GTA V Streamer Creates Live In-Game Concert That Draws Thousands Of Viewers

It's pretty incredible that a game that came out all the way back in 2013 is still as relevant and popular as Grand Theft Auto V still is. The game still routinely brings in millions of dollars for Rockstar, and Twitch streams of the game still attract several thousands of viewers every day. And when it comes to GTA live streams, some of the more interesting ones come from the GTA Roleplay community.

Players have regularly logged into GTA RP servers in order to spend a day in Los Santos not trying to blow each other up with rocket launchers. Some play as mailmen. Some play as journalists. Some have even been cult leaders.

And some just wanna hang out at the local bar, and put on a show. Which is exactly what streamer Mike The Bard did.

Mike has been streaming GTA RP since 2017, and on top of streaming he's also a singer and musician. Lately he's been roleplaying as a character named Hubcap Jones, who he describes as "a burnt out rocker." According to Mike, "Hubcap is about rocking out, peace, love, drugs, and having a good time at any cost."

So it makes perfect sense for a guy like Hubcap Jones to put on a live concert inside the digital city of Los Santos. However, actually creating the concert may have been the most ambitious event he, or any other GTA RP streamer, has ever attempted.

In order to make this show come to life, Mike The Bard had to use OBS (a free and popular streaming software) to turn the Twitch game, Twitch Sings, into an actual karaoke machine for himself. Using that, along with various other equipment and software, allowed Mike to create an in game experience that no one on Twitch or in GTA RP servers has ever experienced before.

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It also helps that Mike sings a heckin' good version of "Halleujah."

The concert soon took off with thousands of people watching, and even big name GTA RP streamer Lirik showed up in game to mosh with others. It was a big hit, and even though Mike himself got kicked from the server due to inactivity (even though he was singing, and that's totally an activity), there's no denying that this show was about as flawless and entertaining as anything in the world of GTA V.

You can find Mike The Bard on Twitch most days, likely jamming out on the streets of GTA V as Hubcap Jones.

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