GTA Is Making A Lot More Money Than Red Dead Redemption 2 Online

Rockstar Games raked in some major bank following the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 in October, with the title having sold over 23 million copies since then.

Red Dead Online, however, isn't following suit. The game's multiplayer component is available in beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the moment but is actually making a lot less money online than Grand Theft Auto 5's online component GTA Online.

Per a financial report from a research company called SuperData (h/t Gamesradar.com), the revenue generated from Red Dead Online's microtransactions pales in comparison to that of GTA Online, despite GTA being way older, with the main game launching in 2013.

Red Dead Online's earnings dropped 14 percent in January as the result of a decline in active users and, according to the report, GTA Online is bringing in five times as much cash for Rockstar as players are apparently still spending quite a lot therein.

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The Red Dead Online beta launched in November and wasn't all that successful as it boasted significantly less content than GTA Online. However, Rockstar seems committed to strapping the game with new content, as well as fixes and rebalances. And its latest update for the game was actually released this week.

Rockstar's owners, Take-Two Interactive, have stated that they need Red Dead Online to make money for the company way into the future. This recent revelation should come as a disappointment, especially under that light, but there's hope that Rockstar could continue to improve the game and attract a more active user base.

Rockstar was able to do so with GTA so it's not impossible. But a five-year-old title making way more money online that one that was only released a few months ago is reason for worry.

To be fair, GTA has been one of the most enjoyed titles around for a very long time and it's no surprise the game has maintained such loyal users. RDR2, though, has become a very popular game itself since its release and it should be doing much better than it's doing online right now.

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