The 10 Best Weapons in GTA V, Ranked

The right tools make any task easier. The wrong tools can make a simple task into an ordeal. This is true with Grand Theft Auto V, except the tools for this task in this game are weapons. There are almost one hundred weapons in GTA V if you include all the weapons made available via online play. So what weapons should you use, and which weapons are not worth picking up?

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If you only use the weapons on this list you will have a much easier time with this modern classic. The weapons found in the vanilla version of GTA V were given priority over the online exclusive weapons for this list; mainly because the original weapons are available to everyone who owns the game. However, there are a few weapons offered online that are so good they demanded a spot on this list.

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10 Marksman Rifle

The Marksman Rifle is a weapon that can be carried into almost every situation. It does more damage than any of the assault rifles or submachine guns. The Marksman Rifle isn’t full-auto, but the fire rate is fast enough for it to still be effective. This rifle can also serve as a superb sniper rifle if desired.

The extended clip increases the ammo capacity to 16, but the Marksman Rifle is so powerful that one shot is usually enough. Had this been a fully automatic weapon with even a small increase in ammo capacity, it would easily be in the top 3 best weapons in GTA V.

9 The Knife

The knife is a lot more useful than it might first appear. There are other melee weapons that do more damage and seem more useful – like the hatchet. However, the knife has several aspects to it that make it better than the other melee weapons.

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First, the knife is a very quick weapon. Faster melee weapons can keep the target from being able to retaliate. The knife can also silently kill with one hit, so damage per attack doesn’t matter too much. Lastly, the knife can be used while diving underwater. Pool cues apparently don’t work too well when fending off a shark.

8 Combat MG

The Combat MG, or Combat “Machine Gun”, is a belt-fed machine gun. Its ammo drum carries enough bullets for just about any job. The Combat MG also packs an impressive punch. This gun can make short work of most vehicles, and an opponent’s body armor doesn’t last long when targeted with this gun. The damage, range, and fire rate are all above average when compared to all other weapons.

Its reload time is fast for a belt-fed gun, which is the biggest drawback to the other light machine gun. Plus, for a machine gun, it is surprisingly accurate. However, the best asset the Combat MG has is its ammo capacity. With the extended clip the Combat MG can hold an impressive 200 rounds of ammunition. This isn’t the best weapon for every situation, but when dealing with large number of scattered enemies, it is one of the best.

7 Sticky Bombs

If you’ve played GTA Online then you are probably very familiar with the Sticky Bomb. Getting hit by a one of these during online play is something every player has experienced at some point – it’s going to happen. The Sticky Bomb is just as powerful as the regular grenades, but you don’t have to worry about it rolling away from the target.

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The best aspect of the Sticky Bomb is that it is remote detonated by the player. So, unlike standard grenades where the player has to hope it explodes at the best time, the Sticky Bomb's detonation can be delayed until it will have maximum effect. This weapon is border-line overpowered. Upgrade to Sticky Bombs as soon as they becomes available (rank 19).

6 Assault Shotgun

When it comes to close encounters, nothing compares to the shotgun. When it comes to the shotguns available in GTA V, nothing compares to the Assault Shotgun. In tight spaces this weapon will make short work out of any group of enemies. The Assault Shotgun is fully automatic, and carries 32 shells with the extended clip.

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Because it is fully automatic, the rate of fire is well beyond the other available shotguns. The only exception to this is the Sweeper Shotgun, but the Sweeper only fires a tiny bit faster and is worse in every other category. When this weapon becomes available, it should immediately be purchased.

5 Minigun

Most gamers would probably agree that the Minigun deserves a spot in the top 5 best weapons in GTA V. The fire rate of the Minigun is second to none. The Combat MG does more damage per shot, but the increased fire rate of the Minigun more than makes up for this. The best part about using the this weapon is there is no need to reload.

The Minigun does not use clips or magazines; the amount of ammo you have for it in your inventory is what's available. The Minigun is capable of destroying vehicles very quickly too. There is a drawback to using the Minigun though– it slows you down. Carrying this weapon will reduce your foot speed. However, considering how devastating this weapon is, the ability to quickly run away isn’t going to be needed.


This weapon has been in GTA games since the beginning – and for good reason. The RPG does more damage than any other weapon in the game. Sure, it’s not that accurate, but you don’t need precision accuracy with the RPG. It is so powerful it is even excellent against armored vehicles.

If you want to win a fire-fight, use a firearm. If you want to cause chaos and destruction, you use an RPG. The only real complaint about the RPG is the need to reload after every shot. Fortunately, the reload time isn’t really any longer than most other weapons.

3 Heavy Sniper

The Heavy Sniper does a serious amount of damage. The only weapon that does more overall damage is the RPG. This weapon does so much damage that head-shots are not necessary, a shot to the body is usually enough to dispatch an enemy. At long range this is by far the best non-explosive based weapon in the game.

The scope on the Heavy Sniper is also the best in the game; allowing you to zoom in so close that hitting your target is almost guaranteed. The slow fire rate of the Heavy Sniper isn’t too much of a problem, because most of the time the enemy will be too far away to retaliate.

2 AP Pistol

This weapon is so good you could go through the game just using it and not have a problem. The AP Pistol is the best gun usable while driving or riding on a motorcycle. The only other automatic weapon that can be used while driving is the Micro SMG. The AP Pistol is better than the Micro SMG in damage, accuracy, and reload time.

The AP Pistol is also far better against vehicles than a pistol should be. After you purchase the extended clip for it, the AP Pistol also holds more ammo than the Micro SMG. With the exception of long range combat, the AP Pistol is a solid choice that will not fail.

1 Special Carbine

If there is one weapon that you should keep equipped at all times and use as your primary weapon, it is the Special Carbine. This is probably the best multi-purpose gun in the game. The Advanced Assault Rifle is slightly better at long range than the Special Carbine, but the Special Carbine is better in accuracy, damage, and reload time.

With the extended clip you have 60 rounds until a reload is required; no other assault rifle class of weapon has a better ammo capacity. If you were only able to use one weapon while playing GTA V, this should be your weapon of choice.

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