Grand Theft Auto IV: 10 Storylines That Were Never Resolved

Few game developers have managed to introduce memorable worlds like Rockstar Games. Both the Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto series have delivered lifelike cities and open worlds, including New Austin, Vice City, and Los Santos. Yet it was Liberty City that was home to the Grand Theft Auto series during the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 generation. Grand Theft Auto IV was the title, and gamers were introduced to Niko Bellic and his bowling loving cousin Roman. Along Niko’s journey for revenge and answers, he comes across quite a lot of Liberty City’s Finest. This includes wild storylines with the likes of Brucie Kibbutz, Little Jacob, Faustin, and Malorie. Not all of these storylines were finished though, and this list will take a look back at 10 that were never resolved.

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10 Little Jacob

Little Jacob quickly became Niko’s right-hand man. First helping Niko make extra money, and introducing him to other people that would give Niko work, all the way to accompanying Niko on revenge missions. In a game full of backstabbing and liars Little Jacob was by Niko’s side till the very end and was ready to ride at any moment. He even offers carloads of back up if you manage to answer all of his calls and receive the friend perk. Yet it is never revealed what happens next to Niko's faithful pal after the Dimitri Rascalov revenge mission.

9 Luis Fernando Lopez

In the DLC of GTA IV, the Liberty City universe was expanded on with The Ballad of Gay Tony. Anthony Prince, or Gay Tony, as he’s called, owns a chain of Night Clubs and finds himself in some very dangerous situations. To save him from these situations and to take care of basically everything else is Tony’s bodyguard, Luis. Luis turned out to be on the other side of a diamond deal against Niko and was even present during the Liberty City Bank Heist. Playing through his story felt as fun as it was chaotic, but gamers never saw what happened to Luis. Johnny from the Lost MC, the other DLC, was featured in GTA V, yet no word or sighting of Luis.

8 Derrick and Francis Situation

The McReary Family is one of the premier families of GTA IV. With Packie McReary being a very strong ally and Kate McReary being a possible love interest, Niko is very entwined with the McReary’s. This leads to a situation between two of the McReary brothers, Derrick and Francis. Derrick is apart of the family crime business but has an escalating heroin addiction while Francis is the only McReary that joined the police. In a long-awaited clash of brothers, Niko is tasked with killing one or the other. Yet after the job regardless of the path taken, neither is heard from again. Packie mentions in GTA V that Derrick died, but does not say how. It could be from Niko’s hand, but what if the player chose to kill Francis, what happened to Derrick. If the player kills Derrick, Francis is never heard from or mentioned again and the same question is raised whatever happened to Francis.

7 Badman

Badman was an associate of Little Jacob, making him a valuable friend to Niko. When he’s not smoking joint after joint he’s most likely selling the stuff or fending off rival drug dealers. This leads him to mass paranoia constantly believing there’s someone after him. Through all the paranoia and turf wars though, Badman is on Niko’s side from the start to the end at Roman’s wedding, just to never be seen again. Even after either Roman or Kate are killed at Roman’s wedding, Badman goes AWOL. Being friends with Little Jacob and going missing is quite unusual for Badman, and his story seems to vanish there completely.

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6 The Mysterious Fixer

A payphone that can result in nine murder missions for Niko Bellic is about as mysterious as it can get. This is exactly the case for our protagonist, as Phil Bell introduces him to this mysterious payphone of death. These missions are completely optional but do raise the question of who exactly is this on the other side of the phone, and who is he connected to in Liberty City. Both of these questions remain unanswered or even brought up in GTA V making The Fixer a ghost in the Grand Theft world.

5 United Liberty Paper Situation

Niko messed with the wrong one when he became involved with Malorie’s friend Michelle. She turned out to be an undercover agent and quite a nuisance to Niko’s plans. She informs Niko she is working for United Liberty Paper and that Niko has to meet with another employee of the company. This man’s name is never revealed, yet multiple missions are carried out for him. Once his missions are complete, he is never heard from again, and neither is United Liberty Paper.

4 Dwayne/ PlayBoy X Situation

Similar to the Derrick Francis situation, Dwayne and Playboy X come to an eventual showdown. Former partners in the drug game Dwayne has been locked up and out of the game for quite some time. Playboy X doesn’t believe Dwayne can adjust and could become a liability to his business now. Depending on the path the player takes, one will die. Once one is dead though, the relationship stops there. No word is heard from Dwayne or PlayBoy after the inevitable murder. Did Dwayne end up back in Prison, maybe PlayBoy made his way to Los Santos to lose the heat. Gamers may never know

3 Florian Cravic/Bernie Crane

Once believed to be the traitor of Niko’s unit, Florian, now going by the name Bernie Crane, turns out to be completely innocent. He even states it was believed Niko was the man who sold their unit out. After learning valuable information from Cravic/Crane Niko helps him in the daily challenges he faces in Liberty City, and he is last seen at Roman and Mallorie’s wedding. What happened next to Florian in unknown.

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2 Phil Bell

Phil Bell is an associate of Jimmy Pegorino. Both Bell and Niko work for Jimmy on several missions forming somewhat of a relationship between the two. Jimmy Pegorino ends up playing a huge part of Niko’s ending in Liberty City regardless of the path the player takes, he connects Niko with Dimitri Rascalov, and things take a turn for the worse. Once both Pegorino and Rascalov are dealt with, Phil Bell calls Niko to wish him a good life, and that he has chosen a life in a small town retired from organized crime. We’re never given a backstory on what happens to Bell or the remains of the Pegorino crime syndicate though.

1 Niko Bellic

Rockstar has created some of the best protagonists in all of gaming. Niko Bellic was that guy on Xbox 360. A traitor within his military unit results in a massacre of his fellow troops. This is one of the main reasons Niko comes to Liberty City, and upon arriving Niko finds himself involved in a lot more than his revenge. At the end of GTA IV, he finds and finishes Dimitri Rascalov, and Niko’s story seemingly ends. Even in both GTA DLC’s we never hear about what happens to Niko or his whereabouts. Packie briefly mentioned Niko in GTA V, and Lester Crest speaks of an eastern European man making moves in Liberty City, presumed to be Niko, but nothing is confirmed.

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