GTA V's Diamond Casino & Resort Opening Date Revealed

Grand Theft Auto V released way back in the halcyon days of 2013, and after all this time the Vinewood casino might be opening its doors soon. In June, Rockstar announced that they would be adding a new Casino DLC to the game, even going so far as to add in an in-game construction site at the location of the casino. It's been the subject of rampant speculation, with players wondering when they'd finally get to bet all their hard earned GTA fun bucks on horse races and blackjack tables.

Well Rockstar announced recently that the wait was nearly over, and we now know exactly when the Diamond Casino & Resort will start taking all the money you've stolen from banks.

Widespread gambling begins in GTA Online on July 23rd, which is when the casino will finally open up for all of Los Santos. Inside, players will be able to partake in money making (or losing) activities such as three card poker, blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and even virtual horse racing.

In addition to all these games of chance, there's also the allure of the Lucky Wheel. Each spin can potentially award players chips, cash, new clothes, or even a new high end sports car called the Truffade Thrax, with other winnable cars coming later on as well.

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However, if gambling away your fake GTA money (or real money if you actually bought shark cards) isn't your style, you can also purchase a luxury penthouse suite at the casino. Aside from giving you a VIP membership that allows you to play at high limit tables, you'll also get access to special VIP lounges, a penthouse phone which you can call for limo or helicopter services, a personal stylist, and a new space to hold fancy parties.

In terms of actual gameplay, it sounds like owning a penthouse also opens up new missions for you to run. A new character named Tao Cheng, who owns the Diamond Casino & Resort, will ask for your help in dealing with a family of corrupt Texan oil barons. Completing all the new story missions will award you a new car.

We don't know how much the penthouses will be as of yet. But if you have a Twitch Prime account you might be able to get one for free. All you have to do is link your Twitch Prime account to your Rockstar Games Social Club account and you get the Master Penthouse for the low low price of nothing, along with $1.25 million in GTA funny money.

That offer is only good until the end of July 19th - the end of today - so if you want to be a high roller without paying a high price, you better jump on that opportunity.

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