GTA Online Adds New Special Vehicle Races, With Flying Cars And Jetpacks

So, Grand Theft Auto Online’s already-chaotic races weren’t enough for you? Try these on for size, then. From May 1-7, you’ve got some truly wacky races to sink your teeth into.

Now, you might have heard about a little game called God of War. Apparently, it’s fairly popular, in an on-the-down-low sort of way. Monster Hunter World is still seeing a little play too. These two titans of 2018 gaming can’t get too uppity, though, because Grand Theft Auto Online is still here, and still utterly dominant. Just a few weeks ago, the news came that GTA V had made over six billion dollars, more than any media title in history.

The game's success is due, in no small part, to Rockstar’s ongoing support of it. The game originally launched way back in 2013, which its online component arriving the following month. Ever since, it’s been enjoying a steady influx of new content, ranging from big DLC packs to rotating game modes and bonus XP periods. If you’re one of the committed players who checks in for all of the weekly updates, you’re in for a special surprise. And it certainly is special.

Instead of the usual new vehicle this week, there’s a crop of ten new Special Vehicle Races to try out. In these, we’ll get to really put three of the game’s quirkiest contraptions (the Ocelot Stromberg, the Mammoth Thruster and the Imponte Deluxo) through their paces. The first two vehicles will have three different races to choose from, while the Imponte Deluxo will have four.

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As anyone who’s played GTA Online will tell you, the game has always had quite a heavy focus on racing. Many of the bigger updates have focused around races, and there are some truly spectacular courses available. Particularly in the stunt race categories, which is where things go really nutso.

Outside of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, however, we just don’t get to see flying cars as often as we should. Couple them with some truly absurd courses (such as Techno, a magical extravaganza of fireworks and rings of fire), and you’ve got something that even racing veterans may not have seen before.

Check out Rockstar’s teaser trailer for the new races here, and prepare your Mammoth Thrusters.

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