GTAIV: 15 Unbelievable Ways Niko Bellic Is A POS!

The Grand Theft Auto series is full of bad people. GTA tends to puts you in control of characters who occupy a 'gray zone' morally. One thing you have to say is that they’re usually pretty interesting characters, and that’s a big part of why GTA is as popular as it is now. One of the series most popular main characters, of course, is Niko Belic. Niko probably has one of the darkest back-stories of any GTA main character, and while people love him because of his sullen, direct nature – he’s not all that of a good guy once you look at some of the things he does in GTA IV.

One popular argument to use when defending Niko is that he does what he has to to get by. But that’s not entirely true. He keeps getting himself mixed up with these criminals, and while it’s sometimes out of his hands, he ultimately has no problems killing, assaulting, or stealing from people. Niko does have a conscience though, and it makes him a very compelling and sometimes relatable character. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that sometimes, he’s just a huge POS. Let’s take a deeper look into it. Here are 15 unbelievable ways Niko Belic is a POS.

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15 Knocking Out Gracie

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At one point in the game, you’re tasked with helping Packie and the Irish Mob kidnap a mob big shot's daughter, Gracie. Niko is sent over to the Ancelotti home where he meets with Gracie, who’s selling her car. Niko, posing as a potential buyer, asks to take it for a test drive. To be honest, this should’ve been a huge red flag from the get-go, as some 30-something Slavic immigrant wanting to buy a hot pink convertible just doesn’t sound all too natural. As the test drive goes on, Niko reveals to Gracie that he’s kidnapping her. In an understandable state of Panic, Gracie tries to jump out the car a few times before trying to forcefully have Niko pull-over. To quell all the distractions, Niko knocks her out cold. There was no way he was going to come off as a good guy in this scenario, but he managed to make himself seem way worse.

14 He'll Kill Anyone For The Right Price

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Save for his cousin and the few people Niko actually calls his friends, Niko would probably have no problem murdering someone in cold blood depending on the compensation he’s promised. We’ve seen that he does have some sort of moral compass, and that definitely makes him a more likeable character in certain scenarios, but if you look at the entire story of GTA IV, a lot of it involves Niko moving from employer to employer, often killing associates and sometimes former employers themselves. You can rationalize it all you want, you can try and sympathize and chip away at why he’s such a compelling character and what not, but at the end of the day, Niko’s just a gun for hire who needs some cash.

13 What He Did To The Faustin Family

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Let’s just start this off by saying that Mikhail Faustin was a real piece of work himself, and kind of deserved what he got in the end. But you know who didn’t deserve it? His family. After losing Faustin, his wife and daughter lost the head of their home as well as their sole bread winner. This guy wasn’t father of the year by a long shot, but his family seemingly spirals downwards after his death. His wife and daughter have to move into a little one-floor apartment, and the relationship between them is strained at best. Couple that with Mikhail’s daughter, Anna, getting involved with a dangerous man and you get a pretty good idea as to where their lives are heading.

12 The Bank Robbery

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This is one of Niko’s lighter transgressions committed throughout the events of GTA IV. Sometime after he meets Packie, Niko, Packie, Packie’s brother Derek, and their associate Michael go over to the Bank of Liberty and rob it. A lot of people get hurt. Some are bank employees and others are customers. Now there are a few casualties, and none of them are Niko’s fault in this case. But the fact that he’d put people through this speaks volumes about Niko’s character. He’s obviously not that great of a person, but we kind of forgive and forget a little bit too often. Someone who goes and puts that many people through that kind of traumatic experience, and then proceeds to kill several police officers trying to stop him isn’t that great of a guy.

11 Potentially Killing Ivan

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This is one of several moral quandaries that GTA IV rests on players' shoulders. Early on in the game, you figure out that Niko isn’t the most stable person out there and that he’s pretty accustomed to doing bad stuff. It’s what makes him a compelling character. But it can also make him seem like a complete jerk at times. One particularly daunting moral decision comes early in the game when Niko is still small-time. Niko is ordered to kill Ivan Bytchkov due to Ivan seemingly insulting his boss. After a lengthy chase, Ivan is cornered, and Niko then has to option to kill him and let him live. Should he died, it would just further show how ruthless and unforgiving a person Niko is when money’s on the table.

10 He's A Hypocrite

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Throughout the entirety of GTA IV, you hear Niko go on about how he came to America for a better life, to change so that he could have a second chance. But almost as soon as he gets off the boat he’s back to committing crimes for a quick buck. Niko is quick to get involved with the lower echelons of organized crime in Liberty City and because of this takes on a number of violent jobs throughout the game. You get the feeling that Niko never really did try and change in America – considering how quickly he was to fall back into the underworld. At one point, the whole “I thought this place would be different” shtick wears thin.

9 The Rivas Cousins Deaths

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As is common with most GTA games, Niko is almost always taking orders from someone else, no matter how small time they may be – so long as they’re willing to pay. We’re introduced to Brucie pretty early on in the game, and it’s clear from the get-go that the guy has problems. He’s a pretty obvious steroid junkie, and because of that, probably doesn’t make the best decisions in the heat of the moment. One particular string of missions involves Brucie asking Niko to take out the Rivas cousins for him, due to them owing him some money. Tom’s death is pretty memorable seeing as it involved some use of the game’s dating mechanics and one of the most awkward conversations in the series. But you later find out that Lyle’s death was just unnecessary and violent, probably due to Brucie’s drug problems. Had Niko cared about anything but the money he’d be making, he might’ve been able to talk Brucie out of it.

8 Killing Either McReary Brother

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In the mission, “Blood Brothers” Niko is given a choice to either kill Francis or Derrick McReary. Either choice has its pros and cons, with killing Derrick being one of the more beneficial. But regardless of who he kills, Niko still remains close to the family, though they know nothing of his involvement in either brother’s murder. He remains a good friend to Packie, goes to either Francis or Derrick’s funeral and even goes on to further his relationship with their sister Kate. Suffice to say, Niko is pretty close to the McReary family, enough to have been invited to their home and be trusted by several family members, all the while being responsible for one of their deaths.

7 Assassinating Tom Goldberg

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Speaking of the McReary family, this one is directly tied into Francis and all of his corruption. It is probably one of the more despicable things Niko’s done in GTA. Tom Goldberg was a lawyer who had files relating to Francis’ corruption. Francis coerces Niko into applying for an interview at his law firm in order to steal the files and then kill Goldberg. After a while, Niko threatens Goldberg with his weapon and demands the files. Goldberg complies and gives him the files, only to be killed by Niko shortly after. What you have to know here is that Goldberg is actually a pretty decent guy from what we’ve heard about him. But still, Niko kills him so he can cover for a corrupt cop and make a quick buck in the process.

6 He Stalked A Girl in Europe

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It seems as though Niko’s checking every box on the unsavory individuals list. In the mission “Escuela of the Streets” Niko offhandedly mentions how he stalked a girl back in Europe for a period of time. He both says this directly, and drops some hints by going over the proper technique for tailing someone in a car, and how distant you have to be in order to not be seen. This is further corroborated in conversations with Roman where it is revealed that the girl is Mila Tadic, a girl from their village that Niko had a childhood crush on. We don’t know what happened to Mila or even how the stalking ended, but it’s not one of Niko’s proudest moments to be sure.

5 Potentially Betraying Dwayne

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Dwayne is one of the most down-to-earth characters in all of GTA IV. While he’s no saint – characters in the series rarely are – he’s pretty straight with Niko when it comes to what he needs to be done and why, and the two form something of a friendship in their time together. Having recently returned from a long stint in jail, Dwayne has a different view of the world than some of his compatriots, and it’s what makes him such a likable character. But at one point in the game, Niko is given the option to either kill Dwayne or Playboy X. If he goes with Dwayne, Niko is met with little resistance, and when the two finally meet, Dwayne puts up no fight – though Niko looks visibly distraught with his decision as he pulls the trigger.

4 Backstabbing Ray Boccino

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Ray might’ve been kind of a slimy, greedy character, but he was pretty good to Niko during their time working together. A member of the Pegorino family, Ray and Niko worked together for a short time, and while it wasn’t always a smooth relationship, the two had an understanding. But Ray’s fate was sealed when Jimmy Pegorino started losing it, growing more and more conserved those around him would sell him out. He decided he’d make Ray and example and have him killed, even though he didn’t really do anything to deserve it. Of course, Niko is tasked with it, and, of course, in order to appease his new boss, he does it. Though it’s left up to the player whether they want to kill Ray, he dies regardless.

3 Helped Jeff Hide His Wife's Corpse

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There are a series of random encounter missions that involve Niko and a man named Jeff. Jeff is incredibly paranoid that his wife is cheating on him and so he sends Niko to spy on her (despite it being clear to the audience that she is NOT having an affair). The next time you run into Jeff though, things take a turn for the worse. It seems that, in a blind rage, Jeff killed his wife and left her corpse in the trunk of his car. After that, he runs into Niko and Niko helps him dispose of her corpse. You’d have thought someone with better morals would have refused, but with payment involved, Niko was pretty indifferent to it.

2 Getting Kate Killed

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This is one some might not blame on Niko, but he himself saws that Kate’s death was his fault. The game’s climax kicks off with either Kate or Roman biting the dust. While each death hurts, Kate’s death is the one that should tear away at Niko’s conscience the most. She’s the only member of her family who isn’t a criminal and is a pretty positive influence on Niko throughout the game. But regardless her being close to him gets her killed, completely out of the blue. Niko does avenge her and shows that he is mournful of her loss, but the fact remains that it was his presence that got her killed in the first place.

1 Helping Eddie Low

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Throughout the course of GTA IV, you hear about a strange serial killer roaming around Liberty City. You actually meet him on a couple of occasions through some random character missions. His name is Eddie Low, and he’s one sick SOB. Eddie is first seen in an alleyway holding a bag that he really needs to get to the docks. It doesn’t take too long to figure out who he is and that he’s carrying one or more of his victims in there. But Niko doesn’t really seem to care. Despite all the twisted stuff Eddie says to him, Niko lets him go as if it was nothing. The two later meet again, and Eddie is finally killed, but only because he took a swing at Niko first.

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