannounced character. Could Ultra Instinct Goku take that last slot, making for half a DLC season's worth of Goku?

At $5 a character, we certainly hope not.

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