GTA: San Andreas Is Available For Free On PC In New Rockstar Games Launcher

Starting today you can download the official Rockstar Games Launcher, along with a free copy of GTA: San Andreas.

Rockstar Games is getting in on the games launcher craze and starting today you can download the official Rockstar Games Launcher. The launcher is free to download, and to entice those curious about the service, the legendary Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is free for a limited time. You can download the launcher here.

The allure of San Andreas being free is sure to attract both the Rockstar faithful as well as casual fans, or even those feeling nostalgic for their earlier gaming days. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas  was released in October 2004 and was an instant classic, sure to be thought of fondly for years to come.

15 years later and it still remains a cornerstone of the franchise, giving us memorable characters, a great world to explore and some of the toughest missions to ever appear in the series (train scene, anyone?). If you've never played San Andreas or just have an itch to relive one of the greatest GTA games ever made, you have the opportunity to get it for free right now. It is only available for a limited time, but a specific end date hasn't been officially announced, so don't miss out on your chance.

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While Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a good draw, the Rockstar Games Launcher offers more than just the old gem. For those that have Rockstar Games already purchased on their PC from various other digital stores, you can now have those games conveniently located in the new launcher. You can also browse and purchase various Rockstar titles including Bully: Scholarship Edition and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

There are a few other titles at the moment, but neither of the Red Dead games are available. Presumably, Rockstar be adding more titles to purchase as they continue to evolve the launcher. The software will also include a cloud save function, automatic updates for all your Rockstar titles, and let you receive all the latest Rockstar news right in the launcher.

The Rockstar Games Launcher is available now to those that don't mind adding another launcher to their list. For those hesitant, the launcher shows immense potential with its ease of use, solid titles available at launch, and the opportunity to get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas free for a limited time.

Source: VG247

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