GTA 5 Reaches 110 Million Copies Sold As Red Dead Redemption 2 Hits 24-Million Milestone

As hard as it is to believe - okay, maybe it isn't that hard - Grand Theft Auto 5 is still killing it sales despite launching in 2013. Of course, killing it doesn't mean it's selling as well as newer titles, but for a game that's nearly six years old, it's bringing in money at a remarkable rate - and let's not forget that it was the 11th most sold game last year, somehow.

The game has now hit 110 million lifetime sales, while Red Dead Redemption 2 continues to sell at a speedy rate.

According to a report from DualSHOCKERS, an earnings call this week revealed that the Rockstar titles are doing unbelievably well for themselves.

Take-Two, Rockstar's parent company, disclosed that over 24 million copies or RDR2 have shipped since it's release last year. The game had hit the 23-million sales mark in February but it's clearly still in demand as another million copies have been sold since then.

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Despite the impressive numbers and remarkable rate, RDR2 has tailed off a bit faster than GTA5 as the heist-encourager had sold more copies over the same period. Even more impressively, the game hit a further 10 million sales since reaching the 100 million milestone late last year.

To date, GTA 5 is only the third game to pass the 100 million mark in modern times, behind Minecraft and Tetris (well, technically).

It would have been quite safe to assume that, following the release of RDR2, GTA 5 sales would have slowed down. But if you assumed that, you'd be very very wrong; the 2013 title is doing just as well and seems totally unencumbered amid the rife RDR2 sales.

The game's continued success is due to its overall quality but Rockstar's insistence on keeping things fresh with online updates is also one of the reasons it's still doing so well. To be fair, though, the story could have been a bit longer, given that almost every gamer was spoiled by the lengthy San Andreas (which is probably still selling a few copies here and there), but the online factor has contributed massively.

It used to be hoped that Rockstar would add a single-player DLC and lengthen the story, but the devs confirmed two years ago that it won't happen. That doesn't seem to have slowed sales down that much.

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