GTA V Mod Including 70-Missions Is Available For Free

Six years after its initial release, a modder has created a pack including 70 brand new missions for Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto titles have been a mainstay in the gaming sphere for well over two decades. Pretty much every game in the franchise has been popular, but none have garnered quite the attention that GTA V has managed. Rockstar's greatest triumph is now the third best-selling game of all time, and it continues to break all sorts of records six years after its initial release.

It's GTA V's online element that has granted the game such a long lifespan. Rockstar rolls out updates on a regular basis, including the game's first-ever casino which was released this past summer. However, players who continue to play GTA V might well have run out of things to do by now. It seems crazy to say such a thing, considering the depth of the game's storylines and the extra activities there are to complete, but it has been six years.

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Modder alebal is sympathetic to that plight, and has created a pack of 70 brand new missions which anyone and everyone can download. Most of the new tasks players will be faced with have a similar format to the ones Rockstar adds to the game's online mode, but are playable without the need to be connected to the internet or bothered by other online players.

Alebal uses a program called Mission Maker to create the GTA V extras, and all 70 of them are available to download in one handy pack. Plus, even better news, once players have worked their way through all of those extra missions, alebal will have likely created even more. The modder has added to his homemade missions over time, with the recent addition of 10 new ones bringing the grand total to 70.

Amid rumors surrounding what Rockstar has in store for players next, it's likely that the developer isn't really in a big rush. The amount of money GTA V continues to bring in is still staggering. At this point, it's almost guaranteed that we won't get another GTA offering until the next generation of consoles arrives.

Source: alebal

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